RICHARDS' PRINTING-OFFICE, 100, St. Mabtih's Lane.Established nearly Half a Century. —AH kinds of Book-work, with or without Illustrations. Miscellaneous Printing neatly and expeditiously executed. Copperplate and Lithographic Printing. [i 318

POLLONICON ORGAN ROOMS.—Thomas J. Robson, Oryan Builder, 101, St. Martin's Lane, Ciidkch, Chahher, Self-acting, and Psalsiodic Organ Manutactureb.

{See Enharmonic Oryan in Exhibition.) [l 315

ITiDWARD DODD, Manufacturer.—Violin, VioJ loncello. Guitar, and Harp Strings. Silvered Strings of Superior (iuality.—Manufactory, 112, Vauxhall Walk, Lambeth. Violin and Violoncello Bow Maker. [1 308






All kinds of Blown Window Glass,





Church, Mansion, & other Windows,



Upon Single Plates of Glass,







THE Patent Manure is sold under the name of COPROS or KOPROS, and is made by combining the soluble nitrogenous matter found on the mud-banks of the Thames and other places with salts of ammonia, silicates, and phosphates. It is a dry innoxious powder, and may be used by the drill or broad-cast. It is lighter in point of bulk than any other manure in use, and contains more ammonia and other soluble matter.

It has been largely used during the past year for Wheat, Oats, Barley, Turnips, Swedes, and Potatoes ; and the Testimonials which the Patentee has received in its favour are of the highest character.

Also SUPERPHOSPHATE of LIME, prepared only from Bones, and warranted free from Ashes, Gypsum, or any other adulterating substance—a fine Manure for Green < 'rops. Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Magnesia. Finely ground Gypsum, Coprolites, or Phos..uates. r, 310

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Are Open Daily at No. 107, Regent Street (Quadrant); and at the Colosseum, Regent's Park.

NOTICE.~Mr.CLAUDEThRgreraove<ihi8principalE8Ublisl.inent from King William Street, Strand, to larger and more convenient premises In Regent Street, No. 107, (Quadrant).

The Reception and Exhibition Rooms are on the ground floor, and Visitors have not to ascend higher than the first floor for having their Portraits taken.

The Exhibition Rooms contain a considerable collection t\f Portraits of Eminent Personage*, English and Foreign.

N.B.—Mr. CLAUDET has on Rale Engravings and Lithographs from Daguerreotype originals, taken by him of a number of distinirulshed persons, among which are the portraits of the Duke of Wellington, Lord Gough, Lord Roue, Marquis of Northampton, Lord O. Beutlnck, Lord Brougham, Monsieur Cuizot, fc c, See, Ac. ,


•■ Office Buildings, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Cabinet-maker, Manufacturer of Clocks, Watches, Chandelier-. I, Amps, fee.

For more than twenty-six years this Establishment has stood unrivalled in Europe for the extent, excellence, and variety of its Stock and Manufactures, all of which have been purchased by F. L. Hansburg for cash, or made and finished under his own orders, and in his own workshops, on these premises, by the most experienced workmen, and of the very best materials and highest finish. To form an idea of this vast assemblage of useful and beautiful articles a visit is indispensable, and, whether for business or pleasure, is most respectfully solicited, with an assurance that, in either case, the utmost politeness and attention will be shown.

F. L. Hansburg begs permission to direct attention to some few of the leading articles of his stock: viz. Clocks, beautiful in exterior, suitable for every description of apartment, of the most excellent finish, and approved-of principles—warranted by the guarantee of the resident manufacturer. Watches, Gold and Silver, made on the best constructions, jewelled and finished on the premises by the most talented workmen. Desks and Dressing-cases, of every possible variety and suitable material, elaborately inlaid and lined with Velvet, Satin, or Silk; or perfectly simple, fitted with Gold, Silver, or Steel necessaries of the best description; or made of the most convenient sizes for travelling, and yet containing every requisite. Bronzes,— the finest Models, and finished to bear the most close observation, under the immediate superintendence of a resident agent in Paris. Italian Sculpture—by artists of the highest standing; original works in Ewers and Vases; and copies of the finest Groups of the Ancient and Modern Schools. Electro-plate—warranted to be by the Patentees, Elkington & Co. Every article of Jewellery—comprising a brilliant and beautiful display, and consisting of suits of Jewels in precious stones and fine gold; Necklets, Brooches, Kings, Pins, Studs; Mourning Jewellery, Jet Ornaments; Hair in every fancy device, fee. fee. ChandeLiers— in Glass, Bronze, Or-molu, and Porcelain—for Gas, Oil, or Candles, suitable for every style of residence. The Celebrated Aureole, Caiicel, and Candle Lamps, in China, Or-raolu, and Bronze. Work and Writing Tables, in Papier Mache, Rosewood, and Mahogany, and fitted with every requisite for ladies' work or writing, in Silver, Mother-ofPearl, Ivory, and Steel. Bohemian and French Glass Vases, Tazzas, Lustres, Scent-Bottles, Flower-Glasses, fee. fee. fee. Sevres and Dresden China; Powerful and Fine-toned Musical Boxes; Fans of every description, fee. fee. Stc.—F. L. HANSBURG, Liverpool. [i 300

