The confiscation of Ulster ... commonly called the Ulster plantation

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J. Duffy, 1846 - 260 oldal

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66. oldal - That the Irish having robd Spensers goods, and burnt his house and a litle child new born he and his wyfe escaped, and after he died for lake of bread in King Street and refused 20 pieces sent to him by my Lord of Essex and said he was sorrie he had no time to spend them.
92. oldal - ... especially the race and generation of men, valiant, hard, and active, as it is not easy, no not upon the continent, to find such confluence of commodities, if the hand of man did join with the hand of nature.
30. oldal - Notice is taken of every person that is able to do either good or hurt. It is known not only how they live and what they do ; but it is foreseen what they purpose or intend to do ; insomuch...
256. oldal - ... by God, preserving their innate liberty at all times inviolate ; yet, Adrian IV. your predecessor, an Englishman, more even by affection and prejudice, than by birth, blinded by that affection and the false suggestions of Henry II. King of England, under whom, and perhaps by whom, St. Thomas of Canterbury was murdered, gave the dominion of this our kingdom by a certain form of words to that same Henry II. whom he ought rather to have stript of his own on account of the above crime.
40. oldal - Delvin, and other Irish chiefs into a sham plot, which had no evidence but his. But those chiefs being basely informed that witnesses were to be hired against them, foolishly fled from Dublin, and so taking guilt upon them, they were declared rebels, and six entire counties in Ulster were at once forfeited to the Crown, which was what their enemies wanted.
158. oldal - On Lough Neagh's bank as the fisherman strays, When the clear, cold eve's declining, He sees the round towers of other days, In the wave beneath him shining! Thus shall memory often, in dreams sublime, Catch a glimpse of the days that are over, Thus, sighing, look through the waves of time For the long-faded glories they cover!
105. oldal - ... taking of herrings, above seven or eight score sail of his Majesty's subjects and strangers for lading, besides an infinite number of boats for fishing and killing. " Great and profitable fishing are in the next adjacent isles of Scotland, where many Hollanders do fish all the summer season ; and do plentifully vend their fish in Spain, and within the Straits. " Much train or fish oil, of seal, herrings, &c. may be made upon that coast. " As the sea yieldeth very great plenty and variety of the...
197. oldal - And the same sort both of bowes, quivers, and arrowes, are at this day to be seene commonly amongst the Northerne Irish-Scots, whose Scottish bowes are not past three quarters of a yard long, with a string of wreathed hempe slackely bent, and whose arrowes are not much above halfe an ell long, tipped with steele heads, made like common broad arrow...
221. oldal - The bulwarks are very large and good, being in number nine, besides two half bulwarks; and for four of them there may be four cannons, or other great pieces; the rest are not all out so large, but wanteth very little. The rampart within the city is twelve feet thick of earth; all things are very well and substantially done, saving there wanteth a house for the soldiers to watch in, and a centinell-house for the soldiers to stand in in the night to defend them from the weather, which is most extream...
253. oldal - ... we should have thought it an unreasonable thing to trouble them for any different point in religion, before any man could perceive by their conversation that they made truely conscience of any religion...

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