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The principle adopted by the Universal Life Assurance Society, of an annual valuation of assets and liabilities, and a division of three-fourths of the profits among the assured, is admitted to offer great advantages, especially to those parties who may wish to appropriate their proportion of profit to the reduction of future premiums. This practice of an annual division is especially advantageous to persons of advanced years, who cannot hope to participate in many septennial or decennial divisions.

The ANNUAL REDUCTION has averaged considerably ABOVE 40 FEB CENT., and in no one year has it fallen below that amount.

The attention of gentlemen connected with India is particularly requested to the regulations of this Society; as, on comparison with other offices, its terms will be found peculiarly advantageous, especially as regards the liberal plan adopted on the return of Indian Assurers to reside permanently in this country; and the Indian rates have been calculated from extensive data and tables, exclusively in the possession of this Society, by which the true risk of life during residenoe in India has been most accurately ascertained. I 42] MicnAEL Elijah Impey, Secretary.

PROMOTER LIFE ASSURANCE AND ANNUITY COMPANY, No. 9, Chatham Place, Blackfriars, London. Established in 1826.—Subscribed Capital, 240,000/. This Society effects every description of Life Assurance, both Domestic and Foreign, on most advantageous terms, either on the Bonus or Non-Bonus systems.

Tables of Rates, with all further particulars, may be obtained at the Office. l86J M. SAward, Secretary.



Established 1824,

Chiefly for insuring Corn-mills at moderate rates.

London Agents: B. Wnn-E, at Messrs. Kingsford & Lay's, Corn Exchange,

Mark-lane. Pnnip Bowes, 26, King William-street, West Strand, [i 38

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Guarantee Department.—A reduction of 20 per cent, on the sixth payment. An immediate and considerable reduction if a Life Assurance be combined with the Guarantee.

Life Department.—Profits of both departments divisible among the assured on the participating scale. Foreign and colonial risks on moderate terms. Payments taken quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. Medical referees paid by the company.

Prospectuses, forms of proposal, and other information may be obtained at 36, Old Jewry,

By order, James Knight, Secretary.

N.D.No charge for Policy Stamps. [i 74


Established 1834.


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W. Chapman Harnett, Esq. Valentine Knight, Esq. John Mollett, Esq. Richard Morris. Esq. J. Permethome, Esq Samuel W. Rowsell, Esq. Folliott S. Stokes, Esq. James Whiskin, Esq. The Society is constituted on purely mutual principles, tho entire profit* being divided amongst the Members.

The total number of policies effected up to the 31st December, 1850, was 1786, for assuring 1,256,628/.

In the past year 200 proposals were made for assuring 120,213/., of which number 155, for assuring 86,015/., were accepted and completed.

The Divisions of Profit are made annually on the 31st December. Every Member participates therein who has paid two annual premiums on his policy.

Every Member shares in the Profits in proportion to the number and amount of the premiums paid, accumulated at compound interest.

At 31st December, 1850, the Society had been established nearly seventeen years, and the additions then allotted to the three oldest policies were as follow:—

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Established, January, 1819. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, 7 ft 8 Vict. c. 48.

Court of Directors.

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Samuel Buller Lemon, Esq.,Custom House, London.
K. Mills, Esq., Taxing Master, Staple Inn, and Eltham.
The Rev. Samuel Silver, M.A., Cambridge.
Solicitor.—Thomas W. Bolton, Esq., 4, Elm-court, Temple.

Bosanquet, Franks, and Whatman, 73, Lombard-street.
Sir W* P. Call, Bart., and Co., 25, Old Bond-street.

Medical Officers.

Henry Davie*, Esq., M.D., 18, Saville-row.

Alexander Bridge, Esq., Surgeon, F.R.C.S., C6, St. James's-street.

E. D. Silver, Esq., M.I)., II, Wimpole-street, Cavendish-square.


Long standing—Established 1819. Undoubted security from a large paid-up capital and accumulated premiums. Diseased lives assured at equitable rates.

The participating or non-participating scales of Premium: if participating, 80 per cent, is appropriated to Policyholders every fifth year—if non-participating, the rates are as low a9 can with safety be charged. Liberty to the Insurer to proceed to, and reside in, places beyond the limits of Europe. Premiums on Policies received yearly, half-yearly, or quarterly, or on a descending scale; or Half Premiums received for five or seven years.

