Sidings to be provided for interchange of traffic with Shropshire Union Railway, § 11.

Tolls for traffic to and from the canal to be the same as for traffic to and from Great Western Railway, § 12. Power to abandon part of authorized railway; compensation to landowners, §§ 13 to 15.

Time for compulsory purchase extended till 6th August 1871, § 16.

Time for completion of works extended till 6th August 1873, § 17.

Section 39. of company's Act of 1866 repealed, § 20.

Chap. clii.

"The Callington and Calstock Railway Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.] Recites that the making of a railway from Callington in the county of Cornwall to a certain incline to Kelly Quay on the river Tamar in the parish of Calstock in the same county, and of certain other portions of railway connected therewith, would be of public advantage.

Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, § 2.
Company incorporated, with power to make railway as described,
§§ 4, 5.

Capital to be 60,000l. in 107. shares, §§ 6 to 8.
Power to borrow on mortgage 20,000l., § 9.
Meetings, directors, &c., §§ 12 to 16.

Two years for compulsory purchase of lands, § 18.
Three years for completion of works, § 19.

Gauge of railway; speed limited to 16 miles per hour, §§ 23,


Tolls and charges for goods; passengers not to be carried, §§ 27 to 34.

Saving rights of Duchy of Cornwall, § 37.

Chap. cliii.

"The Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Quay Railway (Arrangement) Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.]

Recites the several Acts that have been passed relating to the company, and states their financial powers and transactions, and the arrangements which have been made with other companies and parties for the development of their undertaking; that owing to the incomplete state of their undertaking and the consequent deficiency of traffic over the company's railways, the company have for some time past been unable to pay the interest on their mortgage debt, and they have been and are unable to pay any portion of the principal of the said debt, and they have not been able to renew any portion of the same, and there is an arrear of interest due on the said mortgages, which amounted on 31st December 1868 to 18,6721., and a receiver of the tolls and profits of the company's undertaking has been appointed by the Court of

Chancery in a cause of Fynney v. The Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Quay Railway Company, which cause is still pending; that the company are also indebted to the amount of 3,000l. or thereabouts to the Railway Clearing House; that it is essential, for the development of traffic over the company's railway and for the efficient working of the company's undertaking, that better accommodation and conveniences for the present and future traffic over the existing railways of the company should be provided, and that the company should be enabled to purchase a sufficient quantity of rolling stock, plant, and stores; that the company are indebted to various creditors in various sums on Lloyd's bonds, and on simple contracts for work done and for materials supplied to the company, or otherwise, which sums they are at present unable to pay, and it is expedient that they should be empowered to raise the sums necessary to discharge the same; that holders of the company's mortgages to the extent of three fourths in value or thereabouts of the entire mortgage debt of the company, and holders of the preference shares in the company to the extent of three fourths of the entire preferential capital of the company, have assented in writing to this Act, and it is expedient that the mortgage debt of the company should be converted into debenture stock; also that the company be authorized to take and hold additional lands and property in the parish of Northop in the county of Flint.

Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, § 2.

Stay of proceedings against the company, § 4.

Application of money in court and in hands of receivers, § 5. Suspense period defined, § 6.

Management of company vested in new board, § 7.

Constitution of the board; supply of vacancies, &c., §§ 8 to 10. As to meetings of shareholders and mortgagees, § 11.

As to rotation of directors, § 12.

As to convening of meetings; chairman; mode of voting, §§ 13 to 15.

For appointment of permanent referee, § 16.

Powers and proceedings of board, § 17.

Power to issue debenture stocks, § 18.

As to "A" debenture stock, § 19.

Provision as to Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas, § 20.

Provision as to Richard Jones, § 21.

Application of proceeds of "A" stock, § 22.

Conditions of "B" stock, § 23.

Conditions of "C" stock, § 24.

Conditions of "D" stock, § 25.

Proportionate reduction of capital, § 26.

Powers to trustees and others, § 27.

Application of income, § 28.

For protection of Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, § 29.

Remuneration of directors, § 30.

Additional lands may be purchased within two years, § 31. Not more than two vessels to be alongside company's wharf on river Dee, § 32.

Before commencing certain works, company to give notice to River Dee Company, § 33.

For preserving the rights of the River Dee Company, § 34. Saving rights of Buckley Company, § 35.

Provision as to amalgamation with Buckley Company, § 36. Saving existing rights, § 37.

Chap. cliv.

"The Furness Railway Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.] Recites that it is expedient to confer further powers upon the Furness Railway Company for the construction of works and the acquisition of lands, and that the company should be empowered to lease or purchase certain hotels, and carry out agreements with other parties; also to abandon a part of their authorized lines.

Consolidation Acts incorporated, § 2.
Power to take lands, § 4.