POCKET SIPHONIA, Waterproof; Weight 10 Ounces; for Sportsmen and Travellers. None are genuine unless stamped inside

EDMISTON, G9, Strand, London. [i 314



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One hour and twenty minutes from London,



102 & 103, High-st., opposite St. Mary's Church Corner.

Their stock, one of the largest and most varie<l out of London, includes goods of every description suitable for presents, or for remembrances of Oxford. Among those for the use of tourists are GUIDE-BOOKS and MAPS of the UNIVERSITY and NEIGHBOURHOOD of every description published ; Ordnance Maps; engraved Views of Oxford, and Models of its Public Buildings; Desks, Dressing Cases, Cutlery, fancy manufactures, articles of taste and virtii, fee. MANUFACTORY for DECORATED PAPIER MACHE, —consisting of Tables, Screens, Cabinets, Desks, Albums, Portfolios, Work Boxes, Tea Caddies, Card Cases, fee, ornamented with views of Oxford and its neighbourhood, to the extent of 200 subjects, by eminent artists.

Spiers and Son are publishers of the "illustrated Memorial for Visitors To Oxford," containing views, maps, and general local information useful to the tourist.

Information of every description readily afforded to strangers visiting their establishment. Oxford: 102 ann(103, High-street; 1 and% Oriel-street, [i 181

Under Royal Patronage.



Asthma, Consumption, Coughs, Colds, and all Disorders of

the Breath and Lungs. Small Books, contam ing many hundreds ofproperly authenticated Cures of Asthma and Consumption,may be hatlfrom every Agent. In Cotans.—The effect of these Wafers is truly surprising, as within ten minutes after taking a dose the most violent cough is subdued. They Have A Pleasant Taste. To Singers and Public Speakers these Wafers are invaluable, as by their action on the tliroat and lungs they remove all hoarseness in a few hours, and wonderfully increase the power and flexibility of the voice. Note.Full Directions are given with every box, in the English, German, and French languages. Price, Is. l\d,, Is. 9</., and \\s. per box. Also

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Price Is. ljrf., 2s. 9d., and lis. per box.

This is an aromatic and aperient Medicine of great efficacy for regulating the secretions and correcting the actios of the stomach and liver, and is the only safe remedy for all Bilious Affections. It is mild in its action, and suitable for all seasons and constitutions, while its Agreeable Taste renders it the best medicine for children. Also, Dr. Locock*s FEMALE WAFERS. The best medicine for Ladies. Have a pleasant taste. Full directions arc given with every box.

Obsekve! Oiat every genuine box has printed in the GoVernment Stamp the words "Dr. LoCock's Wafers;" and tlie signature of "dasilva & Co.," 26, Bride-lane, Fleetstreet, London, is printed on the directions given with everybai. Sold By All Druggists. [i 313

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ROMAN and other CEMENTS, manufactured by J. M. BLASHFIELD, successor to the Patentees, Parker & Wyatt, whoin 1796 first introduced PARKER'S ROMAN CEMENT, which has now for upwards of fifty years been extensively used in most of the public and private buildings and other Works in this Country and throughout the World. Among the more recent Work9 in this Country, where it has been ^largely employed since the present proprietor became the manufacturer, may be named the Lyceum and St. James's Theatres; the Carlton, Reform, and Army and Navy Club-houses; the London Docks; the Thames Tunnel; the Winter Palace, St. Petersburgb ; the British Museum; the York Minster; the Royal Exchange; the Nelson Column; and the New Houses of Parliament.

