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Chapman and Hall, 1866 - 112 oldal

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36. oldal - Who was her father? Who was her mother? Had she a sister? Had she a brother? Or was there a dearer one Still, and a nearer one Yet, than all other?
90. oldal - Bitter constraint and sad occasion dear Compels me to disturb your season due : For Lycidas is dead, dead ere his prime, Young Lycidas, and hath not left his peer. Who would not sing for Lycidas ? He knew Himself to sing, and build the lofty rhyme. He must not float upon his watery bier Unwept, and welter to the parching wind Without the meed of some melodious tear.
3. oldal - CARLYLE— HISTORY OF FRIEDRICH THE SECOND, called FREDERICK THE GREAT. By THOMAS CARLYLE. With Portraits and Maps. Third Edition. Vols. I. and II., demy 8vo..
21. oldal - VON WEBER. Carl Maria Von Weber. A Biography. From the German of his Son, Baron Max Maria Von Weber. BY J. PALGRAVE SIMPSON. 2 vols. post 8vo, 22;.
20. oldal - Ridge — Health and Disease, their Laws, with PLAIN PRACTICAL PRESCRIPTIONS FOR THE PEOPLE. By BENJAMIN RIDGE, MD, FRCS Second Edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 12s. Robert Mornay. By MAX FERRER. Post 8vo, cloth. 9*.
10. oldal - DYCE'S Final Corrections. %* This edition is not a mere reprint of that which appeared in 1857, but presents a text very materially altered and amended from beginning to end, with a large body of critical Notes almost entirely new, and a Glossary, in which the language of the poet, his allusions to customs, &c., are fully explained.
3. oldal - WHITEHEAD. 2 v0l9., post 8vo. WILLIAM HEPWORTH DIXON. The Holy Land. BY W. HEPWORTH DIXON. With Illustrations from Original Drawings, and Photographs on Steel and Wood. Second Edition, 2 vols. demy 8vo, lap.
4. oldal - The World before the Deluge. By Louis FIGUIER. With 25 Ideal Landscapes of the Ancient World designed by Riou ; and 208 Illustrations of Animals, Plants, and other Fossil Remains, &c.
11. oldal - The Art of Making British Wines, Cider and Perry, Cordials and Liqueurs ; With Directions for the Management of Foreign Wines and Spirituous Liquors ; And Recipes for the Manufacture of Agreeable and Wholesome Beverages, Medicinal Wines, and the Distillation of Simple Waters. Also, the Whole Art of Brewing, with Remarks on the Treatment of Malt Liquors, and a List of Utensils for the Brewhouse, Still-room, and Cellar. Adapted as well for the Wholesale Manufacturer as all Housekeepers. Crown 8vo,...

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