We regard this as a peculiarly favourable opportunity, and therefore avail ourselves of it, to thank our Patrons with sincere gratitude for the continued patronage with which this house, first under the Proprietorship and Management of JOSEPH KNIGHT, and more recently under that of JOSEPH KNIGHT & THOS. A. PERRY, has been honoured for nearly half a century, and to say that, during the whole of that period, increasing efforts have been made, by the extension of our various Collections, to enable us to supply every article connected with Gardening, of the best description. We have now too the satisfaction of adding that our prices, during the last few years, have been very much reduced, and that they are at present as low as a very moderate remuneration will admit of.


In soliciting the countenance and support ot our Patrons, we beg respectfully to call their attention to the following, as being worthy of their notice:—

| 1. HARDY ORNAMENTAL TEEES AND SHRUBS, in which are many novelties.
2. RHODODENDRONS AND AZALEAS, as well as other AMERICAN PLANTS, of the finest kinds
CONIFERS. Our collection of these may be seen from the work we have published on them.
FRUIT-TREES, of the finest kinds, founded on the Horticultural Society's Collection, and on

those of the first Continental Pomologists.
GREENHOUSE AND HOTHOUSE PLANTS, of the most select and beautiful kinds.
HARDY HERBACEOUS PLANTS, ROSES, &c, of the most admired sorts.

7. VASES, of the most Gardenesque forms; and GARDEN IMPLEMENTS, of such construction as
experience has proved to be most useful.

8. CULINARY, AGRICULTURAL, AND FLOWER SEEDS, of the first quality, and true to name. '.). BULBS, as imported, from the first Growers in Holland.

It is proper for us also to observe that wc still continue, when applied to for GARDENERS, FORESTERS, and LAND STEWARDS, to recommend such only as we have substantial reasons to believe of blameless reputation and of first-rate professional ability.


.1. 4, Wc shall be proud

to furnish detailed \ 5 Lists of these. (,

[merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small]

In Bond at Liverpool, the entire cargo of the "Tally-Ho,"

Capt. Pillard, entered at Customs by Driver, April, 1851.

Per Pipe. In Bottle, Duty paid, per Doz.

Pirert Mn.lcira . . . . jt'55 I Direct Wine .... 37/1

Via West Indies. ... 61) West India 39/4

Via East Indies . ... 65 ] East India 41/7

Samples forwarded, on application to the aborc Address, [i 280

Lately published, Sro., price 18*. cloth; or large paper, royal 8co., price ll. lis. 6ti.,

A TREATISE on the CLIMATE and METEOROLOGY of MADEIRA; by the late J. A. Mason, M.D., inventor of Mason's Hygrometer. Edited by James Sheridan Knowles. To which are attached a Review of the State of Agriculture and of the Tenure of Land, byGEORGE Peacock, D.D., F.R.S., &c. be, Dean of Ely, and Lowndean Professor of Astronomy in the University of Cambridge; and an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Island, and Guide to Visitors, by John Driver, Consul for Greece, Madeira. London: John Churchill. Liverpool: Df.ihhton and Laughton.

Messrs. Deighton and Laughton have constantly on sale a large assortment of Guide Books, Maps, Plans of Towns, &c, including Black's Guides to England, Scotland, Wales, &c, ; Cliffs, Parry's, and other Guides to Wales; and Murray's Handbooks for the Continent.

Also lately published, Second Edition, price La., Hints To Pedestrians.

No. 46, Church-street, Liverpool. [i 281

Challenge to all the World!

JOHN D. HAILES' ORRERY GLOBE, registered May 17, 1848, which practically displays Joshua's Miracle Time, May 22, 2548 A.m.; the variation and change of variations of the magnet from the Creation; also change of meridian eastward to Europe, with increase and decrease of latitude at different times and places, and that the magnetic point is the fixed pole of the terrestrial globe, and therefrom, with the centre of sun and pole of world, is obtained the true principle equation of time, which time varies a little nearly at every longitude around the earth. The said globe is now (and has been since June, 1848) exhibited at the Royal Polytechnic Institution, Kegent-street, London; and J. D. H. Continues To CHALLENGE The Learned Of The World


HAILES, Wigford House, Kingsbridge, Devon.

The above was inserted in the Times of April 10th, June 2nd and 16th, 1843, and Exeter Gazette.