When properly applied, it is the most perfect and economical cement for Hydraulic Works known; and when used as a stucco it will resist the action of heat and frost and preserve walls from damp. As a Mortar for Brickwork it surpasses any other material, and is nearly as cheap for tnrU work as Mortar made of ordinary Lime. Tarras, an Hydraulic Lime for setting masonry where slow induration is important so as to allow for the settlement of work—a cement of extraordinary tenacity and hydraulic properties, and with which the most ancient works in Lancashire have been executed- Hamelin's Patent Mastic or Oil Cement, which may be pounded immediately after use; Keene's Cement, Portland Cement, Martin's Cement, &c. Genuine Plaster of Paris, prepared from the purest Gypsum.and of any degree of fineness required. Chimney-pots, Trusses, Paving Tiles, &c. ManufactoryMill Wall, Poplar; Depots Commercial Road, Lambeth, and Paddington Basin; Counting-house—No. 3, New London-stheet, Mark-lane, Crrv. Qi 311


6, Waterloo-place, Bottom Of Regent-street,

RE-OPENED, with new and interesting additions from the Rocky Mountains. 600 Paintings. Costumes and Weapons on figures.—Promenade Lectures by Mr. Catlin, with War-songs, War-whoops, &c, at 2 in ths •day, and half-past 8 in the evening. Admittance, Is.— Children, half-price.

Catlin's "Notes of Travel," and "Portfolio of Hunting Scenes," for sale at hi9 Rooms. [l 360


DIE AND SEAL ENGRAVER, STAMPER, fee, 125, Long Acre. Inventor of the new style of Embossed Address Cards, [i 319

APUroN Men TAilP, Mineral Spa Of Bath.— The celebrated Hot Mineral Waters of Bath possess all the Curative properties of the most esteemed Spas of Germany. The Pump-Rooms and Baths are the most complete and elegant in Europe. The City of Bath is one of the most ancient and beautiful in England, and is now reached from London in two and a half hours, and admirably suited as a residence for the Invalid.

For Printed Prospectuses and Terms, address the Proprietors, Messrs. GREEN & SIMMS, Mineral Spa, Bath. [i317






made with Charcoal from the Ores of his own Mines, combining

unusual economy of price with sharpness and

delicacy of execution.


A Gothic Vase in form of a Basin- ... 9 0

A Window Frame 3 15

A Garden Table, with extra top . . . . 2 12

A Table, with marble top 3 0

Two Stoves • . each 6 12

A Stag's Head 2 2

Attention is also solicited to the several fine Castings exhibited, including two Deers' Heads, a Boar, a Fan, Work-basket, Salamander, a Horned Beetle, and a Fruitbasket, [i 316


as Special Commissioners to the Great Exhibition, for the kingdom of Wurtembcrg, beg to inform the Public that they, as well as the Central Committee for Industry and Trade at Stuttgard, are ready to give every information as regards the produce of Wurtemberg; and, referring to the details given in this Catalogue, and calling the attention of the Public chiefly to the very moderate prices of Wurtemberg manufactures, they beg to invite the Public to address themselves to their office in this City, 6, Pinners' Hall, Old Broad-street.

DIE HERREN BRAND & SCHIEDMAYER, bringen als Commissare fiir das Konigreich Vi iirttembcrg bei dcr grossen Welt-industrie-ausstellcng zu otfentlichen Kenntniss, dass auf ihren Bureau in 6 Pinners' Hai.l, Old Broad-street, City, 90wohl alsdcm Bureau dcr Central-Stelle fiir Handel und Gewerbe in Stuttgart, zu jeder Zeit die genaustc Auskunft iibcr die Producte und Fabrikate ihres Landes zu holen ist, und indem sie bei diosem Anlass auf die billigen Preise der Wurttembergischen Erzeugnisse aufmerksam machen, laden sie das Publicum ein aich an sie unter obiger Adresse zu wenden.

