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ENGRAVINGS at EDWARD LUMLEY'S, 56, Chancery-lane, London.

Ascot Races, Return, veiy large. Henderson. Finely

coloured, 7s. Epsom Races. Pollard. 6 plates, elegantly coloured, 15s. Grabs Stands, Horses and Riders. Tattersall. 4 plates,

elegantly coloured, Vis. Stag Hunting. 4 large highly coloured plates. Turner. Ioi. Steeple Chase for 1000 guineas. Alken. Highly cokmred, 5». Coaching, Horse* off, no Coachman. „ A pair, coloured, 8s. Snow Storm, Scenes of Distress. 4 coloured plates, 3s. Sd. Hounds, Queen's, at Ascot. Lucas Is. Shetland Pont, also Dog. 2 favourite specimens, cold., 9s. 6d. Bull Fight, Spanish, by Lewis. Highly coloured, 5s. Whale Fishery, North Seas. Exquisitely coloured, 5s.

„ ., Southern Seas. A pair, finely coloured, 8s.

Burmese War, with Descriptions. 24 plates, coloured, 15s.
Procris Sloop attacking Gun-Boats, Java. Coloured, 3s.
Madagascar, "War Steamer, on Fire. Elegantly coloured, 5s.
Prince George, in Hurricane. Coloured, 3s.
Bentinck, Steamer, and Aden. Hugoins. Coloured,is.

Berenice,War Ship, and Bombay Harbour, „ „ 4s.

Clarence, Steamer, leaving Blackwall, „ „ 4s.

Ci.ydk, in Hurricane, off Natal, „ „ 4s.

Columbus, Halifax Steamer, stiff breeze, „ „ 4s.

Cowes, and Lord Yarborough's Yacht „ „ 4s.

Demebaba, George Town, Bark Caesar, 8cc. „ „ 4s.

Dundee, Steamers, &c, very large view, „ „ 6s.

Kimnbukgii, Launch of, Blackwall, &c. „ „ 5s.

Folkestone, Sandgate, and Ship Melbourne, „ „ 4s.

Gravssend, with Ship of ~Vi&T,fine, „ „ 5s.

Hamburgh, Caledonia, Neitune, Steamers „ „ 5s.

Harwich, with Shipping, „ 4s.

St. Helena, very fine view „ „ 5s.

Hindostan, and other Steamers; also

Southampton, „ „ 4s.

I ,irrn, Monarch, Steamers, and Edinburgh, „ „ 4s.

Madeira, Bay of Funchal, fine view, „ „ 4s.

Malacca, Pulo, Penang, Vessels, &c. „ „ 4s.

Malta and Vessels, very fine, „ „ 4s.

China, Lintin, Opium ships, 8cc. Brilliantly coloured, is.

„ Whampoa, Junk, Rivers, fine scenery. Exquisitely coloured, da.

(See also Catalogue of

COLONIAL VIEWS.—Cape Coast Castle, Alcoa Bat, Graham's Town, Port Elizabeth, Table Bat, Hobart Town, Sydney, Montreal, Lake and Fort Erie, Sierra Lbone, &c. Very fine, and highly coloured. 4s. each.

Poussis. Holy Family, engraved by Andertonl, very fine, Is.

Raphael. Madonna. Say. 4s.

Com REGiiio. Marriage of St. Catherine, 4s.

Rembrandt. Burgomasters. Houston. 4s.

Wilkie. Errand Boy. Raimbach. 4s.

Vernet. Storm at Sea. Woollett. 4*.

Parker. Grace Darling and Survivors in Longstone Lighthouse. Lewis. 5s.

Carracci, Annibal. Dead Christ and Maries, 4s.

Calcott. Benevolent Cottagers. Scott. 2s.

Teniebs. Temptation of St. Anthony. Sullivan. 4».

Stothahd. Blue Coat School Annual Oration, 91 portraits, 4».

Weigall. Death of Becket, High Altar, &c, 4s.

Salvator Rosa. Jacob's Dream. Reynolds. 5».

Vandyke. Time clipping Cupid's Wings. AaPELL. 4s.

Westall. Girl at the Well. Charles Heats, it.

Claude. Sun Rising; Sun Setting. Mason. A pair, is.

Canaletti. Views, highly coloured, 4 plates, 2s.

Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Holy Family. Sharps. Ss.

New College Chapel Window. Facius. 3a.

Craig. My Boy among the Roses. Mails. Is.