Science, the Lock of Bible Truth, all the JVor) s Divine,
Magnetic Key—unlock the Truth—Sun, Moon, and Earth give

Jot.'tua records the Sun vertical to Oibeon—Sftttfco after a time to

Syene. /say Europe increases in Latitude—Eclipses give past and future


I have reason to believe that Solar with Mean Time varies a little nearly at every Degree of Longitude around the Globe. Forinstanee, in London they agree with each other April 16th, September 1st, and about the time of Summer and Winter Solstices. Not so I think in Ireland. I apprised the Earl of Rosse (who erected the large telescope in Ireland) on November 6th. 1844, and the Royal Society, London, on February 1st, 1845, that I considered these times to agree at the West of Ireland about April 23rd, August 86th, and also near the time of Solstices; but to this date I have received no reply from either party as to correctness or incorrectness.—May, 1881,

England is attaining a greater latitude, exactly in the same proportion as the solstices of the sun are retreating from England, which is yearly, a very small quantity.

The above principle is the true cause of the alteration in the variation of the magnet. JOHN D. HAILES. J 2G7]


Jewellers' PLAIN And FANCY PAPER BOX Makes,

No. 35, Duncan-place, London-fields, Hackney.

Totcn and Country Orders punctually executed. Cr 62

CF. HANCOCK (a Successor to STORR and • MOKTIMEB), JEWELLEB and SILVEBSM1TH, by Appointment, to all the principal Sovereigns of Europe, REMOVED to 39, Bruton-street, Berkeley-square. [i 20

PHILIP GEORGE DODD, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLEB, and WATCHMAKER, 79, Corsbiix (Royal Exchange side), respectfully invites attention to his very elaborately-wrought Silver Plate, suitable for Wedding Presents, Presentation, and other purposes. For terms apply as above.—See Catalogue. Cr 107

MRETTIE&SONS.JEWELLERS.-SCOTCH • PEBBLE and ABEEDEEN GRANITE JEWELLERY of the best description. SILVER CREST and MOTTO BBOOCHES for Gentlemen's Bonnets and Plaids executed in a superior manner. 151,Union-street, Aberdeen. See page in Illustrated Catalogue. [l 66

TMITATIVE CAMEO WAFERS are suitable for Jl all climates, particularly the East Indies and other hot countries. In boxes containing 50, 5j. Henky Thompson, Inventor and Mnker, Albert Cottage, Weybridoe ComMon, Surrey. Orders by post attended to. A variety of large Cameos for Ornamental Work. [i 16

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AIR JEWELS and MEMENTOS MANUFAC11 TURED by B. LEE, Artist in Hair and Goldsmith, 41, EATHBONE-PLACE, Oxford-street, London.—A book of designs and prices sent by post for six stamps [i 10

THOMAS BEST, Manufacturer of Pocketbooks, Writing Desks, Dressing Cases, Razor Strops, Ladies' Companions, Bill Cases, &c, in Russia and Morocco Leather. No. 9, St. Mary's-row, Birmingham. [i 103

T DOBBY, 95, STRAND, has an Extensive Assortfj • ment of Ivory Table Knives, with fine Razors, and fine Scissors, Pen and Pocket Knives, with the best Needles. Has been established as a Manufacturer25 Years. 95, Strand, next door to Ackerman's. [i 85

THE ORIGINAL FOUR-SIDED METALLIC TABLET and RAZOR STROP, invented by G. SaunDers, in the city of New-York, in the year 1817. It is used and recommended by the first cutlers in Europe. Self-shaving gentlemen are invited to bring in a razor that requires setting, and see the effect before they purchase.

Depot, 278, Sthand. cs 32


WIRE NETTING and WINDOW BLIND MANUFACTORY. To her Majesty's Hon. Board of Ordnance, and the Hon. East India Company.—Wire Netting Id. per square foot; galvanized ditto, requiring no paint. 111.; Wire Blinds, in mahogany frames, nnd bolts complete, Is. IQrl. per foot; Zinc ditto, 1». M. per foot; Venetian, 8rf. per foot; Holland, Transparent, and Window Blinds of all kinds. Old Blinds repaired, repainted, and written upon. Wire-work for Flower Trainers, Garden Arches, Seats, Pheasantries, Aviaries, and Fowl Houses, of every description of pattern. Fire and Nursery Guards, and every article in Iron and Wire. At the City of London WireWork, Iron Fence, and Weaving Manufactory, 44, SkinnerStreet, and 6 and 8, Sxowhill, London. Every information, with samples or specimens, and illustrated catalogue, forwarded post free. Wove wire for paper-makers, millers, chemists, and for the East and West Indies.

