Poems of Wit and Humour

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E. Moxon, 1847 - 282 oldal

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229. oldal - No storms, no clouds, in thy blue sky foreseeing, Play on, play on, My elfin John ! Toss the light ball, bestride the stick (I knew so many cakes would make him sick). With fancies buoyant as the thistledown, Prompting the face grotesque and antic brisk With many a lamblike frisk ! (He's got the scissors snipping at your gown !) Thou pretty opening rose...
227. oldal - Untouched by sorrow, and unsoiled by sin — (Good Heavens ! the child is swallowing a pin !) Thou little tricksy Puck ! With antic toys so funnily bestuck, Light as the singing bird that wings the air — (The door! the door! he'll tumble down the stair!) Thou darling of thy sire...
138. oldal - One end he tied around a beam, And then removed his pegs, And, as his legs were off, — of course, He soon was off his legs! And there he hung till he was dead As any nail in town, — For though distress had cut him up, It could not cut him down! A dozen men sat on his corpse, To find out why he died — And they buried Ben in four crossroads. With a stake in his inside!
227. oldal - Thou darling of thy sire ! (Why, Jane, he'll set his pinafore afire !) Thou imp of mirth and joy ! In love's dear chain so strong and bright a link, Thou idol of thy parents...
134. oldal - Ben Battle was a soldier bold, And used to war's alarms ; But a cannon-ball took off his legs, So he laid down his arms ! Now as they bore him off the field, 5 Said he, "Let others shoot, For here I leave my second leg, And the Forty-second Foot...
101. oldal - hold up your head, He'll be as good as me ; For when your swain is in our boat, A boatswain he will be.
154. oldal - My curtains drawn and all is snug ; Old Puss is in her elbow-chair, And Tray is sitting on the rug. Last night I had a curious dream, Miss Susan Bates...
135. oldal - But when he called on Nelly Gray, She made him quite a scoff; And when she saw his wooden legs, Began to take them off! "O Nelly Gray! O Nelly Gray! Is this your love so warm ? The love that loves a scarlet coat, Should be more uniform!
104. oldal - I'd follow him ; But oh ! — I'm not a fish-woman, And so I cannot swim. " Alas ! I was not born beneath The Virgin and the Scales, So I must curse my cruel stars, And walk about in Wales.
228. oldal - Dear nursling of the hymeneal nest ! (Are those torn clothes his best ?) Little epitome of man (He'll climb upon the table ; that's his plan), Touched with the beauteous tints of dawning life! (He's got a knife !) Thou enviable being ! No storms, no clouds, in thy blue sky foreseeing, Play on, play on, My elfin...

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