Meetings of trustees; quorum, § 9.

Power to appoint committees, § 10.

Conveyance of lands by the trustees, § 11.

Trustees may contract for execution of works, § 12.

Trustees not to execute works, &c., § 13.

Proceedings to be entered; book to be evidence, § 14.

Accounts to be annually prepared, § 15.

Appointment of auditor, § 16.

Accounts to be open for inspection, and to be examined and settled annually, §§ 17, 18.

Abstract of accounts to be printed and circulated, § 19.

Undertaking of the company to vest in trustees, § 20.

Trustees to take stores, § 21.

Sums to be paid by trustees to company, § 22.
Company to pay debts affecting revenue, § 23.
Act equivalent to general conveyance of lands, § 24.
Compensation to company, § 25.

Annuities to be substituted for shares in company and to vest in shareholders, §§ 26 to 28.

Annuity debentures to be granted, § 29.

Debentures to be numbered and renewed, § 30.

Register and transfer of annuities; incidents of annuities, §§ 31 to 41.

Commencement and payment of annuities, § 42.

Annuities may be redeemed, § 43.

Debenture to be demanded before annuities recoverable, § 44.

Annuities recoverable by suit, § 45.

Annuities to be preferential, § 46.

Unpaid dividends to be consigned in bank, § 47.

Trustees and company may enter into agreements for carrying Act into execution, § 48.

Debts and liabilities of company to be discharged by the trustees, § 49.

Actions not to abate, § 50.

Proceedings under recited Acts saved, § 51.

Company to furnish statements of their debts, § 52.

Purposes for which company to continue incorporated, § 53. Dissolution of company, § 54.

When date falls on Sunday the time extended till day after, § 55.

Trustees may extend and enlarge pipes, § 56.

Additional public wells to be maintained, § 57.

For protection against accidents from reservoirs and embankments, § 58.

Limits of Act, § 59.

Limits of compulsory supply, § 60.

Supply of water for domestic use within the limits of compulsory supply, § 61.

Supply for domestic purposes beyond limits, § 62.

Supply for shipping, and for brewers, manufacturers, &c., § 63.

Supply of castle, dockyard, and royal infirmary, § 64.
Trustees to estimate annual sums required, § 65.

Domestic water rate to be levied, § 66.

Certain premises not to be assessed, § 67.

Rates beyond limits of compulsory supply, § 68.

Penalty for nonpayment of domestic water rate, § 69.

Rates for water to be regulated so as not to exceed expenses, § 70.

Assessment of rates, unoccupied premises, joint occupancy, &c., §§ 71 to 74.

Recovery of rates, §§ 75 to 78.

Power to borrow on mortgage not exceeding 220,000Z., §§ 79,


Trustees may borrow on a cash account opened in name of trustees, § 81.

Trustees may fund debt, and issue certificates of funded debt, $ 82.

Annuity to be paid, § 83.

Power to grant terminable annuities in lieu of borrowing on mortgage, 84.

Register of holders of funded debt to be kept, § 85.

Transfer of funded debt and terminable annuities, § 86.

Security of holders of funded debt and terminable annuities, $87.

Trustees may pay off mortgage or debts by agreement, § 88. Treasurer to report when borrowing powers exhausted, § 89. Arrears may be enforced by appointment of judicial factor, §§ 90, 91.

Provision for payment of shareholders who shall elect to take a capital sum, § 92.

Sinking fund, § 93.

Application of penalties; notices, &c., § 94 to 97.

Saving rights of the Crown, § 98.

Schedules (Forms of debentures and other instruments).

Chap. cxlv.

"The Neath and Brecon Railway (Amalgamation and Arrangement) Act, 1869." [26th July 1869.] Recites the various Acts relating to the company, and the transactions which have been authorized by Parliament with the Swansea Vale and Neath and Brecon Junction Company, and that it is expedient that the two undertakings should be amalgamated; that the company have become embarrassed in their affairs, and have made default in payment of the interest on their debentures and also on certain Lloyd's bonds issued by them; that in consequence of such default a Bill has been filed in the Court of Chancery against the company; and by certain orders made in the said suit receivers have been appointed of the rates, tolls, and sums of money accruing to the company, and certain payments have been authorized for the purpose of continuing the working of their railway; that it is expedient that all further proceedings in the suit should be stayed, and that the monies standing to the credit of the said suit, or in the hands of the receivers, should be dealt with as by this Act

provided; that in order to enable the company to keep their lines, so far as completed, open for traffic, and ultimately to meet their engagements, it is essential that during a certain period all suits, actions, executions, attachments, and other proceedings against the company, with respect to existing debts, should be stayed unless the Court of Chancery should otherwise order; also that the company should be authorized to borrow a further sum of money, with priority over their existing loan capital; that it is also expedient to facilitate the consolidation into debenture stock of the various classes of mortgages, and the conversion into debenture stock of the sums secured by Lloyd's bonds and of the sums due to general creditors of the Brecon Company, and to make provision for the mortgagees, creditors, and shareholders of the Brecon Company, effecting a general compromise and re-adjustment of their respective rights and liabilities.

Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, § 2.

Undertaking of junction company defined, § 4.
Amalgamation with undertaking of company, § 5.

Revocation of agreements for lease and working of junction line, § 6.

Repeal of company's Act of 1867, § 7.

Parties aggrieved may have compensation, § 8.

Extension of three years for completion of certain railways,

§ 9.