(See Catalogue.) [l 37



GEEAT EXHIBITION. Among the number of objects of interest besides the Exhibition which will engage the attention of the Visitors to the " World's Fair," London shops and their decorations are certain to challenge their notice when perambulating the metropolis. Pre-eminent among these, and in a direct line from the Crystal Palace, stands the extremely elegant Establishment lately opened by


At 114, Piccadilly; being it branch of his far-famed Establishment at Nos. 20 and 21, Burlington-arcade (established upwards of thirty years). The Front, unequalled, it is believed, in any capital of Europe, is elaborately carved in Caen stone; whilst the spacious saloons for Hair-cutting, and private rooms for Hairdressing, dyeing the Hair, and washing the head, are arranged with exquisite taste, and replete with every convenience. None but Assistants of first-rate talent are engaged; and in the shop will be found a splendid i selection of every requisite for the toilet. The prices are in strict conformity with the economical spirit of the times. The charge for Hair-cutting is One Shilling. Everything in the same proportion.

LADIES' HAIR-DRESSING.—In this department H. P. Trlefitt can now challenge the world, having secured the assistance of artists who are allowed to be unequalled; whilst his frequent visits to Paris secure every novelty in style, w i i h, mi the enormous prices charged by foreigners in this country. Lessons in llnir-dressing, without any extra charge for court hair-dressing. A splendid assortment of Ladies' Fancy Twist Combs—20, 21, Arcade; 114, Piccadilly.

CEETADfTY IN DYEING THE RAIN has at last been thoroughly effected by the "TINCTURA," a fragrant extract, by which any shade in brown or black is produced instantly and permanently. Those who have been deceived by any of the dyes in use at present will appreciate the value of this important discovery. Private rooms, replete with every convenience, are reserved expressly for its application.—114, Piccadilly.

PERFECTION IN WIG-MAKING is accomplished by the introduction of H. P. Triefitt's MEW DIVISION, which combines the durability of the skin with the transparency of the net parting, and perfectly avoids that great objection to ornamental hair, the DARK LINE ON THE FOREHEAD, it being now impossible to discover where the wig commences. This valuable discovery is applicable to ladies' bands, fronts, &c.—114, Piccadilly; and 20, 21, Arcade. Cs 195


BROWN BROTHERS, 165, Piccadilly, Manufac-
turers. Patent Suspensory Chair, forming Couch or
Bed, extremely portable and luxurious, eminently service-
able for invalids, the camp, or drawing-room. [l 47

LISH M ENT, corner of Motcomb and Lowndes Street,
Knightsbridge. Wedding Breakfasts, Dinners, Balls, and
Parties furnished complete, with wines and attendants.[i 30

PORT.—A Suit of Sails, on an inch scale, of the Brig
Yacht " Anonyma," 450 tons. Also Model of same from
the Water Line up.

(See Catalogue.) [lll6

JAMES TOWNSEND, Manufacturer of every
description of AIR GUNS and CANES on the most
improved principles, and Powder Walking-stick Guns in
every variety.
11 and 12, Sand-street, St. Mary's-squarr, Birmingham. [l 162

JOHN SANDERS, Manufacturer of the PATENT
TENT, Registered, 11, Fore-street, Cripplcgate, London.
Suitable for gentlemen's gardens, lawns, and pleasure-
grounds, and to all climates. [i 124

CLASS 28. — Specimens.—GUTTA PERCIIA
ESTABLISHMENT.—A. TiioiiNand Co., by Appoint-
ment, 98, New Bond-street, London. Looking-glass, Picture,
and Print Frames, Console Tables, and House Decorations,
are now manufactured of Gutta Percha, gilt and ungilt,
resembling the finest Wood Carving, which will not break or
crack. Inkstands, Card-trays, and many other fancy goods.
Also every other article manufactured by the Gutta Percha
Company, as at their Works, 18, Wharf-road, City-road,
London. [i 279

HENDRIE'S PERFUMERY, patronized by the highest Circles for Eighty Years, continues to be favoured by a decided preference. Perfumer To Her Ma Jestv, 12 and 13, Ticiihorxf.-.stbeet, Quadrant. [i 130

See Catalogue.