Loans granted on Policies, or on Freehold, Leasehold, or Copyhold Securities, accompanied by Policies of Life Assurance. Loans granted on undoubted Personal Security.

Policies granted to meet every contingency. Medical men remunerated for their reports. A liberal commission to solicitors and others bringing business to the Society.

By the condition of the Policies issued by this Company, it is agreed "that the documents upon the faith whereof the Policy is granted shall be conclusive evidence of the age and state of health of the party assured, unless fraud or wilful misrepresentation be discovered therein." No probability of Claims being disputed, the Company having paid to Policy-holders nearly 600,000/. without dispute or litigation.


The next Bonus will be declared in 1855, and afterwards at the expiration of every fifth year. Every Bonus will be added to the sum insured; but the person entitled thereto may arrange with the Company at any time within three months after the declaration thereof to receive the value— In cash: or In an equivalent reduction of future Premiums: or If the Bonus amount to 50/. or upwards, may have a new Policy on the life, free from the payment of any Premium: or The Bonus may be dealt with as shall be specially agreed upon.

William Barton Ford, Secretary, [i 149

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John Young, Esq.

Advantages presented by this Society. Life Assurances may be effected upon Eiptal, Half-Premium, Increasing, or Decreasing Scales: also by Single Payments, or Payment's for limited periorls. Tables have been specially constructed for the Army, Navy, Fast India Company, and Merchant Services; also for persons voyaging to, or residing in, any part of the world.

Endowments for Widows and Children, Pensions for retired Officers and Civilians, Immediate or Deferred AnNuities, and Survivorships.

The Bonuses declared by tlw Society gave a Bedudion of premiums, until next division of profits averaging 36 per cent, on Policies in force Filv Years, or an atldition to the Sums Assured, ranging from one-third to one-half of the total amount of Premiums paid. 197] E. OSBORNE SMITH, Actuary and Sec.

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The Rates charged by Prussian post to places beyond Cologne are very moderate. Tables may be had of the Agents.

Agents. London, Geo. Hayward, 52, Gracechurchstreet.—Liverpool, II. Retemeyer, Castle-street.—At Cologne, H. Risteliiuerer and Co., through whom all parcels from Germany, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland should be sent.—From Belgium through J. PiddinoTon, 74, Montagnc dc la Cour, Brussels.—A. Daile, Ghent.— Louis Carbon, Ostend.—From Antwerp and Holland through C. Froment.—J. Friend, Dover and Folkestone, Custom House Agent, to whom packages of Merchandize to and from France may be consigned. |~i 266

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Messrs. Cardale, Iliffe, and Russell, Bedford-Row,


Agents in Edinburgh. Messrs. Menzies and Macoxochie, W. S. The Directors are prepared to purchase Reversionary Interests, cither absolute or contingent, and whether secured upon Real or Personal Estate, and also Life Interests or Annuities.

Forms for submitting Proposals for Sale may be obtained at the Offices of the Company. l 214] G. A. Rendall, Secretary.





Policy Holders' Capital, £1,102,818.

Annual Income, £150,000. Bonuses Declared, £743,000.

Claims paid since the establishment of the Office,



The Rev. James Sherman, Chairman.
Henry Blencowe Churchill, Esq., Deputy-Chairman.
Henry B. Alexander, Esq. William Ostler, Esq.
George Dacre, Esq. Apsley Pellatt, Esq.

William Judd, Esq. George Round, Esq.

Sir Richard D. Kino, Bart. Frederick Squire, Esq. The Hon. Arthur Kinnaird. William Henry Stone, Esq. Thomas Maugham, Esq. Capt. Wm. John Williams.

J. A. Beaumont, Esq., Managing Director. Physician. John Maclean, M.D., F.S.S., 29, Upper Montague Street, Montague Square.

Nineteen-Twentieths of the Profits are divided among the Insured.

Examples of the Extinction of Premiums by the Surrender of Bonuses.