Stay of proceedings, § 10.

Discharge of receivers, § 11.

Suspense period, § 12.

Unexercised powers of raising money extinguished, § 13. Shares deposited against Lloyd's bonds to be cancelled, § 14. Power to issue debenture stocks, § 15.

Amount of A debenture stock, and as to redemption thereof, § 16.

Appropriation of A debenture stock, § 17.

Application of part of A debenture stock, § 18.

Persons entitled to B and C stocks to have first offer of A

stock, 19.

Amount of B debenture stock, § 20.

Appropriation of B debenture stock, § 21.

Amount of C debenture stock, § 22.

Appropriation of C debenture stock, § 23.
Amount of D debenture stock, § 24.

Appropriation of D debenture stock, § 25.

Provision for redemption of debenture stock, § 26.

Power to state accounts and compromise debts, § 27.

Certificates of different classes of debenture stocks to be issued in exchange for other securities and to general creditors, $28, 29.

Old debentures and bonds to be available as proof of ownership, 30.

Power to trustees and others; provision as to trusts, §§ 31,


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Holders of debenture stocks and preference shares to have votes, § 33.

Votes of ordinary shareholders reserved, § 34.

Board to consist of two share directors and three debenture directors, § 35.

Chairman to be a share director and vice-chairman a debenture director, § 36.

As to vacancies among share directors, § 37.

As to vacancies among debenture directors, § 38.
Rotation of directors, § 39.

Meetings of shareholders and debenture stock holders ; chairman, rights of voting, &c., §§ 40 to 42.

Rolling stock and plant not to be taken in execution, § 43.
Amount and application of preference shares, § 44.

Consolidation of ordinary shares into stock, § 45.

On issue of new stocks and shares old securities, &c. to be cancelled, 46.

Application of income, § 47.

Saving rights of Lord Tredegar's trustees; of Lord Dynevor; of Margaret Powell and Margaret Williams, §§ 48 to 50. Schedules (Capital accounts of Neath and Brecon Company and of Swansea Vale and Neath and Brecon Junction Company).

Chap. cxlvi.

"The Haddenham, Willingham, and Longstanton Railway Act, 1869." [26th July 1869.]

Recites that the making and maintaining of a railway from the Ely, Haddenham, and Sutton Railway at Haddenham to the Great Eastern Railway at Longstanton would be of public and local advantage.

Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, § 2.

Company incorporated, with power to make railway, §§ 4, 5. Capital to be 40,000l., in 107. shares, §§ 6 to 8.

Power to divide shares into preferred and deferred half shares, §§ 9 to 16.

Power to borrow 13,330l., §§ 17, 18.

Power to create debenture stock, §§ 19, 20.

Meetings, directors, &c., §§ 21 to 26.

Three years for compulsory purchase of lands, § 28.

Provision as to junction with Great Eastern Railway, § 29.

For protecting the drainage and navigation of the Bedford Level, § 31.

Lands taken by the company to be subject to drainage taxes, § 32.

Preserving rights of drainage over the great level of the Fens called Bedford Level, § 33.

The company to provide means to remove ice during floods, $34.

Five years for completion of works, § 37.

Tolls for passengers, animals, and goods, §§ 38 to 47.

Chap. cxlvii.

"The Sligo Borough Improvement Act, 1869."

[26th July 1869.]

Recites that it is expedient to make better provision for the local management of the borough of Sligo, for making the municipal limits co-extensive with the parliamentary borough, for dissolving the town and harbour commissioners of Sligo, and vesting in the corporation of the borough the powers of the town commissioners, and incorporating a new body, of harbour commissioners; also for empowering the corporation to construct waterworks and supply water, to acquire gasworks and supply gas, and to establish markets and fairs and slaughter-houses; also to alter the dues leviable under The Harbour Act of 1846; that divers powers for the better local management of the borough and other purposes be conferred on the corporation, and that better provision be made for the assessment and levying of rates in the borough, and that for the purposes of this Act the corporation be authorized to borrow money. Incorporation of Consolidation Acts, §§ 2 to 4. Commencement of Act, § 5.

Extension of borough and wards, § 6.

Extension of powers of corporation, § 7.

Commencement as to extension of limits and wards, § 8. Provision respecting existing mayor; effect of alteration of wards, &c., § 9.

Extension of jurisdiction of justices locally, § 10.

Repair of streets in borough by corporation,


Exclusion of parts of the Grand Jury Acts, § 12.

Saving liability as to road and bridges in barony of Carbury, § 13.

Exemption of borough from expenses specified, § 14.
Levying of county cess in borough to cease, § 15.

Contribution of borough to other county purposes, § 16.
Proportion of contribution, § 17.

Contribution to be a first charge upon the borough rate, § 18.
On default by corporation power for grand jury to levy, 19.
For repair of roads in borough by county surveyor in case of
default by corporation, § 20.

Mayor to be associated cesspayer as to compensation for malicious injury, § 21.

Mayor to be an ex officio member of board of superintendence of county gaol, § 22.

Partial repeal of 43 Geo. 3. c. lx.,-§ 23.

Incorporation of harbour commissioners, § 24.

Commissioners nominated and elective, and mayor ex officio, § 25.

Appointment and tenure of office of nominated commissioners, §§ 26, 27.

Constituencies for election of elective commissioners, § 28.
Time for first and subsequent elections, §§ 29, 30.
Qualification of inhabitant householders, § 31.

Qualification of traders, § 32.

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