parishes or townships, according to the last census for the time being.

23. Every notice, list, register, or other document What shall be publicaherein required to be published, shall be so published, tion of except where some other mode or place of publication notice. Ante, pp. is herein expressly provided, by being fixed in some 262, 263. public and conspicuous situation on the outside of the outer door or outer wall near the door of the buildings hereinafter named for that purpose; (that is to say,) in the case of publication by overseers, every church and public chapel in their parish or township, including places of public worship which do not belong to the Established Church, and in the case of publication by a town clerk, the town hall, or in either case, if there be no such building as is herein before named for that purpose, then in some public and conspicuous situation within the parish or township, city, borough, or place respectively (c).

Ante, pp. 262, 263.

24. In all cases in which any notice, list, register, Time for which pubor other document shall, pursuant to the provisions lication aforesaid, be affixed on or near the door of any church, shall be. chapel, town hall, or other place, the same shall continue so fixed for a period including two consecutive Sundays at the least next after the day on or before which the same is herein before required to be published; and in case the same shall be destroyed, muti- Fresh lated, effaced, or removed before the expiration of such &c. to be period, the party hereinbefore required to publish the put up in place of same as aforesaid shall, as soon as conveniently may be, any publish in like manner in its place another notice, list, destroyed, register, or other document, to the like purport and effect with the notice, list, register, paper, or document so destroyed, mutilated, effaced, or removed.



25. Every person who shall wilfully destroy, mutilate, Penalty for efface, or remove any notice, list, register or

destroying, other &c., notices, &c.

(c) See further publication required by Reg. Act, 1878, s. 9, post,

p. 479, extended to counties by Id., 1885, s. 1.

List not invalidated by imperfect publi

cation. Ante, p. 264.

If no list

made out or published

former list to be in force.

Lord Chief Justice and judges of assize to


document so affixed as aforesaid, during the period during which the same is hereinbefore required to remain so affixed, shall for every such offence forfeit any sum not exceeding forty shillings nor less than ten shillings to any person who will sue for the same, to be recovered in a summary manner before any two justices of the peace.

26. No list shall be invalidated by reason that it shall not have been affixed in every place and for the full time hereinbefore required for publication thereof, but the barrister shall proceed to revise and adjudicate upon every such list which shall have been affixed in any place, and for any part of the time herein before mentioned in that behalf; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to exempt the overseer, town clerk or other person charged with the duty of publishing such list as aforesaid, from the penalties of his neglect or wilful default.

27. In case no list of voters shall have been made out for any parish, township, or place in any year, or in case such list shall not have been affixed in any place herein before mentioned in that behalf, the register of voters for that parish, township, or place then in force shall be taken to be the list of voters for that parish, township, or place for the year then next ensuing, and the provisions herein contained respecting any such list of voters shall be taken to apply to such register as aforesaid.

28. The lord chief justice of the Court of Queen's Bench (e), shall, in the month of July or August in every year, appoint so many barristers as he shall deem barristers necessary to revise the lists of voters for that year, for for revis- the county of Middlesex, and for the city of London, ing lists. the city of Westminster, and the several boroughs in the county of Middlesex (ƒ), and that the senior judge for


p. 297.

(e) Of England. See Judicature Act, 1873, ss. 31, 32, and Order in Council of 16th December, 1880.

(f) Now "such portion of the administrative county of London as is situate north of the Thames"; i.e., the city of London and

the time being in the commissions of assize for every other county (g) shall, during the summer circuit in every year, appoint so many barristers as he shall deem necessary to revise the lists of voters for that year for every such county, or for the ridings, parts, and divisions of every such county, and for the several cities and boroughs in every such county, and for every city and town, and county of a city and town, next adjoining to any such county (h); and the town and county of the town of Kingston-upon-Hull shall for this purpose be considered as next adjoining to the county of York, ... and the town and county of the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne as next adjoining to the county of Northumberland, and the city and county of the city of Bristol as next adjoining to the county of Somerset; [repealed by 54 & 55 V. c. 67] . . . (¿): Provided also that no barrister shall be so appointed who shall be of less than three years' standing, or (k) a member of parliament, or who shall hold any office or place of profit under the crown, except the office of recorder of any city or borough; but no such barrister shall be so appointed for any city or borough of which he

so much of the new county of London as is situate north of the Thames Local Gov. Act. 1888, ss. 40 (1, 2), 76 (4). The words "the city of Westminster" were repealed by 54 & 55 V. c. 67.

(g) Who actually travels that circuit or any part thereof: 49 & 50 V. c. 42, s. 2 (4), made perpetual by the Cy. El. Act, 1888, s. 10 (1). () As to towns partly in one circuit and partly in another, see Reg. Act, 1868, s. 25, post, p. 458. Birmingham shall be deemed part of the Midland circuit: 49 & 50 V. c. 42, s. 1 (3).

