Cyprus: Its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples: A Narrative of Researches and Excavations During Ten Years' Residence in that Island

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Harper & Brothers, 1878 - 456 oldal

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39. oldal - Baglioni, Martinengo, and Quirini were executed in the presence of Bragadino, for whom a more terrible death was reserved ; the executioner cut off his nose and ears : three times he was made to lay his head on the block, as if to be beheaded, then, heavily chained, was thrown into a dark dungeon and left for nine days in that miserable condition. On the tenth day, by order of Mustafa, Bragadino was brought out of prison and made to carry earth for the repair of the fortifications during several...
268. oldal - ... Persepolis, they had already conquered. It will be observed that the capitals of their columns frequently assume the shape of Assyrian religious types, the bull for instance ; whilst other portions of them nearly resemble in the form of their ornaments, though not in their proportions, those of Egypt. The Persians introduced into Asia Minor the arts, and religion, which they received from the Assyrians. Thus the Harpy Tomb, and the monument usually attributed to Harpagus at Xanthus...
193. oldal - ... This I had opportunities of remarking during my residence there, and I have been assured by competent persons that only forty years ago the capital of the island contained more Turks than Christians; at the present day the latter are in a large majority. The crime of abortion is extensively practiced among the Turkish population, and the Turkish midwives flourish every-where. I have spoken of this to Turks, who were intelligent and upright enough to condemn the system, but they invariably added...
365. oldal - ... and over all a short white cloak ; they have sandals peculiar to the country, very like the Boeotian clogs. They wear long hair, binding their heads with turbans, and anoint the whole body with perfumes. Every man has a seal, and a staff curiously wrought ; and on every staff is carved either an apple, a rose, a lily, an eagle, or something of the kind ; for it is not allowable to wear a stick without a device.

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