faith in the gospel lies at the foundations of prison of the inquisition under false charges. society, and its influence is diffused through A corporal and six men of a regiment of all its ramifications, will the period arrive French chasseurs accompanied the sbirri, when the weapons of war shall be converted and waited below while he was arrested. The into implements of husbandry, and on earth fallacy of the charges on the strength of which there shall be peace, good will to men, and they obtained French permission to take him glory to God in the highest.

is now admitted. Il est absous." As soon Christians, therefore, must still be at their as Achilli's English friends instituted a deterpost, as the lovers and benefactors of their mined inquiry on the spot, the accusation fellow-men. But let them form their ex- was given up, and it is now stated that they pectations wisely, that their efforts also may never made any such charge against him, and be judicious. Their hopes will assuredly be that they hold their prisoner purely on the realised, but perhaps the end is not yet. ground of ecclesiastical offences--that he is What scenes may be witnessed first, who prosecuted for religious opinions, professions, sball tell? Shall they not be scenes of terror and acting. And this has been accomplished and dismay? - Evangelical Christendom. and is perpetuated by French authority.

There is on the part of the French a want of

straightforwardness. They protest against ROME.

religious persecution, but they do not open As the year approaches its close, the period

the prison door. They say by way of excuse, of the pope's return appears more remote.

“ We do not interfere with the acts of the The bigoted party by whom he is surrounded

Roman government.” Why are they there persuade him that a coup d'état will shortly

then! Why did they go there? be struck in France which will alter all pre

Why did

they take military possession of the city ? sent relations, and materially ameliorate his

Who are masters of Rome if they are not ? position. In the meantime, the Spaniards

At this moment the French troops stand have departed, and the Castle of Spoleto

sentry over the dungeons of St. Angelo. If which they held is occupied by Roman in

the pope is in power why do they not obey fantry. Rome is in a state of entire tran

him and go out ? The fact is, they can and quillity, but in every point it is in the full

will do just what they please in Rome; and and visible possession of the French troops.

as they have known all through the case that Pio Nono would be a bold man to enter a

Dr. Achilli was unjustly apprehended, and as fortress so garrisoned, but if he does not re

they have had it in their power at any moment tum their tenure will evidently be perma

to have released him, they lie under the imnent. The Christian Times, Dec. 21.

putation of not dealing fairly with the

prisoner and honestly with his friends. The DR. ACHILLI.

power by which they retain the military The case of Dr. Achilli requires now to be tenure of Rome is power enough to redeem approached with decision and energy. He their character if they will for republican vas seized by night by the familiars of the political consistency, and honest impartial Holy Office, acting under the protection of adherence to liberal principles.- The Christhe French authorities, and thrown into the I tian Times, Dec. 21.


TTIE AGED AND INFIRM BAPTIST MINISTERS' , ciated; or else congregations which can raise SOCIETY.

£20 or £30 for a popular society, would To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine.

never send twenty shillings to this! And

yet twenty shillings is the average sum of the This truly benevolent society has never re sixty-five churches which make collections on tered from the Christian public that sympa- its behalf! For example, a wealthy church thy which it merits. The feeble list of which raised £110 for the Foreign Mission sabscribers which accompanies its report for this year, sent 30s, to the Aged Ministers' 1349, fully proves this fact, for £26 6s. 60. | Fund! Not because it was penurious in the is all it receives under this head. Annual cause of God - it is celebrated for its libecollections are made by several churches in rality; but on account of that devoted aid of its funds; but these evidently testify people being wholly unacquainted with the that its claims have never been fully appré-wants of our brethren.

If the baptist denomination will take up, “ With great pleasure I subjoin my earnest the case in earnest, and make an annual recommendation of the extended plan for collection as a new year's gift, though it were relieving our aged and necessitous ministers only sixpence each member, this would raise in general which is here proposed. a very large income, and place the society in

"F. A. Cox. a position which it ought to enjoy.