Stanfield. Portsmouth and Chatham. A pair, 2s.

Cooper, R. Stag, Roebuck, Deer. 3 prints, is.

Absalon. Angler, Milk Maid, and Ixaak Walton. Ajtair,-ls.

Martin. Macbeth and Witches. Lcpros. 3*.

Beechey. Hindoo Girl. Phillips. 4s.

Herring. Tambourina, Italian Girl. Lewis. 2s.

Scott. Huguenot Family; Massacre of St. Bartholomew, 3».

Lane. Portrait Bishop Lincoln (Dr. Kaye). Ryan. 4*.

PuouT. Chartres Cathedral. Splendid print. Euan. 4s. Rouen Palais de Just\ce,finely coloured, 4s. Louvain Hotel de Ville, „ „ 4s.

Dim Cathedral, „ „ 4».

Conet. Certosa of Pavia, superb building, 3s.

Cattermole. Westminster Abbey; Interior—Exterior. Woolnoth. A pair, 6*.

Malton. York Minster. Splendid engraving. Landskek. 2s. 6d. Boohs and Prints.) [i 263

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ARTISTIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, 19, Lamb's Conduit-street, London.—LEIGHTON BROTHERS respectfully invite inspection of their numerous and much-admired Works of Artistic Production in Drawing and Printing in the various styles of their Art. FAC-SIMTXES OF WATER-COLOTJB DRAWINGS, (a style of Art of which they are the Inventors,) LITHOGRAPHY, WOOD ENGRAVING, WOODCUT AND BLOCK PRINTING, COMPRISING, Portraiture (from life), Landscape, Figure, Architectural, and Anatomical Drawings ; Book illustrations and Illuminations; Music Titles, Plans, &c. 8cc, from the highest perfection of Colour-printing to the ordinary modes of Tinted and Plain.

Leighton Brothers also lay themselves out for producing Manufacturers* Pattern Books, as in the (Art Journal' of May (and the following months), and the various other styles. [i 244

To Advertisers in the Manufacturing Districts.

THE MANCHESTER EXAMINER & TIMES is one of the Provincial Journals of Largest CirculaTion in the kingdom, its average during the lost year having exceeded 0000. The days of publication arc Jr'ednesday and Saturday. The Examiner And Times, besides its Manchester circulation, is extensively read in all the chief towns of Lancashire, &c.—viz. Stockport, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Ashton, Staleybridge, Wigan, Macclesfield, Preston, Warrington, Liverpool, Blackburn, Todmorden, Burnley, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, &c. &c. Terms, Cash In Advance. IP lines :—one insertion, 5/0; six insertions, 4/0; 12 insertions, 3/*

is ,, „ «/«; ■■ V°; .. «/«

SI ,, ., 8/0; ,, 6/6; ,, 6/6

3i ,, ., ii/°; .. 8/e; ,, •»/«

An intermediate or greater number of lines charged in proportion. In estimating the number of lines, calculate nine words to each line. All communications, Post Office orders, &c, to be addressed to Alexander Ireland & Co., 22, Market-street, Manchester. [i 233

ECROYD SMITH'S DESIGNS for Ornamental Floors, faithfully restored from the Antique, in beautifully coloured Lithographs on the best paper, may be procured at No. 20, Old Bond-street; or of Mr. J. Russell Smith, Publisher, 4, Old Compton-street, Soho, London. For specimens, see Official Catalogue and Exhibition. [i211

WAX FLOWERS, by Mrs. TEMPLE, 46, CoxNaught Terrace, Hyde Park. The group exhibited contains a plant of the Amherstia Nobilis (one of the rarest plants in Europe), 16 species of very choice Orchids, some choice Climbers, and other exotic cultivated flowers, all modelled from nature, botanically correct, and executed by Mrs. Temple herself for the Exhibition. [i 287

ORLANDO JEWITT, ENGRAVER on WOOD, OXFORD. —For Specimens, see the following Works in the Exhibition:—Hickman's 'Gothic Architecture;* 'Glossary of Architecture;' 'Churches of Northamptonshire;' and 'Domestic Architecture.' Published by Mr. Parker, of Oxford. [i 237

TO COIN COLLECTORS and OTHERS.— A very extensive Collection of Gold, Silver, and Copper Coins for Sale, in the Greek, Roman, and English series. Gentlemen forming cabinets can be supplied with selections at a moderate charge. The collection includes many rare reverses, and the Coins are mostly in fine condition. A great variety of Medals, amongst which may be mentioned Mudie's National Scries, in silver and bronze; Dossier's Kings of England, War Medals, fkc.; Mint Proofs of George IV., William IV., and Victoria; Cabinets of all sizes; and Numismatic Works, Antique Bronzes. Gems, Ivory Carvings, and other articles of taste. Apply to W. CHAFFERS, Jun., 20, Old Bond-street, London.