[table][table][merged small]

TO CAPITALISTS.—20 000/. to 50,000/. required by the Advertiser, to introduce a celebrated form of Vessel, and the application of Machinery to Shipbuilding, whereby a saving of 20 per cent, will be effected in their construction. For further information (by Principals only) apply by letter first to R. A., care of Mr. Clarke, 4, St. Dunstan's Alley, St. Dunstan's Hill, London. [i 208


THE SUBSCRIBER, having an opportunity of more extensively cultivating his business as COMMISSION and FORWARDING AGENT, is ready to enter into arrangements with first-class Firms desiring such aid. Representing in all Scotland first-class Houses, his knowledge of general business may be relied on.

The Subscriber intimates to his Customers and Friends that he has Removed from No. 91, Constitution-street, to John's-lane, Charlotte-street, Leith, and solicits their Import Orders for Dutch, German, and Russian produce.


Agent for Nicholas H. Lltoens, Hamburgh.

,, Van Dulken, Van Dorp, k Co., Rotterdam. ,, Charles Deubner & Co., Riga. Johns-lane, Charlotte-street, Leith.

N.B.—On sale, on consignment, Prime KIEL BUTTER and GOUDA CHEESES. The Trade only supplied, [i 198

CAMBRIDGE MILITARY ASYLUM for Widows of Non-commissioned Officers and Privates of Her Majesty's Land Forces. In Memory of His Royal Highness the late Duke of Cambridge.

Edw. Fred. Leeks, lion. Sec. Office, 2, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house. [i 89

ROYAL ASYLUM of ST. ANN'S SOCIETY.— By Voluntary Contributions. Affording a Home, Clothing, Maintenance, and Education, to Children of those once in prosperity—Orphans or not—from every Nation.

E. F. Leeks, Secretary. Offices^ 2, Charlotte-row, Mansion-house. [i 8S




Supported Bt Voluntary Contributions.

rpHIS HOSPITAL (which was the first Institution of its kind) is capable of accommodating from 30 to 40 Patients; but to have the wards always occupied, additional support is necessary, as its resources are seriously reduced by the great and unavoidable expenses incurred in erecting the new building. Medical Attendance and Medisines are also provided for a large number of Patients at their own homes.

MEDICAL OFFICERS. Consulting Physician.—T>i. HENRY DAVIES. Dr. ROBERT LEE, 4, Savillc-row.

BENJAMIN BROOKES, Esq., 37, Bedfordstreet, Covent-garden.

Dr. JOHN CLARKE, 3, Clifford-street.

Secretary.—Mr. R. S. DAVIES, at the Hospital.

Bankers.—Messrs. HOARE, 37, Fleet-street.

By all of whom Subscriptions and Donations will be thankfully received. [i 21



Established 1812.


His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Most Noble the Marquis of Choi.mondpj.ey.

THIS Society is instituted for the circulation of the various Works which have been set forth by authority of the United Church of England and Ireland, both in the original and by means of translations.

Its funds, which arise from voluntary contributions, are employed in the active distribution of its various publications amongst those who are unable to procure them through the usual channels, either by free grant or by sale at less than the original cost.

Frequent testimonies are borne by Christian Missionaries, in various parts of the world, to the usefulness of the Society's labours, especially in the improvement and establishment of converts from heathenism, and in raising the tone of devotional feeling in congregations of native Christians.

The Society's labours at home may be exemplified by reference to its operations amongst Seamen and Emigrants. The agents visit almost every emigrant ship and large numbers of trading vessels in the port of London: the nature of the books which are offered is fully and candidly explained, and their use both individually and socially is affectionately urged upon the people. Social worship is frequently established on board in consequence of these persuasions, and by the help of the books supplied. A few years ago it was a very rare thing to hold divine worship on board ship; but now the crews of considerably more than half the ships visited in the port of London are assembled for that purpose on the Lord's Day.

The Society's General Fund is available for the expenses of translations, &c.

The operations on ship-board are supported by the Special Fund for Emigrants and Seamen; whilBt the Special Fund for Ireland is devoted to efforts for spreading the light of the Gospel in that country.

Subscriptions and donations in aid of either of these funds will be thankfully received by the Secretaries.

The following list will give a general idea of the nature

of the Society's publications:—

Arabic: Portions of Liturgy; Articles of Religion; Homily, 'On Reading the Scriptures'

Bullom: Portions of Liturgy.

Chinese: Portions of Liturgy.

Danish: Homilies,' On Reading the Scriptures,' &c.

