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IX. Wax Sculptor, weepest thou to take the

cast Of those dead lineaments that near thee

lie? O sorrowest thou, pale Painter, for the

past, In painting some dead friend from

memory? Weep on : beyond his object Love can

last : His object lives : more cause to weep

have I : My tears, no tears of love, are flowing fast, No tears of love, but tears that Love

can die. I pledge her not in any cheerful cup, Nor care to sit beside her where she


Ah pity-hint it not in human tones, But breathe it into earth and close it up With secret death for ever, in the pits Which some green Christmas crams

with weary bones.


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O BRIDESMAID, ere the happy knot was

tied, Thine eyes so wept that they could

hardly see ; Thy sister smiled and said, “No tears

for me! A happy bridesmaid makes a happy

bride.' And then, the couple standing side by

side, Love lighted down between them full

of glee, And over his left shoulder laugh'd at

thee, 'O happy bridesmaid, make a happy

bride.' And all at once a pleasant truth I learn'd, For while the tender service made thee

weep, I loved thee for the tear thou couldst not

hide, And prest thy hand, and knew the press

return'd, And thought, “My life is sick of single

sleep : ( happy bridesmaid, make a happy

If I were loved, as I desire to be,
What is there in the great sphere of the

earth, And range of evil between death and

birth, That I should fear,-if I were loved by

thee? All the inner, all the outer world of pain Clear Love would pierce and cleave, if

thou wert mine, As I have heard that, somewhere in the

main, Fresh-water springs come up through


bitter brine.

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