Power to make railway and works, § 5.

Power to create debenture stock, § 6.

Powers for compulsory purchase limited to two years, § 8. Limiting time for completion of railway to two years; penalty for default, §§ 9 to 11.

Power to purchase or lease the Furness Abbey Hotel, § 12.
Power to subscribe towards hotel at Finsthwaite, § 13.
Power to subscribe towards Grange Hotel Company (Limited),
§ 14.

Confirmation of agreement in schedule, § 15.

Company to abandon certain railways and works; compensation, §§ 16 to 18.

Provision as to tolls between certain stations, § 19.

Tolls for minerals, &c. between certain stations, § 20.

Provisions with respect to lands in the township of Hawcoat; company may grant building leases and may sell the fee simple of leased lands; power to appropriate lands for open spaces and otherwise to improve the same; application of monies arising from sale of lands, § 21. Saving of rights, § 22.

Schedule (Agreement with Windermere Steam Yacht Company). Chap. clv.

"The Belgravia and South Kensington New Road Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.] Extends for two years the time for the purchase of lands and for three years the time for the completion of the Belgravia and South Kensington New Road, authorized in 1866.

Chap. clvi.

"The Portobello Pier Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.] Recites that the making and maintaining of a pier and works connected therewith, at Portobello, for the recreation of the inhabitants and visitors of that town, and for the embarking and landing of passengers would be attended with public advantage.

Consolidation Acts incorporated, § 2.

Company incorporated, with powers to construct pier, and capital of 7,000l. in 107. shares, §§ 4 to 8.

Power to borrow 2,000l. on mortgage, and to create debenture stock, §§ 9 to 11.

Meetings, directors, &c., §§ 13 to 17.

Two years for compulsory purchase of lands, § 18.
Three years for completion of pier, § 19.
Superintendence of works during progress by Board of Trade,
§§ 21 to 23.

As to exhibition of lights at pier head, § 25.
Powers of pier-master, §§ 27, 28.
Provisions as to bathing, § 29.

Power to take rates; officers of customs to pass free; power to contract for use of pier, §§ 30 to 32.

Saving rights of the Crown in the foreshore, § 35.
Schedule (Rates for passengers on pier).

Chap. clvii. "The Belgrave Market Act, 1869." [9th August 1869.] Recites that the establishment of a market for the sale of butchers meat, poultry, game, fish, butter, cheese, milk, vegetables, and other animal and vegetable products, and other marketable commodities, and the erecting, providing, maintaining, and regulating a market, market places, market houses, and other houses, shops, and stalls in connexion therewith, in the parish of Saint Luke, Chelsea, would be highly advantageous to the inhabitants of that parish and the neighbourhood.

Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, § 2.

Company incorporated, § 4.

Power to construct market, § 5.

Not to take certain lands of the Earl of Cadogan without consent, § 6.

Not to take lands of the Marquis of Westminster, § 7.
Capital to be 160,000l. in 107, shares, §§ 8 to 10.
Power to borrow on mortgage 30,000l., § 11.
Further power to borrow, § 12.

Application of Part II. of 23 & 24 Vict. c. 145.,-§ 13.
Meetings, directors, &c., §§ 16 to 22.

Three years for compulsory purchase of lands, § 23.
Five years for completion of market, § 24.
Company may acquire easements, § 25.

Power to purchase land by agreement, § 26.

Power to stop up certain yards, &c. permanently, § 27.
Notice to be given of taking houses of labouring classes, § 28.
Power to erect dwelling houses and shops, § 29.

Power to company to sell land, §§ 30 to 32.
As to making good deficiency in local rates, § 33.

Power to levy general market tolls as in schedule (A), § 34.
Weighing and measuring tolls as in schedule (B), § 35.
Tolls and rents to be payable by successive occupiers of shops,

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Receipt of tolls by officers, § 37.

Leases of market stalls, &c., and assignment of leases, § 38.
Saving rights of the city of London, § 39.

Market to be subject to provisions of the Metropolitan Building
Acts, § 40.

Saving rights of Metropolitan Board and vestries, § 41.

Schedules :

A. Market tolls.

B. Weighing and measuring tolls.

Chap. clviii.

"The Broughty Ferry Provisional Order Confirmation
Act, 1869."
[11th August 1869.]
Confirms a Provisional Order under The General Police and
Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862, relating to the Burgh of
Broughty Ferry.

Chap. clix.

"The Annual Inclosure Act, 1869." [11th August 1869.] Authorizes certain inclosures of lands specified in schedule in pursuance of a report of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales.


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Stoke Orchard
Huntley (No. 2)
Hunston (No. 2)

Tir Abbot Ucha




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