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2. For belief - . - ' "ibid. 3. For trust in God

- 94 4. For charity .

- ibid. 5. For mercy to all men 6. For acceptance of prayer

- ibid. 7. For repentance :

96 8. For the fame ?

ibid. 9. For the same. - - - 97 10. For the same


98 11. For the same. - .

ibid. 12. For forgiveness and asistance

99 13. For the same

ibid. 14. For the same

100 15. For the same, in sickness or diftress

ibid. 16. For vigilance against fin

101 17. For fleadiness in religion - - ibid. 18. For the fame.

102 19., For the same

ibid. 20. For the same

ib. 21. For the same 22. For a good life

ibid. 23. For the fame - - - ib, 24. For the happy effeet of a religious desire - 104 25. Against the frailties of human nature - ibid. 26. For defence against fin -- - - 105 27. For peace of conscience

ibid. 28. For faith under injurious treatment - ib.

29. For


29. For purity and humility -..- .-'106 30. For grace, and happinefs after death - ibid. 31. For the same .. -

•. ib. 32. For the love of God - . . 33. For charity to mankind : - - - - ibid. 34. For the fame - - .

108 35. In praise of God - - -- ibid. 36. For a happy death. - - 109 37. For the fame - - - - 110 38. For the fame - - - ibid. 39. For comfort in sickness, and the expectation of death .. . ,

III 40. For the fame. - .

- 112 -41. For a blessed immortality through Chrif - ibid.

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T HE following Sheets were first intended only

es a present for the use of the Stepney charity, and the parish poor of the united parishes of St. Andrew's Holborn above Bars, and St. George the Martyr: but as I think they may be of some service to others, that no good may be omitted which can possibly be done, they are communicated to the public.

The works of Dr. Synge cannot be made too much known, particularly these two tracts which I bave selezted. A great part of mankind are too busy, or too idle, to go deeper in the study of theology than the matter contained in this book; and the poor may well be contented with knowing so much. Religious enquiries which go beyond these plain and important truths, distress the mind, not relieve it. - As to the additions which I have made to the Prelate's works, in the beginning, and also at the end of the book, I hope the first

will amuse and teach, and that the laft will in· ftruet and édify.

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Prayer for the well reading this book, and

thinking, and living like a Christian.

I TEAR me, O merciful Father, I humbly be11 seech thee, and let thy grace be ever present with thy weak unworthy servant. I am not able of myself to do or think any thing that is good; O let thy spirit affist my poor endevors ! -Let me Ay from the temptations that so thick beset me!- Fix my inconstant mind; and guard me through all the dangerous paths of life. Thou, O Lord, art my peace; thou art my only rest; in thee alone is pleasure and true satisfa&ion, and all without thee is misery and distress. O grant me this blessed retreat, this happy security ; that I may not be deceived by false appearances of happiness in this world, but find soft case and sweet repose in thy love and favor. Grant, I beseech thee, O merciful God, that I may learn what belongs to my peace, for the sake of thy beloved Son, who died for my sins, and the fins of the world, and who lives and reigns with thee, Almighty Father, for ever and ever. Amen.


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I. A S' the king is our common father under - God, so our country is our parent as protectress and preserver of our liberty and laws, from which we derive a security for our property,

and our lives. 2. In this view Britannia represents our country. 3. She is crowned with laurels, alluding to our victo

ries in our wars. 4. She is seated on a rock, denoting permanency or

stability. . 5. The 1763. marked on the rock gives us the year in which the peace was made.

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