our forfeited right restored in Christ Jesus, Give us to taste covenant love in common mercies, and to use these and all our creature-comforts to the glory of our great benefactor, through the grace of our great Redeemer. Amen.

An Address to God after Meat.

BLESSED be the Lord, who daily loads us with his benefits, and gives us all things richly to enjoy, though we serve him but poorly. O Lord, we thank thee for present refreshments in the use of thy good creatures, and for thy love to our souls in Jesus Christ, which sweetens all : we pray thee pardon our sins, go on to do us good, provide for the poor that are destitute of daily food, fit us for thy whole will, and be our God and guide, and portion for ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.


We thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for all the gifts, both of thy providence and of thy grace ; for ihose blessings which relate to the life that now is, and that to come ;. for the use of thy good creatures at this time perfect, O God, that which concerns us, nourish our souls with the bread of life to life eternal, and let us be of those that shall eat bread in the kingdom of our Father, for Christ Jesus's sake our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

HYMN I.....Psalm LVII, 7, 8.

My heart is now prepar'd for praise,

'Tis fixed for the same;
And I will sing to thee, O Lord,

And bless thy holy name.
Awake my glory, lute and harp,

Comforts of praise to make,
Now in the morning I myself

Will to this work awake.

....XIX. 1-6. The heavens, throughout their vast extent,

Declare their Maker's praise ; The glittering starry firmament

His handy-work displays. Day unto day doth celebrate,

And night to night proclaim, Without the help of speech or tongue,

His universal fame. There doth the sun with joy and strength

His constant course complete, The earth rejoiceth in his light, And in his quickning heat.

....XC. 17. So let the Lord shine on our souls,

Lighten and warm us thus : Prosper, O God, our handy-works;

And stablish them to us.

HYMN II... Psalm CXVIII. 15.... III. 5.

The voice of saving health and joy

In just men's dwellings is;
The Lord's right hand works powerfully,

That strong right hand of his.
I laid me down and sweetly slept,

And safely wak'd again,
Because it was the Lord that kept,
And did my soul sustain.

...,XXX. 20, 21, 22. Therefore we wait for thee, O Lord,

Who still art our defence ;
In all estates we trust in thee

With cheerful confidence.
Lord, let thy grace on us descend

Like a refreshing shower ;
For all our hopes and joys depend

On thine almighty power.



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