And age is a time of peace, so it be free from pain,
And happy has been my life ; but I would not live it again.
I seem to be tired a little, that's all, and long for rest;
Only at your age, Annie, I could have wept with the best.

So Willy has gone, my beauty, my eldest-born, my flower ;
But how can I weep for Willy, he has but gone for an hour,-
Gone for a minute, my son, from this room into the next ;
I, too, shall go in a minute. What time have I to be vext?

XXVII. And Willy's wife has written, she never was over-wise. Get me my glasses, Annie : thank God that I keep my eyes. There is but a trifle left you, when I shall have past away. But stay with the old woman now : you cannot have long to stay.

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* Bittern.

* Anemones.

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Woä then, wiltha ? dangtha !- the bees is as fell as owt. 5 Obstinate. • Earn. Or fow-welter'd, - said of a sheep lying on its back in the furrow. * Makes nothing.

* The flies are as fierce as anything.

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