The means now at the disposal of the ' “ Dec. 6, 1819." committee of the society, enable them to give to the aged ministers connected with it,

“I think it highly desirable that more a pension of only about £9 or £10 a year; a l ample and general provision should be made sum obviously and altogether inadequate to

for aged and superannuated pastors of our meet the necessities of the case, while they

churches. have no power to assist ministers who may not have subscribed, however deserving or

“JAMES Hoby.” necessitous.

It is, therefore, recommended by the folo “The subject of assisting the ministers of lowing ministers and brethren to the various

Christ, when suffering from age or infirmity, churches of the baptist denomination, that

is so important, that though I do not at the subject be brought before their congrega

present see how the last paragraph of the tions on the first Lord's day in January

foregoing statement (drawn up by the Rev. next; or to those to whom that time may be

S. Lillycrop), can be carried into effect by inconvenient, on the first sabbath in February,

the Aged and Infirm Baptist Ministers' when a sum amounting to a thousand pounds,

Society, aš at present constructed, without at least, may be realized. But should the

the proposed alterations being sanctioned by case be generally taken up, most likely two

two successive annual meetings of the society, thousand pounds would be poured into the

according to Rule 19. treasury of the Lord; and this at the small

“Yet, I am so great an advocate for making sacrifice of sixpence for each member, exclu

the society known, and enlarging its benesive of the congregations and some larger

ficial operation, that I cordially approve the donations from the rich. Surely none would

proposal of the public meeting in London, feel this a loss, but all would enjoy the

in April or May next, and also earnestly pleasure.

recommend the general appeal to Christian It is also proposed, that a public meeting

churches for their assistance to so valuable be held in London, in April or May next, to

an object in the early part of 1850. enlarge and strengthen the operations and

"The sum to be raised by the proposed benefits of this society; when it is earnestly special appeal should, in my opinion, be disrequested, that all those who feel an interest

tributed amongst ministers who are incapaciin the promotion of a pastor's comfort, at a

tated by age or infirmity, whether belonging time when the infirmities of age have disabled

to the present society or not, in which case him for the work of the ministry, will be

it would follow that the members of the sopresent, to give their counsel and support to

ciety, when recipients, would receive their an undertaking which cannot fail to approve

share of the special fund, in addition to their itself to every man's conscience in the sight

present incomes.

"I beg to refer to the Baptist Magazine It is also proposed, that the committee

for December, 1849, p. 786, for information shall be empowered to dispose of the funds

as to the staff of the present society. The raised by voluntary contributions from per- | Rules will be sent to anyone who may sons who are not beneficiary members, or by

y apply for them. churches which may make an annual collection, in the relief and assistance of any aged

“J. L. Phillips, or infirm minister who, in their opinion, shall

Treasurer of the Society for the be thought deserving of the same. But that

relief of Aged and Infirm Baptist all contributions by beneficiary members and

Ministers. their churches, as well as the income of the funded property, shall be applied as hereto

Melksham, Dec. 12, 1849."

of God




“ Without pledging myself to all the proposals and expectations above mentioned, I beg to say, I think their full consideration highly desirable, in such way as shall seem best to the committee.

“ J. Russell. Blackheath Hill, Dec. 5, 3849."

“The benefits of the society for the relief of aged and infirm baptist ministers, have hitherto been restricted to those ministerial brethren, who, by its rules, have been regularly constituted members, and who have annually subscribed to its funds. The above proposal of Mr. Lillycrop, being for the assistance (as far as possible) of all necessitous baptist ministers in age, or infirmity, might in its general objects be expected to


secure the most extensive co-operation of our | frightfully scorched the nations, until it bevarious churches and congregations.

came shorn of its fiery beams amidst the “Very happy shall I be, if by any means, snows and frosts of Russia, and soon afterthe claims of our infirm and superannuated wards went down for ever, in midnight, in pastors may receive the effectual and early the Atlantic ocean! In 1801 this was not support of the denomination.

contemplated, but appearances being favour“CHARLES DANIELL, able for the restoration of tranquillity, the “ Secretary of the Society for the | British cabinet ventured upon the experiment, relief of Aged and Infirm Baptist and never probably were illuminations more Ministers.

heartily exhibited in London than when the “ Melksham, Dec. 12, 1849."

preliminaries of peace were publicly gazetted.