Dutch: Prayers; Homilies, 'Of Faith,' ' Of Repentance,' &C. ; also for Christmas Day, Good Friday, &c.

English: Prayer-Books of all sizes and prices; Arranged Services for Sundays; Family Prayer-Books; Collects and Catechism; Homilies, in volumes and tracts; Jewell's Apology ; Nowell's Catechisms, &c. &c.

French: Prayer-Book; Selection of Prayers; Homilies in tracts—various subjects.

Gaelic: Family Prayers, and Homilies (in preparation).

German: Prayer-Book; Arranged Services; Homily tracts on various subjects.

Greek and Modern Greek: Prayer-Book.

Hebrew: Prayer-Book ; and (in Rabbinical Heb.) Homilies, 'On Reading the Scriptures,' and for Christmas Day.

Indo-Portuguese: Prayer-Book ; and Homilies, 'On Reading the Scriptures,' &c,

Irish: Portions of Liturgy; Prayer-Book reprinting; Homilies in preparation.

Italian: Prayer-Book (improved translation); Homily,' Of Faith,' 'Of Prayer,' for Christmas Day, &c.

Latin: The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.

Maori (New Zealand): Arranged Sunday Services; Family Prayers, nearly ready.

Persic: Portions of Liturgy.

Polish: Prayer-Book.

Portuguese: A Manual of Prayers; Homily, 'Against the Fear of Death,' &c.

Spanish: Prayer-Book; Selection of Prayers ; and Homilies, 'Against the Fear of Death,' fce.

Swedish: Homilies,' Of the Misery of all Mankind,' &c.

Welsh: Prayer-Book; Homilies, 'Of Salvation by only

• Christ our Saviour,' &c. [l 180

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Resident Secretary.—Benjamin Henderson, Esq.


Liability of the entire body of Shareholders unlimited. Fire Department.

Agricultural, manufacturing, and mercantile risks freely insured. Foreign and colonial insurances effected.

Premiums as in other established offices.

Settlement of losses liberal and prompt.
Life Department.

Premiums as low as is consistent with safety.

Bonuses not dependent on profits, being declared and guaranteed when the policy is effected.

Surrenders of policies favourably dealt with.

Thirty days allowed for the renewal of policies.

Claims paid in three months after proof of death.

Policies not disputed except on the ground of fraud.

Full prospectuses may be had on application at the offices of the Company as above, or to any of its agents in the country. * [l 1M



29, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars,



The object of this establishment is to offer every means of economy, combined with respectability, in FUNERALS, to any magnitude, at stated charges; and the public is« respectfully invited to strictly examine the plans of this office, the first established in England for the observance of Funeral economy. Artisan's Carriage Funeral, 3/. IBs. M. and ht. IN. 6rf.

The deceased and mourners conveyed in separate carriages. Tradesmen's ditto, with Hearse and Pair, and Coach

and Pair, 11. 12s. 6rf. First Class Funeral, including a Shell, Lead Coffin,

and Outside Case, Henrse and Four Horses. Two

Coaches and Pairs, with Plumes and full equipments

of superior description, 2.1/. 12». 6V/. The corti ge and style adopted will be found unexceptionable.

"Those who have ever required the employment of an Undertaker in their family mint feel the necessity ofsu.'h an

Establishment, and its treat pecuniary advanUKesover the old system of conducting this business."—Court Journal. [ I 179


Incorporated by Royal Charter, with power to hold Land by Gift, Purchase, or Bequest.
Under the Patronage of





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Miss Maurice.
The Countess of Rosebery.
Miss Harriet Sotheby.
The Udy Ann Tufnell.
Miss Winn.

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Arbitrators—Jonn Bullar, Esq.; William Fox. Esq.; Mr. Secondary James

Edmund Turner Watts, Esq. Auditors—Thomas Hunt, Esq.; Henry Kingscote, Esq.; Capt. the Hon. Francis Maude, R.N. Treasurer—Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esq., M.P., F.R.S., F.S.A. Honorary Secretary—The Rev. David Laing, M.A., F.R.S.

Bankers—Sir S. Scott and Co., 1, Cavendish-square; Messrs. Strahan and Co., Temple-bar. Secretary—C. W. Klugh, Esq., 82, Sackville-street. Secretary to the Provident Fund—Thomas Bayly Parker, Esq.