N.B.—A Catalogue, with the price attached to each Coin, is just published, price Is.

A Museum of National Antiquities, a large Cabinet of Roman Glass, and other interesting objects of Ancient Art, may be seen any day between 2 and 5 P.m.

Coins and other Antiquities bought or exchanged, [i 216


To Members or Pauuameht. A New Edition, brought down to the present time.

The Progress of the Nation,

IS ITS VARIOUS SOCIAL And Economical Relations, From The


By G. R. PORTER, Esq., F.R.S., Instil. Reg. Sc. Paris Cor.


Section I.—Population : —Increase—Medical Statistics—Occupations or die People—Pauperism—Emigration.

Section Ii.-pboduction : — Agrirulture-Manuractures: Woven, &c, Fabrics; Iron, Steel, llrass, Copper, Hated Wares, Glass. Hardwares: Machinery—Mining.

Section III.—lNTeaCHaNoi:—Internal Communication—Turnpike Roads — Canals — Steam Navigation — Railways — Coasting 1 raile — Trade between Great Britain and Ireland—Weights and Measures— Foreign Commerce—Progress of Trade in Foreign Countries— Pro*.in Commercial Loagne-Ciirrency—Coinage—Wages— Measurement and Classing or Shipping-Warehousing System.

Section IV.—Public Rivenue And Expknditdbb :—Financial Situation or the Kingdom at the Beginning oT the present CenturyPublic Income and Expenditure—Produoe or Taxes—w ar kxpenditure —Miscellaneous Estimates—County and Parochial Expenditure.

Section V.—Consumption: Employment and Pecuniary Means —Houses—Bricks-Male Servants-Carriages-Horses-1 late—Food —Tobacco—Paper—Soap—Candles—Manulactures—Metals—Timber

"section Vi.-accumui.ation :— Conditions or Accumulation-Increase or Personal and Real Property-Investments of Accumulation for Public Objects—Investments for Commercial Purposes.

Section VII.—Moral Pjujoekss:-Introduction—Crime—Manners —Education—Postage, &cc.

Section VIII.—Colonies And Fouiion Dependencies :—Advanta«es of Colonies—Dependencies in Europe— Dependencies in AsiaSettlements in Anstralasia—Dependencies in Africa—British America

West India Islands and Settlements.

John Mdrray, Albcmarle-street,

Dedicated, by permission, to His Royal Highness Prince Albert.

Now ready, in 2 vols, royal 8vo., cloth boards,
price 11 5s. each,


French-English and English-French Dictionary.

By J. C. TARVER, French Master, Eton College. « Most readily do we acknowledge the flood of light which has been thrown on French phrases by M. Taryer. . . . His work is really a valuable addition to our Dictionary shell— the most important shelf in every man's library. The nice skill with which he has compared and contrasted the phrases of the two most influential of modern tongues can hardly be over-praised."— Quarterly Review, September, 1850. Dulau & Co., Soho-square.

Dedicated, by Royal Authority, to H. M. tlte Queen. This day is published, one vol. royal 8vo., price Two Guineas,

O'Byrne's Naval Biography



"The Admiralty have awarded the compiler of that eminently useful and valuable book of reference, O'Byrne's Naval Biography, the sum of 100/., as a mark of their I-ordships' appreciation of the labour and perseverance therein exhibited."— Times, Dec. 24, 1849.

Third Edition. 3 vols, post 8vo. 18f.

Family Arabian Nights.

Illustrated with 600 Woodcuts by WILLIAM HARVEY. John Murray, Albemarle-street.

New Work By Sir H. De La Becue.

The Geological Observer.

By Sir HENRY T. DE LA BECHE, C.B., F.R.S., &c.

Director-General or the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom.

Third Edition, corrected, enlarged, and improved. In 2 vols, demy 8vo., price Two Guineas,

A Descriptive and Statistical Account of the British Empire:

Exhibiting its Extent, Physical Capacities, Population,

Industry, and Civil and Religious Institutions. By J. R. M'CULLOCH, Esq., Member of the Inst, of France.


