Some nobler voyager, that has to woo
The trade-winds, and to stem the ecliptic surge.
The coral groves - the shores of conch and pearl,
Where she will cast her anchor, and reflect
Her cabin-window lights on warmer waves,
And under planets brighter than our own:
The nights of palmy isles, that she will see
Lit boundless by the fire-fly-all the smells
Of tropic fruits that will regale her-all
The pomp of nature, and the inspiriting
Varieties of life she has to greet,
Come swarming o'er the meditative mind.



THE wild waves madly dash and roar,
In thunder-throbs, upon the beach;
Their broad white hands upon the shore
They struggle evermore to reach.

Up through the cavernous rocks amain,

With short, hoarse growl, they plunge and leap,

Like an armed host, again and again,
Battering some castellated steep.

Great pulses of the ocean heart,
Beating from out immensity,
What mystic news would ye impart
From the great spirit of the sea?

Ever, in still increasing force,
Earnest as cries of love or hate,
Your large and eloquent discourse
Is mighty as the march of fate.

I sit alone on the glowing sand,
Filled with the music of your speech,
And only half may understand

The wondrous lore that ye would teach.

The sea-weed and the shells are wise,

And versed in your broad Sanscrit tongue; The rocks need not our ears and eyes To comprehend the under-song.

The ocean and the shore are one ;

The rocks and trees that hang above, The birds and insects in the sun

Are linked in one strong tie of love.

Would that I might with freedom be
A seer into your hidden truth,
Joining your firm fraternity,

To drink with you perpetual youth!



THE sunlight glitters keen and bright,
Where, miles away,

Lies stretching to my dazzled sight
A luminous belt, a misty light,

Beyond the dark pine bluffs and wastes of sandy grey.

The tremulous shadow of the sea!
Against its ground

Of silvery light, rock, hill, and tree,

Still as a picture, clear and free,

With varying outline mark the coast for miles around.


we tread with loose-flung rein
Our seaward way,

Through dark-green fields and blossoming grain,
Where the wild brier-rose skirts the lane,

And bends above our heads the flowering locust spray.

Ha! like a kind hand on my brow
Comes this fresh breeze,

Cooling its dull and feverish glow,

While through my being seems to flow

The breath of a new life the healing of the seas!

Now rest we, where this grassy mound
His feet hath set

In the great waters, which have bound

His granite ankles greenly round

With long and tangled moss, and weeds with cool spray


Good-bye to Pain and Care! I take
Mine ease to-day;

Here where these sunny waters break,
And ripples this keen breeze, I shake
All burdens from the heart, all weary thoughts away.

I draw a freer breath I seem

Like all I see —

Waves in the sun-the white-winged gleam

Of sea-birds in the slanting beam

And far-off sails which flit before the south wind free.

So when Time's veil shall fall asunder,
The soul may know

No fearful change, nor sudden wonder,
Nor sink the weight of mystery under,

But with the upward rise, and with the vastness grow.

And all we shrink from now may seem
No new revealing;

Familiar as our childhood's stream,

Or pleasant memory of a dream

The loved and cherished Past upon the new life stealing

Serene and mild the untried light
May have its dawning;

And, as in Summer's northern light

The evening and the dawn unite,

The sunset hues of Time blend with the soul's new


I sit alone in foam and spray

Wave after wave

Breaks on the rocks which, stern and grey,

Beneath like fallen Titans lay,

Or murmurs hoarse and strong through mossy cleft and


What heed I of the dusty land
And noisy town?

I see the mighty deep expand

From its white line of glimmering sand

To where the blue of heaven on bluer waves shuts


In listless quietude of mind,

I yield to all

The change of cloud and wave and wind,
And passive on the flood reclined,

I wander with the waves, and with them rise and fall.

But look, thou dreamer! — wave and shore
In shadow lie;

The night-wind warns me back once more
To where my native hill-tops o'er

Bends like an arch of fire the glowing sunset sky!

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