HOPGOOD'S CELEBRATED HAIR-CREAM is forwarded to any part of England, in 1/. packages, free of carriage. May be had in London of the following Agents: G. W. Comer, 282, Regent-street; J. Gosnell and Co., 12, Three King-court, City ; J. H. Donaga.n, 58, Edgeware-road; and Dietriciison andllANNAV. 63, Oxford-street. Communications respect ing'the hair or scalp answered, Cr 278

MR. HAYES, SURGEON DENTIST, 42, St. Martin's Lane, begs to announce that he supplies every description of Artificial Teeth at moderate charges, and can only be consulted at 42, St. Martin's Lane. Cr 225

ANGLERS of the FOUR QUARTERS of the WORLD visiting LONDON will find the best-selected stock of Fishing-rods, Flies, and Tackle, suitable for their various climates, at John King Barlow's Fishing Tackle Manufactory, 5, Crooketi-lane, London Bridge. Catalogues of Prices gratis. [i 252

VISITORS TO THE EXHIBITION arc respectfully informed that MADAME TUSSAVD and SONS' Historical Gallery having been enlarged, by desire of the Public, to double its original size, in honour of the Exhibition, no one need fear paying the Promenade a visit, as both space and ventilation are provided. The Collection, the largest in Europe, consists of 160 Public Characters, and has been established fifty years.

"This is one of the best sights in the metropolis."—Times, Admittance, U. Napoleon Rooms and Chamber of Horrors, 6rf. Open from 11 till 10 at night.

BAZAAR, Baker-street, Portman-sqiark. [i 200

BY APPOINTMENT. — Madame MICHEL GUIBILEI, Milliner and Dressmaker to Her Majesty, 1, Little Argyll-street, Regent-street, lias just returned from Paris with unprecedented Novelties. [i 94

FOR SALE, a fancy ornamental BED-QUILT, designed and worked by Catherine Fancoubt, of Grimsthorpe, Bourne, Lincolnshire. Price 50/. [i 127

MRS. GIRSON, 50, MORTIMER-STREET, CAVENDISH-SQUARE, Dealer in, Repairer and Cleaner of, all kinds of Lace. Brussels, lloniton, and Point Lace exchanged for Ladies' or Children'sWardrobes; or Wardrobes purchased to any amount.—Every description of Lace-work done on the premises. [i 18

TRISII POPLIN or TABINET — The ONLY A HOUSE for the exclusive Sale of this beautiful Manufacture, so much admired for Ladies' Dresses and Gentlemen's Waistcoats, is Elliot's, removed from Pall Mall to 54, St. Jamcs's-strcct, Piccadilly. [i 108

BENNETT and CO., Manufacturers of UTRECHT or MOHAIR VELVETS, for the decoration of Furniture, lining Carriages, 8cc. Also PLUSHES and other Worsted goods.—London and Manchester. [i 50

Cand J. DANBY, FRINGE and GIMP MANU, FACTURERS, &c, 14, Coventry-street, and 43, New Bond-street, beg to call the attention of the nobility and gentry to their extensive stocks of Fringes, Gimps, Tassels, Buttons, Cords, Laces, Bindings, &c, both for Dress and Furniture Trimmings. Every description of the above Goods made to order with accuracy and despatch. [i 140

rpilOMAS BARTLEET and SONS, FALCON X HALL, Silver-street, Wood-street, London, and 12C, Greta Charles-street, Birmingham, WOOLLEN WAREHOUSEMEN, and all articles connected with Men's Mercery; also Manufacturers of Buttons, Needles, &c, in every variety. [i 155

P~L E N D I D CHINTZ FURNITURES.— GRAND EXHIBITION CHINTZES.—Clarkson and Co., II er Majesty's Furniture Printers, respectfully inform the nobility and gentry they have now on show their new Spring Stock of Magnificent Chintz Furnitures; some of winch have been designed expressly for the Exhibition.—17, Coventry-street, opposite the Haymarket. [i 185


26, Regent-street, St. James's. Shirts of every description, from 3». 6d. to 5/. each; excellent at 6«. and 8». 6rf. Every recent improvement.