Part I.—Extent, Physical Circumstances, and Civil Divisions of the United Kingdom.

Part II.—Population of the United Kingdom.

Part III.— Industry at the United Kingdom—Agriculture—Mines and Minerats—Fisheries—Manufactures—Commerce.

Part IV.—Constitution and Government, Civil and Religious, or the British Empire—Rise and Progress or the English Constitution— Parliament, its Constitution, Procedure, See—Of the Executive— Courts or Justice, Civil and Criminal—Municipal Corporations — History, Constitution, Courts, &c., of Scotland—Political History, Constitution, Courts, &c, of Ireland—Religious Establishments of Great Britain and Ireland.

Part V.—Establishments for Public Education—Revenue and Expenditure—Defence: Army, Militia, &c, Navy—Crimes, Punishments, and Prisons—Improvements or Food, Clothing, and Lodging— Classification and Income of the People—Colonies and Dependencies

Vital Statistics—Suggestions as to the Means of promoting Health

in Great Britain—Provision for the Poor—Origin and Progress or the English Language.

Longman, Bhown, Green, and Longmans.

Price 3s. Third Edition o/3000 copies, with

Household Surgery;


With many additional Hints. By JOHN F. SOUTH, Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital.

Extract from Preface to the Third Edition. "It having been suggested that it would be advantageous in a little book, now on most folks' table, to add some hints of what should be done when poison has been accidentally or purposely taken, and the prompt determination and counteraction of which is of the first importance, I prevailed on my friend Dr. Gladstone to furnish me with a short notice of the more common poisons, and the mode in which they may be managed forthwith, in the absence or during the delayed attendance of a Doctor of either of the three denominations; and be has executed his task with much ability and plainness, so that the most simple person may easily follow out his direction*."

Price 13». cloth, or t'n Twelve Shilling Parts, the

Works of William Shaksn^

Illustrated by W. HARVEY.

CoNTADttNa His Plays And Poems, From The
Editions Ry Charles Knight;

With Explanatory Notes and Facts
and Writing*

C Cox, 12, King Wi'"


C. CADBY, 33i Liquorpond Street,




The great improvement in these Pianofortes consists in the construction of the Sounding-board, wliich, in place of being, as in the ordinary mode of construction, tightly glued to the wooden framing of the instrument, is in this patented method suspended by metallic clamps, springs, or screws, so as to admit of being wholly or partially tightened. Instead of the tone being partially absorbed and deadened by the attachment on ordinary sounding-lx>ards to the framing, a defect inseparable from the old construction, tho Patent Sounding-board, by its isolation, and by the arrangement of the springs or clamps, retains a much greater and longer vibration, and the tone is not dissipated, but flows on clearly and distinctly, giving to the ordinary Pianoforte much of the clearness and effect of the flageolet and diapason stops of the Organ. It is important to observe, that tho usual arrangement of the Piano is in every other respect followed. There is no change in the method of playing, no difference is observed in fingering, and the pedal movements are identical with the ordinary instrument.


Fig. 1. Ftij. 2.

Fig. 1 shows a Semi-cottage Pianoforte with tho left-hand side open, which presents a perfect view of the suspension principle. Fig. 2 is a drawing of a Grand Pianoforte upon the same principle, though not shown in this as in F.g. 1.


Price, in Mahogany, for 6f Octaves, 25 Guinea- Rosewood or Zebra, 26 Guineas.

[I 1S3




May be obtained by the night in the best situations in


Also G Aiaery Stalls and Pit Tickets for all performances. At this Office every information can be given,

and all languages spoken. j i 123


YERY superior PIANOFORTES—PICOLOS, of elegant exterior and brilliant quality of tone, in Mahogany, Rosewood, and Walnut-tree wood. Warranted to stand well in tune in all climates. 22 Guineas. A pamphlet gratis, containing rules for the preservation of Pianofortes. Descriptive price-lists gratis and postage free. Also an extensive assortment of other Musical Instruments.