A worthy quaker near where I then resided, THE NEW YEAR BRIEFLY COMPARED WITH

even exhibited a transparency, with the folTHE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CENTURY.

lowing most appropriate scriptural inscription,

“He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine.

| thee with the finest of the wheat!” and MY DEAR BROTHER. - The year 1850, through the divine mercy, notwithstanding all upon which by the divine goodness we are our painful intermediate experience to the DOW entering, will complete the first half, or present hour, no portion perhaps of the divine the first jubilee of the nineteenth century. oracles is more suitable to set forth the imThis has led me to revert to one of my mediate circumstances of our beloved and earliest communications to a religious periodi | highly favoured country. “O that men cal, entitled, “ Reflections on the close of the would praise the Lord for his goodness, and Fear 1801,” which appeared in the Gospel | for his wonderful works to the children of Magazine for December in that year. The men !" . Baptist Magazine was not then commenced, What may be the events of the remaining Dr. Rippon's “ Baptist Register," which had half century must of course be left for the been published at irregular periods since 1790 | period itself to develope. We are certainly was being discontinued. The Evangelical living in peculiarly eventful times ; but the Magazine, which had the assistance of Mr. sceptre of universal sovereignty being in the Fuller, and others of our brethren, was started hands of our Redeemer, his true servants in 1793, but, while I heartily desired its success, cannot but experience security and consolaI hailed with particular joy the prospectus of tion. We have indeed now particularly to the Baptist Magazine, and procured for it full adore the divine goodness for our individual a dozen subscribers in Woolwich, where I preservation, and the relief our country has then resided, before the appearance of its experienced from the recent awful visitation first number, January 1st., 1809; and not- of cholera ; but it is most certain, that very withstanding all the multitude of competitors few that witnessed the commencement of the for the public favour which distinguishes the century will also witness its termination. present day, it is pleasant to observe that its Happy indeed are those that through trusting vitality continues animpaired ; and it is still in Jesus are scripturally prepared for all the enabled to contribute, a modicum of gratifying events in providence, in life, and in death, assistance to a portion of the necessitous whether it may come earlier or later, sud. widows of our deceased ministers, many more denly, or by lingering disease; and though, of whom might indeed be very materially if we do not misapprehend the instruction of aided from its profits, if our brethren and the scriptures, there is every probability that friends more generally imitated the pains- a season of most afflicting darkness is before taking of the methodists for the circulation both the world and the professing church, of their magazine throughout their connexion. | we have no reason to be sainfully apprehen

The year 1801 was particularly noticeable sive for the final consequences; “weeping for a most abundant harvest, after years of may endure for a night, but joy cometh in very afflicting scarcity; and the preliminaries the morning: ” and next to our individual of peace were also signed in it with France, spiritual acquaintance with the gospel, there after a most destructive conflict of nearly is nothing probably from which we may more eight years continuance. Things appeared to reasonably encourage hope, than from our promise the restoration of order amongst our zealously carrying forward, both at home neighbours, after the fearful horrors of their and abroad, our beloved Christ-glorifying frenzied revolution. The extraordinary poli- missionary operations. tical character, the wonder of modern times, The year 1801 brought us acquainted with in comparison with whom the butchering the first ripe fruits of our denominational monsters called heroes of antiquity sink efforts. The Baptist Missionary Society was almost into insignificance, had now succeeded formed in 1792; but it was not until Decemin planting for himself over the republicanber 28, 1800, after the scriptures had begun volcano a chair of sovereignty, which was pre- to be circulated in Bengalee, that a single sently metamorphosed into a mushroom Hindoo could be prevailed upon to lose caste ephemeral empire, the sun of which most for the gospel. Five more were baptized in