MESSIEURS BRAND & SCHIEDMAYER^ »gissant comme Commissaires speciaux pres dc l'ExrosrTion Universale out l'honncur dc prevenir 1c public que tout renseignement en cgard des prix, etc., des produits du Wurttemberg pcuvent etrc obtcnu, soit a leur Bureau. C, Pinners' Hall, Old Broad-street, City, on dc la Com mission Industrie-lie Centrale a Stuttgnrt. [l 309



Agent Of

Louis Oldahd, Fir.?, & BoiicriEROT, Wholesale Confectioners,
42, Rue dcs Lombards, Paris.

Tlrpin, late Masson, Chocolate Manufacturer,
28, Rue Richelieu, Paris.

Veuve T. Mater, Hon Son Papers, $<\, for Confectioners,
22, Rue de la Vi'eille Monnaie, Paris.

Maille & Second, Vinegar Distillators and Mustard Manu-
14, Rue St. Andre-des-Arcs, Paris.

Laurent, Dressing-Cases and all kinds of Fancy Boxes


5, Rue Ch'apon, Paris.

Duvax & ClE., Jjimps Moderateur sans rouages Manufacturer, 1, Boulevard St. Denis, and 315, Rue St. Martin, Paris.


FURNITURE, CARPETS, and BEDDING.— See our new Book of Estimates, with Designs, which may be had gratis and post-free, showing the price of each article, the cost of furnishing a separate room and a whole house. Every article is marked in plain figures, corresponding with the Book of Prices, and displayed in numerous Snow Rooms, warranted seasoned and well made. Firrr Bedsteads, with Bedding and Curtains of different designs, fixed, ready for delivery, consisting of Mahogany four-post, Arabian, Parisian, French, and Iron. Purchasers can see their Beds and Mattresses made on the premises. Spring Mattresses on an improved principle, and Iron Bedsteads, at an immense reduction.

S. A. ARNOTT & Co.,

Upholsterers and Cabinet Manufacturers,
Cadogan House, Sloane-street, KsHsnTSBRiDCE.

Country Orders carriage free,
100 Marble Washstantls always on view.

Note.Cadogan House. Established at Finsbury in 1815.
Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate and House Agents. Appointed
Agents to the County Fire Office, & Provident Life Office, [i 312





rPHE Proprietor invites the attention of the Visitors of the Grand Exhibition to the above-named Establishment (which is within five minutes' walk of Hyde Park), where may be seen the largest and best-assorted STOCK of CARRIAGES and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of every description on sale in London. The materials and workmanship are of the best description. The prices will be found in keeping with the times. Warranties are given with new Carriages; and all Household Furniture is sold under a guarantee of Twelve Months. There are also departments for the Warehousing of Furniture, Books, Plate, Paintings, Musical Instruments, and every description of Property, in iron fire-proof rooms, to which parties may attach their own locks; private bins for warehousing Wines, which may also be locked by those who rent them; rooms for the sale of Paintings, Musical Instruments, &c. &c.; and the Proprietor intends setting apart a large portion of the South Building for the Exhibition and Sale of Works of Art, &c, which the owners may fail to secure space for in the Grand Exhibition.

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329, Strand, opposite Somerset-House, London.

KENT'S Ib the only invention for Knife-cleaning for which Her Majesty's Letters Patent have been granted, and is distinct from all others in every essential principle, however closely imitated in external appearance.

They are to be had of the Patentee, In Eight Sues,

from 31. 18$. to 14/. 14*. The small ones for Families may be used by a Child.

The Patentee has been favoured with approving Testimony from (with full permission of reference to) a large number of the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy, the Heads of Public Institutions, Colleges, and other Scholastic Establishments, with numerous Private Families in all parts of England, where his Machines arc in constant use ; as also in many parts of Ireland and Scotland: therefore Gentlemen wishing to be satisfied of the meritsof this In vent ion, may be referred to parties in their own neighbourhood, who have it in use, by application to the Patentee; or it may be seen, and its merits ascertained, in almost every Hotel m the kingdom, and has now been in constant use upwards of 5 years in the following Establishments:


Army & Navy Club, St. James's-sq. j Colonnade Hotel, Charles-street, [
Albion Tavern, AWersgate-street St. James's