See Catalogue. [i 27

THE REGISTERED POLKA COLLAR.—This COLLAR is the only one really odapted to ONCEROUND CRAVATS. —May be had of every respectable Hosier and Draper in the United Kingdom: wholesale (only) of G. R. Wooloar, 36, Wood-street, London, [i 142

JOSEPH BRIE AND COMPANY, FRENCH SHIRT MAKERS. The elegance of French make, combined with the durability of English materials, a desideratum long wished for, has now been satisfactorily obtained by Messrs. J. BRIE and Co.—Wholesale and Retail Establishment, 189, Regentstreet.—Good Plain Shirts, from 6s. 6d. Linen Shirts, from 10». 6d. Dress Shirts, from 8». 6d. [i 104

RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH, 19, PICCADILLY, begs to call attention to the "PAXTON SPOON" (see illustrative page), and the "Albany Tea And Coffee Service," both elegant in design, agreeable to use, and yet less expensive than the ordinary patterns. Being registered, they can only be obtained as above. Orders by Post, containing a remittance or a reference,promptly executed. Cl 92

THRESHER and GLENNY, HOSIERS TO THE QUEEN, respectfully invite attention to the following Articles manufactured exclusively by them, and which can only be procured at their Warehouse, 152, Strand, Next Door to Somerset House, London.

THRESHER'S INDIA GAUZE WAISTCOATS, lighter, softer, and less expensive than the finest Flannels, and perfectly free from every irritating or disagreeable quality.

THRESHERS SUPERIOR HOSIERY, comprising every kind of Silk, Thread, Cotton, Cachmere, and W oollen Stockings, Drawers, SVaistcoats, Socks, and Gloves, of the very best description that can be manufactured.

THRESHER'S SILKEN-THREAD HOSIERY, a New Material for Summer Wear, exceedingly light, strong, and elastic, particularly adapted for Warm Climates.

THRESHER'S SILKEN-WOOL HOSIERY, a new description of Woollen Hosiery, warranted not to shrink in washing, and extremely thin, warm, soft, and strong.

THRESHER AND GLENNY, HOSIERS, SHIRTMAKERS, AND OUTFITTERS, 152, Stband, next door to Somerset House. [i 91

JAMES FRY, GODALMING, SURREY, Manufacturer of FLEECY and other HOSIERY; and of every description of Underclothing for Ladies and Gentlemen, shaped from the frame, in Lamb's-wool, Segovia, Merino, and Cotton. Also, Ladies' Silk and Lisle Thread Stockings of the finest quality, plain and embroidered, [i 77

Rodgers's Improvements in Shirts.



THESE SHIRTS are cut upon a new and improved principle, which insures a most correct and comfortable fit. Perfect satisfaction (as usual) is guaranteed, or the money returned. The Prices are,

31/6 or 37/6 the half-dozen.

The Ready-made Stock is the best, the cheapest, and the largest in London, and comprises Shirts of every description.

Superb Dress Shirts (for evening wear) in great variety,

from 5/6 to 8/6, and upwards.

A Choice of 200 new designs in Regatta and other
Fashionable Coloured Shirts,

Six for 20/-, or Six very best for 26/-.

New Patterns, Prices, and Directions for Self-measurement, gratis and post-free.

Hosiery, Gloves, Scarfs, Cravats, Ties, and Silk Pocket-handkerch iefs,




59, St. Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, and No. 29, at the corner of New-street, Covent Garden, London.

(established 60 Years.)

*„* Country Agents wanted to sell the " Tmjirored Shirts." [l 43

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HATS FOR EXPORT.—TRESS and CO. will, on and after May 1st, 1851, show their New Designs, embodying great improvements, and well adapted for foreign climates, at their Manufactory, CmusTcnuRCii

TAED, Blackfriars-road. [i 191

GRAND EXHIBITION.—Messrs. VYSE, Milliners, and Manufacturers of British and Foreign Straws to the Queen and Royal Family, respectfully announce that they have ready for inspection the Fashions for the present year, composed from materials they have deposited in the Exhibition of All Nations. Ladies honouring their Magasin des Modes with their patronage will find a fixed price attached to every article. French and German spoken.— 30, Ludgate-street, St. PauVs. [i 228


Laurie's Patent Floatable Mattresses, Pillows, Life-belts, And Sundry Buoyant Articles.



