Scientific Memoirs, Being Experimental Contributions to a Knowledge of Radiant Energy

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Harper, 1878 - 473 oldal

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36. oldal - As the luminous effects are undoubtedly owing to a vibratory movement executed by the molecules of the platinum, it seems from the foregoing considerations to follow, that the frequency of those vibrations increases with the temperature.
470. oldal - THE EARTH. A Descriptive History of the Phenomena of the Life of the Globe.
367. oldal - That if two liquids communicate with one another in a capillary tube or in a porous or parenchymatous structure and have for that tube or structure different chemical affinities movement will ensue ; that liquid which has the most energetic affinity will move with the greatest velocity and may even drive the other fluid entirely before it.
401. oldal - ... so nearly equal that we may impute the differences to errors of experimentation. Assuming this as true, it necessarily follows that in the spectrum any two series of undulations will have the same heating power, no matter what their wave-lengths may be. But this conclusion leads unavoidably to a most important modification of the views now universally held as regards the constitution of the spectrum. When a ray falls on an extinguishing surface, heat is produced ; but that heat did not pre-exist...
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82. oldal - ... spaces successively towards the violet; and that of the latter from the bluish brush to the bright Leyden sparks, by a like screen drawn from the violet towards the red. The true electric light exhibits properties resembling those observed in actual combustions, as though there was an oxidation of a portion of the translated matter when the spark is taken in air. The order of evolution of rays in this instance happens to be the same as in the second illustration of Professor Dove, that is, from...
37. oldal - Petit holds to a wider extent, there are in our inquiry certain circumstances to be taken into account not contemplated by those philosophers. Dulong and Petit throughout their memoir regard radiant heat as a homogeneous agent, and look upon the theory of exchanges, which is indeed their startingpoint and guide, as a very simple affair.

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