Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, 2. kötet

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Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, 1863

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271. oldal - A Notice of the Origin, Progress, and Present Condition of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia " (1852) ; and " Notes and Commentaries during Voyages to Brazil and China, 1848
378. oldal - Preya stylifer, n. sp., TSW (PI. IX) . — Several species of a genus of Protozoa were described by me several years ago under the generic title of Lagotia. It appeared, however, that Claparede and Lachmann had already constituted the genus Freya for animals evidently belonging to my genus Lagotia, in a memoir which they had communicated to the French Academy, which memoir, however, was not published until after the publication of my paper constituting the genus Lagotia. The species of Freya discovered...
195. oldal - By ALEX. BRYSON, Esq. (Specimens were exhibited.) 2. Observations on British Zoophytes. By T. STRETHILL WRIGHT, MD The author stated that, in the summer of 1858, he took, by dipping, a great number of medusae of the genus Thaumantias, off Granton Pier. To the peduncle of one of these was attached a small actinia, about half an inch in length, and one-eighth of an inch in diameter. From its general appearance, he considered it to be a young specimen of Actinia troglodytes, which had been seized by...
262. oldal - The following donations to the library were laid on the table, and thanks voted to their respective donors : — ' The Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asia, tic Society
350. oldal - Taf.) *Second Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of the Middle and Southern Counties of Arkansas. Made during the years 1859 and 1860. By David Dale Owen, Principal Geologist, assisted by Robert Peter , Chemical Assistant ; M. Leo Lesquereux, Botanist; Edward Cox, Assistant Geologist.
271. oldal - PRESIDENT, in the Chair. The following gentlemen were balloted for, and elected ordinary members:—Rev.
306. oldal - ... a period of most wonderful transition, which tends rapidly to accomplish that great end, to which, indeed, all history points — the realisation of the unity of mankind. Not a unity which breaks down the limits and levels the peculiar characteristics of the different nations of the earth, but rather a unity, the result and product of those very national varieties and antagonistic qualities.
378. oldal - Polypary branched, spirally twisted. Polyps pale orange, with two rows of tentacles. The lower row from 4 to 12, the upper row from 2 to 8 capitate.
34. oldal - The gemmule (says he) having adhered to the glass, grows out into a lengthened form, variously knotted and swollen, and frequently dividing into two branches, the whole adhering closely to the glass. After a day or two's growth in this manner, a perpendicular stem begins to shoot from some point of this creeping root, and soon separates into four straight, slender, slightly divergent tentacles, which shoot to a considerable length. The little creature is now a polyp of four tentacles." At this stage...

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