(i) The barristers are now appointed to act for all places for which the judge can appoint revising barristers: 49 & 50 V. c. 42, 8. 2 (4), made perpetual by the Cy. El. Act, 1888, s. 10 (1). The county of Surrey and such portion of the county of London as is situate south of the Thames, shall for this purpose be deemed to be separate counties forming part of the South Eastern circuit: Local Gov. Act, 1888, s. 76 (4). The numbers of barristers to be appointed have from time to time been varied by Orders in Council made under the powers given by 36 & 37 V. c. 70, s. 3. The order at present in force is that of August 15th, 1890, which will be found in Appendix II., post, p. 620.

(k) These words are repealed by 37 & 38 V. c. 96; Id. c. 53, 8. 6, post, p. 474, having provided that the barrister must be of seven years' standing.

Judges to appoint additional in case of


need. Ante, p. 298.


to notify his ap

shall be the recorder (1); and that no barrister appointed as aforesaid shall for eighteen months from the time of his appointment be eligible to serve in parliament for any county, riding, parts, or divisions of a county, or for any city, borough, or other place as aforesaid for which he shall be so appointed.

29. Notwithstanding anything herein before contained, if it shall appear to the lord chief justice or judge who shall have appointed any barrister or barristers under this Act to revise any list of voters, that by reason of the death, illness, or absence of any such barrister or barristers (m), or by reason of the insufficiency of the number of such barristers (n), or from any other cause, such list cannot be revised within the period directed by this Act, it shall be lawful for such lord chief justice or judge, and he is hereby required, to appoint one or more barrister or barristers qualified as aforesaid to act in the place of or in addition to (n) the barrister or barristers originally appointed for any county, city, or borough; and such barrister or barristers so subsequently appointed shall have the same powers and authorities in every respect as if they had been originally appointed by such lord chief justice or judge.... [The remainder of this section is repealed by 37 & 38 V. c. 53.]

30. [Repealed by 54 & 55 V. c. 67.]

31. Every such revising barrister shall notify his appointment to the clerk of the peace (o) of every county pointment and to the town clerk of every city and borough of the peace() which he shall be appointed to revise the lists; and each clerk of the peace (o) shall, as soon as possible, transmit

to clerk of

and town

clerks, who

(7) Repealed by 56 & 57 V. c. 14; the restriction having been previously removed by Mun. Cor. Act, 1882, s. 163. Barristers who are Election Commissioners under 15 & 16 V. c. 57, are excepted from this disqualification. 29 & 30 V. c. 54.

(m) See 37 & 38 V. c. 53, s. 1, post, p. 473.

(n) Repealed by 35 & 36 V. c. 84, s. 1, which is itself repealed by 37 & 38 V. c. 53, s. 5. Additional revising barristers are now appointed under the Revising Barristers Act, 1886, s. 2, amended and made perpetual by the Cy. El. Act, 1888, s. 10: see sect. 9.

(0) Now the clerk of the county council: vide ante, pp. 240, 241.

transmit to



an abstract of the number of persons objected to by the are to overseers and by other persons in each parish and town- him abship in and for the same county, and the town clerk of stracts and every city or borough shall, as soon as possible, transmit Ante, pp. an abstract of the said several lists of claimants, and 242, 251, the lists of persons objected to, in each parish or township in and for the same city or borough, to the said barrister, in order that proper times and places for holding courts for the revision of such lists respectively may be appointed.

to hold courts for

lists of


to give

the times

of the

32. The barrister appointed to revise the lists of Barristers any county shall make a circuit and hold open courts for such revision at each of the places which now are or revising hereafter may be appointed as polling places for such voters for county (p), and at any other places within the said within a county which he shall think expedient, at convenient certain times between the fifteenth day of September inclusive period, and and the last day of October inclusive (q) in the then notice of current year, and shall, ten (r) days at the least before and places the holding of the first court of revision, give notice to such courts of holding the clerk of the peace (s) of the several times and places to clerk at which the said courts will be holden, and of the several parishes the lists of and for which will be revised at who is to give notice each of the said courts; and the said clerk of the thereof by peace (o) shall forthwith cause public notice thereof to be given by advertisement in one or more of the newspapers circulating within the said county, and shall cause a Ante, pp. sufficient number of copies of the said notice to be 242, 299. written or printed, and shall deliver or send a copy thereof to the overseers of every parish or township, and require them to publish the said copy of the said notice, and to attend at the court therein appointed for the revision of the list of voters relating to their said

peace (0),


ment, and to the


(p) See Reg. Act, 1867, s. 34; Reg. Act, 1885, s. 4 (4); Cy. El. Act, 1888, s. 4 (2 g).

(2) Now between September 8th and October 12th, both inclusive, and as soon as possible after September 7th: Cy. El. Act, 1888, s. 6 (1).

(r) Now seven: Reg. Act, 1885, s. 4 (1).

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