EVERY Ship Mattress will sustain eight persons in the water for an indefinite period, and at a small increase on the usual cost of those in common use. Every Eillow or seat-cushion will sustain one or more persons. The IFE-BELTS arc PREVENTIVES to sinking, the cheapest yet submitted, very portable, and applied in an instant in case of accident. Thus, individuals going a long voyage, or a short trip, or yachting, boating, or ferrying, ought to be furnished with one of these various clever Preventives to sinking, which may be seen and tested at the Manufacturers',



66 and 07, CORNHILL,



where Passengers may be supplied with the whole or any portion of their Outfit (including Folding Furniture for Cabin and after use) without sacrificing the too usual intermediate profit, SILVER & Co. being the Makers of the manifold articles in the Outfit, and supplying them nt their Shipping Prices.

Department for Outfitting Cadets and Cabin Passengers

fenerally, Naval and Military Uniforms, and Clothing for lome use, at 66, Cornitill. Department for Outfitting Ladies, and for Home use, with experienced Female Managers, 66 and 67, Cornhill.

Department for very low-priced OUTFITS, 4, BisnorsGatb-street, optwsite the London Tavern, where a comfortable Fit-out for a four months' voyage may be procured for Four Guineas, including a FLOATABLE MATTRESS. DRAFTS on Australia, 30 days' sight, at par. [t 80

ULLATHORNES and LONGSTAFFS, No. 12, Gate-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, Manufacturers of Shoemakers', Sadlers', and Harness-makers' Threads, and Ullathorne's Heel Balls for Shoemakers* use. Manufactory at Barnard Castle, county of Durham, England. Established in the year 1790. Number of hands employed 350 to 400. See Exhibition Official Catalogues. [i 169

ALLEN & SON, Treffgarne, Haverfordwest, South "wales, Designers and Manufacturers. Improved Waterproof Shooting-boots, consisting of a Tongue the elasticity of which admits the foot without folds; leg soft; the footing strong, impenetrable, and impervious to wet; combined with iron, which prevents slipping in going over fences and banks, or in ascending or descending hills, &c.

To order, 24s.; wholesale, 21s. per pair. [i 184


FREDERICK SCHWANN, HUDDERSFIELD and LEEDS.—FANCY VESTINGS of all descriptions, fancy and plain Quiltings, Pantaloon Stuns of alt descriptions, of pure wool, and wool, or worsted, and cotton; Buckskins, Doeskins, Over-coat Cloths, Paletot Beavers, Pilot Cloths, Petershams, Linings, Cassiuetts, Cashmcrets, Merinos, Shoe and Boot Cloths, Barracans, Grograms, Summer Coatings, Cassimeres, Kerseys, plain Cloths (pure wool and with cotton), Paddings, Ponchos, Bajetas, Baitas, Cien Hilos, Blankets, Carpets, of all descriptions; ladies' and children's Dress Goods; Printed Paramattas and Merinos (for the Levant), Table-covers, Scotch and Irish Linen and Table Linens, Linen anil fancy Drills, Linen, Sewing, and Shoe Thread, Linen and Worsted Yarns, Spun Silk, Genappe Cord, Worsted Knittings, Nails, Shorts, Flax, Hemp, &c. &c. &c. [i 135

GUNS, RIFLES, PISTOLS, AIR-GUNS.— The most extensive and magnificent assortments of Double Fowling Pieces, of every calibre, our own London manufacture, combining all the latest improvements and most superior workmanship, at prices according to finish and exterior ornament, from Ten to Twenty Guineas.— Superb Double Rifles, of the most highly improved construction, accurate sighting and shooting, with round, belted, or cone moulds, included, Ten to Thirty Guineas. Extra Barrels, for shot, fitting in the some Stock, Ten Guineas, being, with case and apparatus, the most portable and complete outfit for India, or any foreign service, at Twenty Guineas and upwards.—Single Fowling Pieces and Rifles, of various calibre, from 2 ounces up to a pea-bullet, suitable for every purpose, at home or abroad. Five to Fifteen Guineas. Trial at our private Shooting Grounds, 300yards. Pistols, Double and Single, in immense variety, in cases, with apparatus. Most perfect Self-acting Revolvers. Curious Ball-practising Pistols. Improved Air-Canes, from 65s. Orders packed and shipped, or forwarded overland, without delay or trouble to purchasers.—Terms, Cash. [i 245

REILLY, Gun Maker, New Oxford-street, London.

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