Readings: humorous and pathetic

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Andrew Stewart
John Menzies & Company, 1884 - 112 oldal

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83. oldal - The little piece of sky spanning those measureless piers is full of stars, although it is mid-day. It is almost five hundred feet from where they stand, up those perpendicular bulwarks of limestone to the...
62. oldal - We came very near expressing interest, sometimes — even admiration — it was very hard to keep from it. We succeeded, though. Nobody else ever did, in the Vatican museums. The guide was bewildered— nonplussed. He walked his legs off, nearly, hunting up extraordinary things, and exhausted all his ingenuity on us, but it was a failure ; we never showed any interest in anything.
86. oldal - At the last flint gash he makes, his knife — his faithful knife — falls from his little nerveless hand, and, ringing along the precipice, falls at his mother's feet. An involuntary groan of despair runs like a death-knell through the channel below, and all is still as the grave. At a height of nearly three hundred feet, the devoted boy lifts his hopeless heart and closing eyes to commend his soul to God.
85. oldal - It is impossible to put his hands into the same niche with his feet, and retain his slender hold a moment. His companions instantly perceive this new and fearful dilemma, and await his fall with emotions that
61. oldal - He took us to the municipal palace. After much impressive fumbling of keys and opening of locks, the stained and aged document was spread before us. The guide's eyes sparkled. He danced about us and tapped the parchment with his finger: "What I tell you, genteelmen! Is it not so? See! hand-writing Christopher Colombo!— write it himself!
86. oldal - Paul Revere was a rider bold — Well has his valorous deed been told; Sheridan's ride was a glorious one — Often it has been dwelt upon; But why should men do all the deeds On which the love of a patriot feeds? Hearken to me, while I reveal The dashing ride of Jennie M'Neal.
87. oldal - M'Neal. One night, when the sun had crept to bed And rain-clouds lingered overhead, And sent their surly drops for proof To drum a tune on the cottage roof, Close after a knock at the outer door There entered a dozen dragoons or more. Their red coats, stained by the muddy road, That they were British soldiers showed; The captain his hostess bent to greet, Saying, "Madam, please give us a bit to eat; We will pay you well, and...
32. oldal - ... in case of necessity. This preliminary hint is given to the reader, that he may better enter into the spirit of Father Phil's SUBSCRIPTION LIST FOR THE REPAIRS AND ENLARGEMENT OF BALLY-SLOUGHGUTPHERY CHAPEL L sd PHILIP BLAKE, PP Micky Hicky 076 "He might as well have made ten shillings: but half a loaf is betther than no bread.
8. oldal - Phil Blood. Nothing would please his contrairy idees ! an Injin made him rile ! He didn't speak, but I saw on his cheek a kind of an ugly smile ; And I knew his skin was hatching sin, and I kept the Panther apart, For the Injin he was too blind to see the dirt in a white man's heart...
60. oldal - We have made some of those people savage at times, but we have never lost our own serenity. The doctor asks the questions generally, because he can keep his countenance, and look more like an inspired idiot, and throw more imbecility into the tone of his voice than any man that lives. It comes natural to him. The guides in Genoa are delighted to secure an American party, because...

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