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Return of the Kertch expedition - Arrangements for the assault

on Sevastopol ·General Bosquet takes command of the troops

on the Tchernaya - English not to advance until the French have

gained the Malakoff — Opening of the 4th bombardment, June

17th- At the eleventh hour French insist upon assaulting au

point du jour Lord Raglan strongly objects - Assault takes

place on morning of 18th June - General Mayran mistakes the

signal, and advances before the proper time - He is mortally

wounded, and his troops retire in confusion- General Brunet

killed, and his column repulsed - General d'Autemarre's

column penetrates the battery Gervais - Lord Raglan gives

the signal for the English assault -

Terrific fire poured upon

the British troops - Deaths of Colonels Yea and Shadforth,

and Major-General Sir John Campbell — Unavailing efforts of

the English troops - They retire to their trenches - Lord

Raglan orders all the English guns to open - His dangerous

position - General Jones wounded-French, being unsup-

ported, are forced to retire from the battery Gervais - Enemy's

guns almost silenced — Consultation of the two Commanders-

in-Chief General Pélissier decides that a fresh assault is not

practicable Causes of the failure of the attack - General

Eyre takes the Cemetery, &c.

Severe loss among our troops

from the Russian cannonade - General Pélissier promises to

relieve General Eyre's force, but no relief arrives, and the

brigade retires - Names of officers who distinguished them-

selves - Suspension of arms on the 19th- Numbers of gene-

rals incapacitated - Cemetery again re-occupied by English

and French troops - Russian deserters' accounts - Casualties

of the Allies on the 18th instant - Fearful storm on the 23rd

- Death of General Estcourt-Lord Raglan's grief - Death

of Captain Lyons of the 'Miranda' - Lord Raglan's illness

- His sudden death- Grief of the whole army, and sympathy

of the Allies Lord Raglan's last General Order - Descrip-

tion of the procession - Lord Raglan's remains are taken home

in the Caradoc' General Orders issued by the Com-

manders-in-Chief of the French and Sardinian armies on the

occasion of Lord Raglan's death

Page 313




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General Simpson is appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British
Army in the East Cholera - Deaths of Colonel Vico and
Changes in the Divisional Commands - Gene-

Mr. Calvert

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ral Canrobert is recalled to France

Battle of the Tchernaya, August 16th



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- Progress of the siege

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Russian plan Fatal error of General Read His death
Russians twice attack the French in great force
are finally driven back- Gallant conduct of the Sardinians
Death of General Montevecchio Orderly retreat of the
Russians Losses in the battle English medical depart-
Acting-Assistant-Surgeon Bakewell Russian rein-
forcements English open fire on the 17th-French do not
support them Bridge of boats across the harbour - Explo-
sion in the Mamelon Council of War on September 3rd ·
Arrangements for the final assault
- The English and French
batteries open on September 5th Burning of two Russian
frigates French assault and take the Malakoff, September 8th
They penetrate the Curtain and Little Redan, but are
speedily driven out - Unsuccessful attack of the English on
the Redan Gallant conduct of Colonel Wyndham - French
attack the Bastion Centrale, but are immediately repulsed
with great loss - Russians try to retake the Malakoff, but
fail The Redan, Garden, and Bastion du Mât Batteries
blow up
Evacuation of Sevastopol by the Russians - De-
struction of the Black Sea fleet - Russian wounded - Total
losses English and French Commission Naval Brigade
disbanded English and French cavalry at Eupatoria Ex-
pedition to Kinburn - Its capture and occupation - Resigna-
tion of General Sir James Simpson General Sir William
Codrington succeeds him in the chief command Russian
works destroyed Reflections Dreadful state of the French
army Negociations - Peace signed at Paris, March 30th,

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