What Do We Do with a Difference?: France and the Debate Over Headscarves in Schools

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Facing History and Ourselves, 2008 - 110 oldal
This book focuses on the recent debates surrounding headscarves in public schools in France, where the wearing of an article of clothing became the focus of intense national debate. The book is divided into two parts. Part One, Framing the Discussion, includes the following essays: (1) Essay: Immigration and Integration in Europe (2) France; (3) The First Veil Affair; (4) The Ban on Headscarves in Public Schools; (5) Secularism in France; (6) Secularity in the French Public Schools; (7) Mixed Origin: Religious Groups in Contemporary France; (8) The Beur Generation; and (9) Implications for Education and Democracy: a Discussion. Part Two, Primary Documents, includes the following readings: (1) What Does It Mean to Be French?; (2) Integration and Exclusion; (3) The Veil and a New Muslim Identity; (4) a Brief History of the Veil in Islam; (5) Public Schools: Where New Citizens Are Made; (6) The Veil at School; (7) The Integration of Jews in Modern France; (8) Debating the Ban of the Veil in Public Schools; (9) France Bans the Veil in Public Schools; and (10) Europeans Debating the Veil. A preface by Adam Strom and an introduction by John R. Bowen are included. A glossary is included. Individual sections contain footnotes.

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Immigration and Integration in Europe
Primary Documents

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