Goldsmith's Roman History: Abridged by Himself, for the Use of Schools

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Richard Scott, 1817 - 254 oldal

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140. oldal - However, all the conspirators were now alarmed, and, enclosing him round, he received a second stab from an unknown hand in the breast, while Cassius wounded him in the face. He still defended himself with great vigour, rushing among them, and throwing down such as opposed him, till he saw 'Brutus among the conspirators, who, coming up, struck his dagger into his thigh. From that moment Caesar thought no more of defending himself, but looking upon this conspirator, cried out, " And you
124. oldal - Caesar's soldiers were now rushing on with their usual impetuosity, when, perceiving the enemy motionless, they all stopt short, as if by general consent, and halted in the midst of their career. A terrible pause ensued, in which both armies continued to gaze upon each other, with mutual terror.
128. oldal - Achillas, and stepped into the bark, with only two attendants of his own. They had now rowed from the ship a good way ; and, as during that time, they all kept a profound silence, Pompey, willing to begin the discourse, accosted Septimius, whose face he recollected : " Methinks, friend," cried he, " you and I were once fellow soldiers together?
139. oldal - ... went along to the senate, a slave, who hastened to him with information of the conspiracy, attempted to come near him, but could not for the crowd.
26. oldal - Be witness, ye gods," he cried, " that, from this moment, I proclaim myself the avenger of the chaste Lucre'tia's cause ; from this moment I profess myself the enemy of Tarquin, and his lustful house ; from henceforth this life, while life continues, shall be employed in opposition to tyranny, and for the happiness and freedom of my much-loved country.
243. oldal - ... expedition : sensible of his own incapacity to succeed without Divine assistance, he employed his meditations upon the opinions that then were chiefly agitated among mankind, and sent up his ejaculations to Heaven to inspire him with •wisdom to choose the path to pursue.
221. oldal - ... upon the scholar. To this reply Antoninus only returned, with a smile, that it was surprising how Apollonius, who made no difficulty of coming from Greece to Rome, should think it so hard to walk from one part of Rome to another ; and immediately sent Marcus Aurelius to him.
129. oldal - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier who had served Under Pompey in his youth.
111. oldal - Caesar granted them, and then returned to the continent. Thus, in less than nine years, he conquered, together with Britain, all that country which extends from the Mediterranean to the German sea.
236. oldal - ... set upon him while he slept at noon in his tent, and slew both him and his son, whom he had made his partner in the empire, without any opposition.

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