Letters from the East:: Written During a Recent Tour Through Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, the Holy Land, Syria, and Greece, 1-2. kötet

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Henry Colburn, 1826

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585. oldal - Wadenho, he was a watchful shepherd ; " in the day the drought consumed him, and the frost by night, and sleep departed from his eyes.
293. oldal - Hippicus, and hard by two others were erected by King Herod in the old wall. These were for largeness, beauty, and strength beyond all that were in the habitable earth; for besides the magnanimity of his nature and his...
330. oldal - Israel saw that they were straitened (for the people were distressed), they hid themselves in caves, and in thickets, and in rocks, and in dens, and in pits.
259. oldal - Judgement on the south side of the city. How interesting was her aspect, beheld over the deep and rocky valley of Hinnom ! her gloomy walls encompassing Mount Zion on every side ; and, as yet there was no sound to disturb the silence of the scene. The beautiful Mount of Olives was on the right, and at its feet the valley of Jehoshaphat, amidst whose great rocks and trees stood the tomb of...
588. oldal - Now Baalath being an important post, and not far from Damascus, we may readily believe that it would be one of the first cities attacked by Rezon and the Syrians ; this might have caused a suspension, or a total cessation of the works, which is corroborated...
292. oldal - All these rocks are hewn into sepulchres of various forms and sizes ; no doubt they were the tombs of the ancient Jews, and are in general cut with considerable care and skill. They are often the resting-place of the benighted passenger.
290. oldal - ... six fine venerable olive trees, which have stood here for many centuries. This spot is at the foot of Olivet, and is beautifully situated ; you look up and down the romantic valley; close behind rises the mountain ; before you are the walls of the devoted city. While lingering here, at evening...
298. oldal - The whole appearance of the place is romantic : and the prophet might have resided here, while exercising his ministry, with very little hardship ; the neighbourhood still, no doubt, produces excellent honey, which is to be had throughout Palestine. High up the rocky side of the hill on the left, amidst a profusion of trees, is the cave or grotto of St. John. A fountain gushes out close by. When we talk of wildernesses, mountains, and plains in Palestine, it is to be understood that they seldom answer...

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