Membership consists in the payment of an Annual Guinea, or of Ten Guineas in one sum. Subscribers are entitled to vote for Annuities in the proportion of one Vote for each Annual Half-Guinea, not in arrear, and for each Donation of Five Guineas. Subscripts— 1st of January, and can always be remitted by Post-office order, or by a cheque crossed "Sir S. Scott and Co."

>tions are due on the

TUE GOVERNESSES' INSTITUTION has been established to raise the character of Governesses as a class, and thus to improve the tone of Female Education; to assist Governesses in making provision for their old age; and to assist in distress and age those Governesses whose exertions for their parents or families have prevented such a provision.

To facilitate the operations of the Institution, its proceedings are subdivided into the following branches; and every gift is devoted solely to the object for which it is given.

TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE to Governesses in distress, afforded privately and delicately through the Ladies' ComMittee.

ANNUITY FUND.—Elective Annuities to aged Governesses, secured on Invested Capital, and thus independent on the prosperity of the Institution.

It is necessary that a capital should be raised, from the interest of which Annuities may be given; as to profess to grant Annuities from annual subscriptions—from a fluctuating income, which any change of public opinion, or accidental circumstances, might destroy—would be to risk disappointment to the aged annuitants at (perhaps) the most painful and inconvenient time. Many Annuities have been founded by investments in the three per cent. Consols; and it is intended to elect at least two Annuitants in each succeeding May and November, should the funds be received. The candidates, who must be Governesses above fifty years of age, require to be approved by the Committee.

To carry out this design—the establishment of permanent Annuities, granted from funded capital—the Committee invite benevolent individuals of large fortune to found Annuities bearing their own name. Fellowships and scholarships are thus founded for those of the other sex who labour witn the mind; and surely we should not be forgetful of those whose minds labour to mould the characters of English wives and mothers.

The Hon. Mrs. Ashley has moBt kindly opened a Fund to raise all the Society's Annuities to 20/.; and has already received 8007. towards this desirable object. Any donations which may be kindly given may be addressed "The Hon. Mrs. Ashley, to the care of the Secretary."

PROVIDENT FUND.—Provident Annuities purchased by ladies in any way connected with Education, upon Government Security, agreeably to the Act of Parliament.

This branch of the Institution has been very successful. Any lady can have the Tables of Rates and other particu

lars forwarded to her, on application to the Secretary at the Office; and, if she will consult any gentleman connected with monied details, she will learn that she cannot otherwise have such terms with such security.

This branch includes a Savings-bank; each lady's money standing in her own name, and removable only by her own order.

A HOME for Governesses during the intervals between their engagements.

The liome—in Uarley-street—is principally self-supporting, the ladies paying a certain weekly sum for board and lodging. The admission is by a Committee of Ladies, on written introductions. The facilities for re-cngagement8 are so great to ladies from the country, and the arrangements arc so private and comfortable, that the Home is in much request.

REGISTRATION FREE OF EXPENSE.—Books being provided at the Home, with lists both of vacant engagements and of disengaged Governesses, the nobility and gentry find the benefit of such opportunities for selection; whilst the immense connexion of the Society affords great advantages to the Governess, without the slightest expense.

A COLLEGE for Governesses has been established, named Queen's College, by Royal Permission. A Committee of Education has been formed of gentlemen of high standing and experience, by whom certificates of qualification are given to Governesses in any branch of instruction without fee. Any lady sending in her name, and stating in what subjects she seeks examination, will have an immediate appointment for the purpose. It will now rest with parents to make engagements contingent, if they please, upon the production of certificates. Classes are open in all subjects of instruction.

About 340 certificates have been issued since the opening of the College; arrangements have been made for the Free Education of a certain number of Pupils, dependent on Governess-relatives; and large evening classes have been established, with Free Lectures, for Governesses engaged during the day.

AN ASYLUM FOR AGED GOVERNESSES, built for Eighteen, but capable of enlargement to any extent. Additional apartments for two are estimated at 200/.: Endowments for each, 500/., or 15/. per annum, legally and permanently secured. Age for admission **■ ■"■»: Election, as for Annuitants. The inmates are v *»ined. [i 153

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