BUT two ways of knowing God.-Our notions of spirit all nega-

tive.—Revelation the only rule.-Speculations of the schools
unnecessary.-The general intention of the work.

SECT. I. p. 45.-Texts that prove there is but one God.-One

almighty and omnipotent,-infinite,-eternal and unchangeable.
-One Being to be worshipped.

SECT. II. p. 50.-That there is a divine plurality.--JEHOVAH

and Elohim not properly translated.-ELOHIM a plural.
False ideas of it as a plural removed. The word GOD not a
proper translation of it.—True import of ELOHIM.-Other
nouns that express a plurality - Texts which seem to limit the
divine plurality to three.- Difficulties concerning a divine plu-
rality removed.

secs: III. p. 65.--The proper Deity of the LORD JESUS CHRIST

and the Holy Ghost proved from express scripture--Name
JEHOVAH ascribed to-Lord in the most absolute sense-The
dame God.-Rom. ix. 5.' considered.--The texts considered
where Christ is distinguished from God by the copulative and
-Creation work ascribed to-Inditing revelation---Author of
the divine law-Breakers thereof tempt Christ and the Spirit-
Omnipresence ascribed to-Dwelling in the saints-Holiness-
Fountain of life-Absolute power---Raising the dead-All spiri-
mal and divine operations. -Evidence in scripture language un•


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