Poems on several subjects: In two volumes, 2. kötet

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Printed for George Pearch, 1769 - 172 oldal

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107. oldal - Ionic then, with decent matron grace, Her airy pillar heaved ; luxuriant last, The rich Corinthian spread her wanton wreath. The whole so measured true, so lessen'd off By fine proportion, that the marble pile, Form'd to repel the still or stormy waste Of rolling ages, light as fabrics look'd That from the magic wand aerial rise.
188. oldal - Descending copious, bids the desert bloom." " I gave to man's dark search superior light And clear'd dim reason's misty view, to mark His pow'rs, as through revolving ages tried, They rose not to his Maker. Thus prepar'd To know, how distant from his narrow ken The truths by heav'n...
71. oldal - Juft vibrates on thy bofom ; as the voice Of diftant thunder, moves the trembling ground. And murmurs in the air. Thy fields rejoice With chearful plenty. On yon waving plain, I fee the Goddefs walk ! her loofened robe...
188. oldal - The plan fair-opening, where each nobler view, That swells th' expanding heart ; each glorious hope, That points ambition to its goal ; each aim, That stirs, exalts, and animates desire ; Pours on the mind's rapt sight a noon-tide ray.
138. oldal - The ftorm impetuous ; let thy filver hairs, Time-hallow'd age, be witnefs! the dim eye, The tottering tread, the furrow'd cheek, the hand Yet trembling from the blaft. Tell, ye who tend The bed of death, how o'er the helplefs race...
154. oldal - And warm'd by ftrong benevolence to fpread Its happinefs to all ; difplays to man His Maker's image. To a god-like Few, 360 Heav'n gives at once the virtue, and the power ; Yet plants not Opulence for thefe a fnare, That Poverty efcapes ? — The wretch who dragg'd Line 362, 3.
216. oldal - Half-pruned, half-rambling rose the leafy sprays; A Shepherd Swain, amid the gloomy grove, Play'd wildly-sweet his simple roundelays. Of hardy Knight he told, and Fairy Queen, Of Lover wan by weeping brook reclined, Of Wizard old that spread his nets unseen, Of Damsel fair to wicked wight resign'd.
209. oldal - A dark tower tottering clos'd the extended view ; While round its fpires, illum'd with feeble light,' The flitting bat and boding raven flew...
139. oldal - Before Confumption ; when her baleful fpunge Drops its green poifon on the fprings of life. NOR thefe alone purfue the race of man. Far other ills await, far other woes Like vultures revel on his canker'd heart. 25 O ye who nightly languifh o'er the tomb, Where fleeps thy duft, Eugenio!
84. oldal - The cherry's deepening bloom. Soft on her lips Sat all the laughing Loves ; and in her hair, Spread o'er the throbbing bofom, half-difclofed. And fwelling to the breeze ; the Graces play'd Luxuriant. — Round, the bleating flocks were ranged, 1 60 A harmlefs train, that crop'd the flowery turf, Or quafFd the lilver rill.

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