1801; but at the close of 1818, when Mr. who will refer to the Report will find that of Ward left India to revisit England, he in- this sum £1049 0s. 6d., was derived from forms us in his “ Farewell Letters," that legacies, so that the actual amount received from six hundred to seven hundred native from ordinary sources was under £1000. Of converts had been baptized ; the chief portion these legacies, two smaller ones amounting to of whom were the fruits of the labours of £150, were applied as part of the funds of native brethren, of whom about fifty were the year, whilst the generous legacy of Mr. become in some degree missionaries! And Caddick of Tewkesbury, amounting to £1000 now, through the divine blessing upon the 5 per cent. cons., was after payment of duty labours of the missionaries of the different transferred into the name of the trustees, and Christian denominations, the evangelization added to the capital stock of the society. All of the world is delightfully going forward in this is clearly stated in the Report. In the a great number of places; and in proportion treasurer's account, the net proceeds of this as Christian servants act in character, and are legacy, £899 Os. 6d., appear on each side, diligent and prayerful in fulfilling his com- and of course are included in the totals. mission, he will beyond all question commu- This sum has to be deducted, therefore, from nicate the Holy Spirit, until we shall behold both the income and the expenditure, in order with joy, not merely the dawning, but the to present a fair account,- from the income, full blaze of the glorious long promised happy because it has not been considered as availmillennial day.

able income and therefore has not been emIt has been the privilege of the writer to ployed as such, much more from the exbe engaged during thirty years of the last penditure, since in fact it has not been half century, from 1816 to 1846, in exten- expended, but is still the property of the sively ministering the gospel, and procuring society. This deduction is not, however, the funds, in the service of our society for only one that is to be made from the exIreland ; and although he is now from penditure. The compiler of the statistical necessity become superannuated, others, account has no doubt intended to deduct younger in life, and with pre-eminent qualifi from the total casting the balance due to the cations, have entered into his labours, and treasurer at the beginning of the year, viz. the cause is happily still progressing; nor £104 6s. 4d. But he has forgotten the £100, can any hindrance that is existing, or may and has deducted only the odd money. The hereafter arise, be effectual to prevent even- true account of income and expenditure will tually the complete regeneration of the whole stand thus:human family ; for to Jesus “every knee

£ 8. d. must bow, and every tongue confess." “He

Total receipts as by treasurer's account 2042 19 must increase," and he is to see " the travail

Deduct net proceeds of Mr. Caddick's of his soul," until not only himself, but his legacy which has been funded........... 899 0 6 holy Father, and the Holy Spirit, and his

Available income

1143 17 9 whole redeemed church shall be most abundantly satisfied; and the reign of sin being terminated for ever, the reign of righteous

Total on the Dr.side of treasurer's account 2275 0 7 ness shall then become both universal and

Deduct balance due to the treasurer...... 104 6 4 perpetual. Lord hasten the blessed period,

2170 14 3 Amen, and Amen.

Deduct also transfer of 3 per cents. ...... 899 0 6 I am, dear brother,

Expenditure of the year ................. 1271 13 9 Yours truly,

Stephen Davis. Trafalgar Square, Peckham, Surrey. It would, perhaps, be hardly worth while

to occupy so much time and space in pointing out this error, were it not that the statis

tics given in the Magazine may hereafter be THE STATISTICS OF THE BRISTOL BAPTIST referred to as authoritative with regard to a COLLEGE.

question about which much has been said and

written, the great expense of our collegiate To the Editor of the Baptist Magasine.

institutions. According to the statement in the DEAR SIR,_Will you permit me to cor Magazine, the expense per student would be rect an error of some importance which more than £103. The real state of the case, appears in the Magazine for December rela- however is that the expense of each student tive to the statistics of the Bristol Baptist to the institution was under £58. This will College. It is there stated, that the income be immediately seen by any one who will of the college for the year ending June 26, take the trouble to divide the expenditure as 1849, was £2042 18s. 3d.; and the expendi- given in the Magazine, and as I have stated ture £2270 14s. 3d. The income is correctly it above, by twenty-two, the actual number given as to amount, but your readers are of students in the college during the last nevertheless likely to receive an erroneous session. The mistake is the more unfortuimpression from the statement. Any one nate, inasmuch as the expense per student was far less during the past session than its engaged to preach, will be on the 24th of has been for several preceding years, owing in April. great part to the larger number of students. I am, dear sir,

