Containing Critical Notices of, and Extracts from, Rare, Curious,

and Valuable Old Books.

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GEO. P. PHILES & CO., 51 NASSAU Street, New York.


P. 25805.


« "Ωσπερ γαρ την μέλιτταν δρώμεν εφ' άπαντα μεν τα βλαστήματα καθιζάνουσαν, αφ' εκάστου δε τα χρήσιμα λαμβάνουσαν· ούτω χρή και τους παιδείας όρεγομένους, μηδενός μεν άπείρως έχειν, πανταχόθεν δε τα χρήσιμα συλλέγειν.–ΙΣΟΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΠΡΟΣ ΔΗΜΟNIKON.

For as we see the industrious, prudent bee light on every fragrant bloom, and extraet what is useful from it, so it becomes the true lovers of learning to be ignorant of nothing that is profitable, but gather goodness and discretion from all writers."



P R O S P E C T U S. IN publishing the first number of The Philobiblion, a few words

of preliminary statement may be necessary, as to the peculiar aim and character of the Journal here announced.

The practical business experience of the Publishers, and their special correspondence for some years past with Librarians, Scholars, and Amateur Book Collectors in different parts of the country, have led them to believe that an useful and important defideratum in Literature might be supplied by combining the obvious utility of a priced Monthly Catalogue of a choice fele&tion of standard works, with a series of Literary Efsays, and Critical Notices of rare, curious, and valuable books. In addition to this scheme, the Publishers propose to devote a portion of the pages of The Philobiblion to a department of “Notes and Queries,” hoping thereby to render it an highly useful medium of voluntary communication between the students and literary men scattered throughout the country, on all topics of general interest connected with literature; and in which liberal freedom of discussion will be permitted and encouraged. In accordance with this design, the Publishers would respectfully solicit contributions to this portion of their Journal.

The Philobiblion will be printed on India paper, and published monthly at $2.00 a year, invariably in advance. All communications should be addressed to the Publishers,


No. 51 Nassau STREET, N. Y.

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