PART I.-Adjudication and vesting of Property.

Adjudication, petitions for, &c. ; 6-13.

Appointment of trustee ; 14-18.

PART II.-Administration of Property.

Conduct of bankrupt and of trustee, &c.; 19-21.
Dealing with bankrupt's property; 22-30.

Payment of debts and distribution of assets; 31-40.
Distribution of dividends, &c.; 41-46.

Close of bankruptcy; 47.

Discharge of bankrupt; 48-50.

Release of trustee; 51-53.

Status of undischarged bankrupt; 54.

Audit; 55-58.

PART III.-Constitution and Powers of Court.

Description of Court; 59-72.

Orders and warrants of Court; 73-77.

General rules; 78.

Change of jurisdiction by Chancellor; 79.

PART IV.-Supplemental Provisions.

As to proceedings; 80-82.

As to trustees and committees of inspection; 83, 84.

As to power over bankrupt; 85, 86.

As to property devolving on trustees; 87-95.

As to discovery of bankrupt's property; 96-99.
Joint and separate estates; 100-105.

Evidence; 106-109.

Miscellaneous; 110-119.

PART V.-Persons having Privilege of Parliament.

Privilege of Parliament not to prevent adjudication of bankruptcy; 120.
Vacation of seat in the House of Commons; 121-124.

PART VI.-Liquidation by Arrangement.

Regulations with respect to liquidation; 125.

PART VII.-Composition with Creditors.

Regulations as to composition; 126, 127.

PART VIII.-Temporary Provisions.

Bankruptcy Courts, and abolition of country district courts, compensa-
tions, superannuations, &c.; 128.


2.-Bankruptcy Repeal and Insolvent Court.

To provide for the winding-up of the business of the late
Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England, and
to repeal Enactments relating to Insolvency, Bankruptcy,
Imprisonment for Debt, and matters connected therewith.
Chap. 83.
Page 346

Short title and commencement of Act; Sects. 1, 2.
Temporary provisions respecting insolvent debtors; 3-19.
Repeal of enactments described in the schedule; 20.

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3.-Imprisonment for Debt.

For the Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt, for the punish-
ment of fraudulent debtors, and for other purposes. Chap. 62.
Page 197

Short title, extent, and commencement and construction of Act; Sects.


Abolition of imprisonment for debt, with exceptions; 4–10.
Punishment of fraudulent debtors; 11-23.

Warrants of attorney, cognovits, and orders for judgment; 24-29.

Basses Lights, Ceylon.

For making better provision for the erection of a Lighthouse
on the Great Basses Rock in the Colony of Ceylon, and for
other purposes connected therewith. Chap. 77.

Page 337

Short title and construction of Act; Sects. 1, 2.
Loan by Public Works Loan Commissioners; 3-6.
Application of dues of Great and Little Basses Lights; 7.

Beerhouses, &c.

To amend the law for licensing Beerhouses, and to make
certain alterations with respect to the Sale by retail of Beer,
Cider, and Wine. Chap. 27.
Page 87
Preamble recites 11 Geo. 4. & 1 Will. 4. c. 64., 4 & 5 Will. 4. c. 85.,
3 & 4 Vict. c. 61., 24 & 25 Vict. c. 21., 26 & 27 Vict. c. 33., and
23 & 24 Vict. c. 27.

Act not to apply to Scotland or Ireland; Sect. 1.
Definition of terms and short title of Act; 2, 3.

Retail licences not to be granted without certificate granted under this
Act; 4.

Certificates by whom to be granted; 5.

Form of certificate; 6.

Notice of application; 7.

Provisions of 9 Geo. 4. c. 61. to apply to grants of certificates under

this Act; 8.

As to transfer of certificates; 9.

As to renewal of licences in force in Middlesex and Surrey; 10.

Penalty on forgery of certificate ; 11.

Constables may enter on houses licensed to sell beer, &c. not to be con-
sumed on the premises; 12.

Proof of money passing not necessary to prove sale; 13.

In cases of illegal sale on neighbouring premises evidence need not be
given of ownership of such premises; 14.

Penalty for selling beer or cider to be drunk at illegal times; 15.
Persons present in houses open at illegal hours to be liable to penalties;


In order to constitute a second or third offence previous offence need not
have been committed within a limited period; 17.

As to management of houses licensed for sale of table beer; 18.
Existing licences to be renewed, except in certain cases ; 19.
Nothing to affect privileges and rights herein named ; 20.
Repeal of Acts set forth in second schedule; 21.
Act to be in force for two years from its passing; 22.

Behar Canal. See East India Irrigation and
Canal Company.



Benefices. See Presentation of Benefices, &c.

Birds, Preservation of. See Sea Birds Pre-

Bishops Resignation.

For the relief of Archbishops and Bishops when incapacitated
by infirmity. Chap. 111.

Page 481

Short title; Sect. 1.

As to resignation of bishops; 2.
Bishops coadjutor; 3-5.

Conduct of inquiry; 6.

Proof of incapacity by bishop; 7.
Expenses of an inquiry; 8.

Apportionment of first fruits and tenths; 9.