We have again afforded to our friend Mr. Yours very sincerely, Lillycrop opportunity to say in our corresBristol, Dec. 17, 1849. É, W. Goroh. pondence department all that his benevolence

dictates respecting aged and infirm ministers,

and the society for which he pleads. It is MINISTERIAL ATTENDANCE AT MIXED incumbent on us, however, in doing so, to MARRIAGES.

take care that his proposal shall not be

misunderstood. If a collection were made To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine.

on the first Lord's-day in the year, in conDEAR SIR, -As a pastor called by divine providence to labour in a retired village, and

red village and pounds to which he refers were realized, it presented by my lone situation from much

uch would be a delightful thing; but it is right

that the public should remember that no sequently hindered from obtaining their aid

worn-out minister would derive any advantage and counsel in solving some of my pastoral

from it, however necessitous he might be, difficulties, allow me to entreat the favour

unless he happened to be one of the hundred of your opinion, as well as any of your excel

and eight who are beneficiary members of lent correspondents, as to my path of duty

the society commonly called, “ The Bath in the following case:

Society," and then only in case it appeared Our chapel is registered for the celebration

that he was permanently incapacitated for of marriages, my expressed views are very

pastoral or ministerial duties by reason of decisive as to its being scripturally wrong for

age or infirmity. There are but twenty-seven believers to marry unbelievers, I have reason

brethren, we believe, in these circumstances; to expect before long, I shall be solicited to

but twenty-seven therefore to whom the conduct a religious service, and to be one at proposed co

proposed collection would be available, and the festive table, in celebration of the marriage

nothing would be farther from their wishes, of a young lady, a member of the church. / we are sure, than that collections should be with a gentleman of moral character, but

made for aged and infirm baptist ministers no evidence that he is “ A new creature inger

generally, of which they alone should receive Christ Jesus.” Shall I by conducting the th

the the benefit. The treasurer and secretary of religious service on the occasion, and joining th

ning the society referred to have carefully marked the social party, be guilty of conniving at

the distinction between aged and infirm

and infirm what I consider a violation of scripture truth. / ministers generally, and aged or having clearly taught, and plainly stateá / ministers who have secured to themselves the to the member concerned her duty, is the sin privileges of members of that institution, and her's and not mine; or in one word, am I

our own desire in making these remarks is right in being one of the party, or a party to

only to prevent mistake, and second their the marriage consummation?

judicious observations. Entreating an early notice of this in your much-loved magazine.

The Rev. F. Bosworth, M.A., from I am, yours very truly,

Canada, arrived in London a few days since. Dec. 10, 1849. A Country Pastor.

As it is not likely that his services will be required again in the college at Montreal, at

least for the present, it is not improbable that EDITORIAL POSTSCRIPT.

he may accept an engagement at home. The Baptist Annual Meetings will be held The most recent intelligence respecting this year rather earlier in the month of April | Dr. Achilli affords no brighter prospect than than usual. The Annual Meeting of the previous statements of his deliverance from Bible Society, by which the days for other the pontifical grasp ; but in one respect it is societies making use of Exeter Hall are highly satisfactory. It is now acknowledged regulated, is always on the first Wednesday | by those who hold him in bonds that no in May. That happens this year to be the evidence can be adduced against him of any first day of the month. The Annual Meeting but religious offences. The other accusations of the Baptist Missionary Society will in are entirely abandoned. The story about a consequence be on Thursday, the 25th of nun who lived at Viterbo twenty years ago April. The Thursday evening sermon, which turns out to be a vile fabrication for which the Rev. F. Tucker of Manchester has there was not even a shadow of pretence. All engaged to preach, will be on the 18th of that he is now charged with is the violation April; the Lord's day for the simultaneous of his canonical duties as a Romish priest; sermons for the mission will be the 21st of he is therefore, in the face of all Europe, a April ; and the Wednesday morning sermon, living demonstration of the unabated intolerwhich the Hon, and Rev. B, W. Noel has ance of popery,

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