Anderton's Hotel, Fleet-street | Commercial Travellers' School

Auction Mart Tavern.Threadneedle-, Coventry Hou« Club, Piccadilly i


Bache's Dining-rms., Fenchurch-st
Bank Dining-rooms,Throgmorton-st.
Bath Hotel, Piccadilly.
Bay Tree Tav., St. SwithinVlane
Bethlehem Hospital
Bedford Hotel, Covent-garden
Betsy's Chop-house, Old Broad-st.
Blue Posts Hotel, Cork-st., Bond-st.
Brett's Hotel, Hollwrn
Bridge House Hotel, London-bridge
British Hotel, Cockspur-street
Brooks's Club, St. James's-street
Brunswick Hotel, Blackball
Cafe de 1'Europe, Haymarket
Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate-st.
Castle Tavern, Guildhall
Cathedral Hotel, St. Paul's-ch.-yd.
Cesarini's Hotel, Golden-square
Chequers Tavern, Abingdon-street
Christie's Hotel, St. James's-street
Christ's Hospital, Newgate-street
City Arms Tav., Pope's Head-alley
City of London Clun, Broad-street
Clarence Hotel, Alders^ate-street
Clarendon Hotel, Bond-street
Clark's Dining-rooms, Chancery-la.
Clothworkers' Hall, Mincing-lane
Coal Hole Tavern, Strand
Co burgh Hotel, Charles- street,

Cock Tavern, Fleet-street

Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool
Albert Hotel, Glasgow
Albion Hotel, Brighton
Albion Hotel, Glasgow
Albion Hotel, Hastings
Albion Hotel, Manchester
Bath Hotel, Leamington
Bedford Hotel, Brighton
Bedford Hotel, Leamington
Bilton Hotel, Dublin
Buck's Head Hotel, Glasgow
Bull Hotel, Cambridge
Boll Hotel, Preston
Bush Hotel, Carlisle
Cafe de 1 Europe, Manchester
Cafe Koyal, Edinburgh
Castle Hotel, Itichmond
Castle Hotel, Windsor
Christ's Hospital, Hertford
Clarence Hotel, Brighton
Clarence Hotel, Manchester
Clarendon Hotel, Leamington
Clifton Hotel, Gravcsend
Clinton Arms Hotel, Newark
Commercial Hotel, Belfast
Commercial Hotel, Yarmouth
Crown Hotel, Worcester
Dolphin Hotel, Southampton
Douglas Hotel, Edinburgh

Coulson's Hotel, Brook-street Cox's Hotel, Jermyn-street Creraorne Gardens

Gresham Dining-rs., Bucklershtiry
Grillion's Hotel, Albemarle-itreet
Growenor Hotel, Park-street
Graves's Hotel, Albemarle-atreet
Guildhall Hotel, Guildhall
Hanover Hotel, Hanover square
Highbury Barn Tavern, Highbury

Crown and Sceptre Tav,, Greenwich Home and Colonial School, Gray's-!
Dr. Butler's Ha, Tav., Coleman-st. Inn-road

I tr;ii'x Dumb As.lnm, Kent-road.[ Horns Tavern, Kennin:»ton

Dolly's Cliop-house, City ■ Hotel de VEurope, Leicester-square

Drapers'Hall, Threadneedle street Hotel de Provence, Leicester-sq.

Drapers' Private Hotel, Saikville st.j House of (kimmons (Refreshment
Euston Hotel, Euston-square Department)

East India Club, St. James's-square Joe's Chop-house, Finch-lane, City

Edinburgh Castle Tavern, Strand John O'Groats Tavern, Kupert-st.

Elephant and Castle, Newington JuniorUnitedServ.Cluh, Pall-mall

Ellis's Hotel, St. James's-street King's Arms Hotel, Pal<*cc-yard

Erect he nm Club, St. James's square Lake's Dining-rooms, Cheapside

European Tavern, City I Langlxturne Coffee-house. City

Exchange Dining-rooms, Change- | Law Club, Chancery lane

[blocks in formation]

Elephant Hotel, Margate

Eton College

Fountain Hotel, Portsmouth

George Hotel, Nottingham

George Hotel, Portsmouth

George Inn, Waiwick

Great Northern Hotel, Lincoln

George Hotel, Cheltenham

Grevhound Hotel, Richmond

Guildhall Hotel, Bristol

Harrison's Hotel, Brighton

Hydropathic Inst., Sudbrook-park

Imperial Hotel, Cheltenham

Imperial Hotel, Dublin

Jesus College, Oxford

Jude's Hotel, Grafton-at., Dublin

Jury's Hold, Dublin

Kings Arms Tavern, Richmond

King's Head Hotel, Gloucester

King's Head Hotel, Horsham

King's Head Inn, Epsom

King's Head Hotel, Margate

I.ansdowne Hotel, l>eamington

I. l"ii Hotel, Edinburgh

Marine Hotel, Hastings
Marlborough College, Marlborough
May I'olr Inn, Nottingham
Montague Tavern, Bristol
Morrison Hotel, Dublin