Death or resignation of a bishop coadjutor; 10.

Application of Act to the bishopric of Sodor and Man; 11.

Application of the Act to archbishops; 12.

Provision as to translation of bishops; 13.

Definition of terms; 14.

Repeal of 6 & 7 Vict. c. 62.;-15.

Duration of Act; 16.

Board of Works. See Metropolitan Board of
Works, &c.

Brazilian Slave Trade.

For repealing the Act 8 & 9 Vict. c. 122. for carrying into
execution a Convention with Brazil for the abolition of the
African Slave Trade. Chap. 2.

Page 1
Breach of Promise, Actions for. See Evidence
further Amendment.

Building Act. See Metropolitan Buildings.
Burial Grounds. See Titles of Religious


Calcutta. See Straits Settlements.

Canada (Rupert's Land) Loan.

For authorizing a guarantee of a loan to be raised by Canada
for a payment in respect of the transfer of Rupert's Land.
Chap. 101.

Page 446
Carriages. See Metropolitan Public Carriages.


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Cattle Diseases. See Contagious Diseases

Ceylon. See Basses Lights. Harbour of
Galle Loan.

Charitable Trusts.

For amending The Charitable Trusts Acts.

Chap. 110.
Page 477

Short title, extent and construction of Act; Sects. 1-3.
Amendment of sect. 3. of 23 & 24 Vict. c. 136.;-4.
Mode of application to Board; 5-8.

Employment of persons to prepare and defend scheme; 9.
Appeals under 23 & 24 Vict. c. 136. ;-10.

Service of Attorney General by appellant under sect. 8. of 23 & 24 Vict.
c. 136.;-11.

Legal power of majority of trustees to deal with charity estates; 12.

Legal proceedings by trustees of charities for protection of charity
property, &c.; 13.

Application by exempted charities to have benefit of Act; 14.
Extension of part of Acts to registered places of religious worship; 15.
Treasury to fix scale of fees; 16.

Repeal of enactments in schedule; 17.

Children (Orphan). See Poor Relief (Ireland).

Church Building Acts Amendment. See New
Parishes, &c.

Church of Ireland. See Irish Church.

Cinque Ports.

To amend The Cinque Ports Act (18 & 19 Vict. c. 48.)
Chap. 53.
Page 166

Amendment of sections 6, 7, and 8 of Cinque Ports Act; Sect. 1.
Ascertainment and discharge of liabilities of Margate; 2.
Recovery of rates due to Dover; 3.

Continuance of liability of non-corporate portion of parish; 4.
Costs of Act and short title; 5, 6.

Civil Service Pensions.

To remove doubts as to the qualification of persons holding
Civil Service Pensions, or receiving Superannuation Allow-
ances, to sit in Parliament. Chap. 15.

Page 60

Preamble recites 4 & 5 Will. 4. c. 24., 22 Vict. c. 26., and 6 Anne, c. 7.
Pensions granted under recited Acts not to disqualify holders from
sitting in Parliament, &c.; Sects. 1, 2.

See also Diplomatic Salaries, &c. Political Offices (Pensions).

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Short title and extent of Act; Sects. 1, 2.

As to office of clerk of assize; 3-8.


Clerks of Assize.

To amend the Law relating to the office of Clerk of
Assize and offices united thereto, and to certain Fees upon
Orders for payment of witnesses in criminal proceedings.
Chap. 89.
Page 360

Fees on orders under 30 & 31 Vict. c. 35. s. 5. (Criminal Law Amend-
ment); 9-11.

Coasting Trade. See Merchant Shipping.

College of Maynooth. See Irish Church.

Colonial Prisoners Removal.

For authorizing the Removal of Prisoners from one Colony to
another for the purposes of Punishment. Chap. 10.

Page 27

Short title and definition of terms; Sects. 1, 2.

Section 4. of 6 Geo. 4. c. 69. repealed; 3.

Prisoners may be removed from one colony to another for purposes of
punishment; 4.

Provisions as to removal of prisoners; 5-8.

Colonial Shipping. See Merchant Shipping.

Commissioners of Land Tax. See Land Tax

Commissioners of Public Works. See Public
Works (Ireland).

Common Pleas (County Palatine of Lancaster).

To authorize the appointment of District Prothonotaries of
the Court of Common Pleas of the county palatine of Lancaster,
and to provide for the better despatch of business therein.
Chap. 37.
Page 107

Power to the Chancellor to appoint district prothonotaries and assign
districts, and also to appoint clerks; Sects. 1-3.

Duties of district prothonotaries and clerks; 4.

Additional duties and powers to be discharged and exercised by district
prothonotaries; 5.

Power to the Chancellor to make and publish general rules; 6, 7.
Rules to be published in London Gazette; rules to be laid before
Parliament; 8, 9.

Table of fees to be hung up in offices of prothonotaries; 10.

Duties and power of prothonotary; 11.

No prothonotary or district prothonotary to practise or take fees; 12.

Power to appoint deputy prothonotary; 13.

Seal to be provided; 14.

How writs, judgments, rules, and orders to be enforced; 15.

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