Anthologies of British Poetry: Critical Perspectives from Literary and Cultural Studies

Első borító
Barbara Korte, Ralf Schneider, Stefanie Lethbridge
Rodopi, 2000 - 347 oldal
From Tottel's Miscellany (1557) to the last twentieth-century Oxford Book of English Verse (1999), anthologies have been a prime institution for the preservation and mediation of poetry. The importance of anthologies for creating and re-creating the canon of English poetry, for introducing 'new' programmes of poetry, as a record of changing poetic fashions, audience tastes and reading practices, or as a profitable literary commodity has often been asserted. Despite its impact, however, the poetry anthology in itself has attracted surprisingly little critical interest in Britain or elsewhere in the English-speaking world. This volume is the first publication to explore the largely unmapped field of poetry anthologies in Britain. Essays written from a wide range of perspectives in literary and cultural studies, and the point of view of poets, editors, publishers and cultural institutions, aim to do justice to the typological, functional and historical variety with which this form of publication has manifested itself - from early modern print culture to the postmodern age of the world wide web.

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Robert Crawford University of St Andrews
Christopher Harvie University of Tubingen
Amo Loffler University of ErlangenNumberg
Christoph Bode University of Bamberg
Ralf Schneider University of Tubingen
Thomas Rommel University of Tubingen
Jonathan Barker Deputy Director British Council Literature Department

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