New Inn, Gravesend
New Steine Hotel, Brighton
Norfolk Hotel, Brighton
Old Ship Hotel, Brighton
Pavilion Hotel, Brighton
Pavilion Hotel, Folkestone
Pier Hotel. Brighton
Plough Hotel, Cheltenham
Queen's Hotel, Birmingham
Queen's Hotel, Alderly
Queen's Hotel, Manchester
Quebec Hotel, Portsmouth
Rampant Horse Inn, Norwich
Red Lion Hotel, Dorking
Red Lion Hotel, Port sea
Regent II itel, I.e.unfngton
Royal Albion Hotel, IUm«gate
Royal Hotel, Edinburgh
Royal George Hotel, Southampton
Royal George Hotel. Folkestone
Royal Hotel, Birmingham
Royal Hotel, Plymouth
Royal Hotel, Richmond
Royal Hotel. Slouch
Royal Kent Hotel, Rydo, I. W.
Koyal Oak Hotel, tunings
Royal Pier Hotel, Ryde, I. W.
Royal Victoria Hotel, St. l-eouard's
Rojal Western Hotel, Bristol

{For Sectional Drawings of the Machine see Catalogue^ Class 22.)

Peacock Hotel, Islington
Peel's Coffee-house, Fleet-street
I'iazra Hotel, Covent-garden
Plough Tavern, Black wall
Post-office Coffee-house, Post-office
Prince of Wales Hotel, Leicester-pl.
Pultney Hotel, Albemarle-street
Queen's Hotel, Cork-st., Bond-st.
Queen's Hotel, Post-office
Rapp's Private Hotel, Golden-aq.
Reform Club, Pall-mall
Royal Hotel. Blackfriars-hridge
Royal Naval School, New-cross
Roy.Nav. Female School Richmond
Russell's Private Ho*el, Albemarle-
Sablon'ere Hotel, Leicester-square
Saddlers' Company Hall
Suiter's Hotel, Victoria-st., Holborn
Sceptre Coffee-house, Warwick-st.
Sherwin's Dining-rs., Clement Via.
Ship 8c Turtle Tav., Leadenhall-st.
Skinners' Company Hall
Somerset Coffee-house, Strand
Tavistock Hotel, Covent-garden
Taylor's Dining-rs , \!oorj;ate-st.
Tom's Coffee-house, Comhill
Travellers' Club. Pall-mall
Union Hotel. Cockspur-street
United Cniversity Club, Pall-mall
Virginia Tavern, Cora hi 11
Warman's Dinlng-rs,, Thamcs-st.
Windham Club, St. JamesVsquaTe
Wood's Hotel, Kuinival's-inn
Woolpsck Tavern, St. Peter's-alley
Yacht Tavern, Greenwich

Royal York Hotel, Brighton
Saracen's Head Hotel. Lincoln
Searliorough Hotel, Leeds
Ship Hotel, Dover
Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester
Star and Carter Hotel, Portsmouth
Sur and Garter Hotel, Richmond
Siar and Carter Hotel. Worcester
Thistle Tavern, Glasgow
Tliree Swans Hotel. Salisbury
Trafalgar Hotel, Greenwich
Trinity College, Cambridge
University Hotel, (Cambridge
Victoria Hotel, Hull
Waterloo Hotel, Edinburgh
Waterloo Hoiel, Uverpool
White Hart Hotel. Margate
White Hart Hotel, Newmarket
White Hart Hotel. Salisbury
White Hart Hotel. Wind tor
White Lion Hotel, Bath
While Linn Hotel, Brighton
White I.ion Hotel, Bristol
Wolverlon Station refresh men t-rs.
Wovendou's Dining-rooms, Man-
York House, Bath
York Station refreshment-rooms.
&e. Arc. &c,


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