New Burlington-street, London. [i 111

TC. JONES and Co., MAKERS and INVENT. ORS of the TWIN or FAMILY PIANO for Two, Four, or Six Performers, provisionally Registered for the Great Exhibition of 1851; also of the New Twenty-Guinea

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MESSRS. TOWNS & PACKERS, 20, OXFORD STREET.—HORIZONTAL SEMI-GRAND TRANSPOSING PIANOFORTE.—To transpose Music by semitonic progression two whole tones higher or lower than the original Scale or Key in which it was composed, for the accommodation of Singers. Its novelty is attributable to the introduction of a power by which the key-l>oard is moved for the purposes of transposition, and its superiority is the fact that the tone and touch are not in the least affected by the use of this moving power. This Instrument has the repetition touch so much approved of by the Profession in the Grand Pianofortes. * [l 100

[blocks in formation]

THE COMMITTEE beg to announce, that, in order to afford Visitors to the Great Exhibition the opportunity of witnessing the grand performances of this Society, the usual season will be extended, and a series of popular Oratorios be given on several FRIDAY EVENINGS during the months of MAY and JUNE, commencing with Mendelssohn's 'ELIJAH,' on the 2nd and 16th of May.

The most efficient Vocalists will be engaged, and the entire Orchestra, the largest available in Exeter Hall, will consist of (including Sixteen Double-basses) nearly SEVEN HUNDRED PERFORMERS.

Prices of Tickets or Admission, which should be
secured early.

For the body of the Hall Three Shillings.

For Reserved Seats in Area or Gallery . Fire Shillings.

For Central Area do. numbered as Stalls { J^f ^^

To prevent disappointment and imposition, strangers are cautioned to observe that the headings of this Society's announcements are precisely as above; that the price of each saleable Ticket is legibly printed upon it; and that the Agents of the Society are prohibited from making any increased charge—the Honorary Secretary's name, ns under, being engraved upon each Ticket.

The Society's sole Office is No. 6 Room, within Exeter Hall (at the end of the right-hand side of the passage entering from the Strand), where, or of Mr. Rowley, 53, Charingcross, full particulars and Tickets may be obtained.

T. BREWER, /Ton. Sec.

A model of the arrangement of the Orchestra has been placed in the Exhibition, and will be found in the Western Nave, [i 234


Novello's Cheap Editions of ORATORIOS (both Folio and Octavo) will be found appropriate Presents; combining elegance with a moderate outlay for a Standard Work.

Catalogues (gratis) on application to the

London SACRED MUSIC Warehouse,

6g, Dean-st, Soho, or 24, Poultry. [l7



Music Publishers (by Special Warrant) to


"The Messrs. Cocks and Co.," says the Court Journal^ speaking of the above linn, "commenced as music publishers some twenty-five years back. From that time they have been publishing standard works and novelties by the first professors of the age, both native and foreign, until their leviathan catalogue has reached to a number of plates exceeding 250,000. No other music publishers in England— we should say, in Europe—possess a catalogue containing such variety, or such sterling, standard, and popular works, for every description of musical instrument, and for the science of music generally."

The following works may be cited as constituting a small portion of their valuable stock :—

Boyce (Dr.), Collection of Cathedral Music, edited by Joseph Warren, 3 vols, large folio. (Exhibitedsee Catalogue.)

Albrechtaberger's, Cherubim's, & Weber's Theoretical Work*.
Czerny's Royal Pianoforte School and School of Practical Compo-
Warren's Church Service, 373 Chants, Psalmody, and Organ Works.

Beethoven, Haydn, & Mozart —All their Quartetts, Quintett*

Trios, Overtures, Symphonies, &c. &c. Handel's Oratorios—Messiah, Israel in Egypt, Samson, Judas Macca

Ihciis, Acis and Galatea, See., in Vocal Score, with Piano o

Organ Accompaniment, by John Bishop. Bach (J. S.)—All his Organ and Pianoforte Works, by J. Bishop. Rinck's Organ School and Organ Works, by J. Bishop. Hamilton's Celebrated Pianoforte Tutor, and all his Catechisms,

and Dictionary of 3500 Musical Terms. Spohr's and Campagnoli'B Methods for the Violin. Also, Otto

and Dubourg on the Violin, \c \c. By J. Bishop.

Catalogues of Music and Musical Instruments forwarded gratis and postage free. (See Catalogue.) [1 99

Pianofortes at 20 Guineas,





Recommend to the notice of the Public their Superior ROSEWOOD BOUDOIR PICOLOS, with 7 octaves, at Twenty Guineas.

Also, their very Superior 7-octave COTTAGES, with elegant Carved Shell Fronts, manufactured in eight of the Choicest Woods, at Twenty-five Guineas each.

All Pianofortes purchased at this Establishment packed and delivered, free, at any Kailway Station in London.

Warranted for Two Years, and exchanged if not approved of.

Merchant?, SniFPERS, and Country Dealers

Supplied. [i 101

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