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TreasurerJohn Guhney Hoare, Esq.

Honorary Secretaries— liev. W. W. Champneys, M.A., Rector of WhilecJtapel, aud ltev. Ebenezeb Henderson, D.D.

Corresponding Secretary ami Superintendent—Mr. Wm. Jones. Assistant Secretary and Cashier—Mr. Wu, Tabs.

The Society has issued works in about 110 different languages and dialects; specimens of some of which arc shown in the Great Exhibition.

The present annual circulation of the Society's works amounts to about Twenty-four Millions; its receipts to about 61,000/.; and its total distribution, to March, 1850, including the issues of its foreign Societies, to about Five Hundred And Twenty-four Millions of copies.

The sale of the publications is made to cover nil the expenses of production and distribution. Thus the whole of the subscriptions, ice, are applied to the gratuitous circulation of its works, without any deduction or charge whatever.

The Industrlil Exhibition.

Extensive supplies of books and tracts, in many of the Continental languages, have been prepared for circulation among the foreign visitors to the Great Exhibition. To facilitate this object they have reduced the price of all tracts in foreign languages to the same scale as English tracts— equal to a reduction of one-fourth. All persons purchasing foreign tracts, for gratuitous circulation, to the amount of 20s., will be supplied at half the Catalogue prices. The Committee have engaged eligible premises at No. 164, PiccaDilly, as their Western Depository.



Popular AVorks, elegantly written, on History, Biography, Science, Ueligion, &c. Sixty-six volumes are already published. Each vol. contains 1U2 pages of good bold letterpress, and occasionally illustrated with engravings;—6d. in fancy covers; and Wd. in cloth boards, gilt edges.

EDUCATIONAL SERIES, for Schools and Families, consisting of the History Of Greece to A. V. 1833, 12mo., with map, cloth, 2*. &d.History Of Komi:, to the Fall of the Empire, 12mo., with three maps, 3s.Lives Of Illustrious Greeks, 12mo., 3».— A Universal Geography, in four parts, Historical, Mathematical, Physical, and Political, with ten coloured maps, 12mo., boards, 5*.—Paley's Hor.t. Paulin.s, with notes and supplementary treatise, by Rev. T. R. Birks, A.m., with maps, 3s.—Paley's Evidences Of Chrlstianity, with introduction, notes, and supplement, by Rev. T. R. Birks, A.m., with Map, 3s.


containing the Old and New Testaments, according to
the authorised version, arranged in paragraphs and pa-
rallelisms; with explanatory notes, prefaces to the seve-
ral Books, and an entirely new selection of references
to parallel and illustrative passages. Part I. The Pen-
tateuch. Super-royal 8vo. 3s., neat cover.
[To be completed in six parts.]


maps. 4s. cloth boards; 5s. roan gilt; 6s. morocco; 7s. Turkey morocco.


BIBLE: The Text according to the authorized version.
The Comment from Henry and Scott, aud from other

authors; with marginal references, maps, and various useful tables. Super-royal 8vo. Complete in six vols. 21. 14s. boards; 3/. 18s. half bound; 4/. 14s. calf; 5/. 6s. calf extra. With numerous engravings, portraits, &c, 60s. boards.

COMMENTARY: the same as above, without the Text. 12mo. 6 vols, neat, in cloth, 32s.; half bound 38s • calf 44s


Dr. Merle D'aubicne. Demy 8vo. 4 vols in 1. With new preface, and numerous additions. The 4th part being the English original. Cloth bds. 6s.: or in two vols. Is. The Library Edition, in 4 vols., price 14s. boards.


ticular notice of those that illustrate the Sacred Scriptures. Many engravings. 8vo. 10a. cloth boards.


By Antoine Monastier, formerly Pastor in the Canton de Vaud. 12mo., with a map of the valleys, 4s. boards.

LUTHER: his Mental and Spiritual History:

with special reference to its earlier periods, and the Opening Scenes of the Reformation. By Barnas Sears, D.D. 12mo. 4s. boards.

THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS, from the Call of Abraham to the Birth of Christ. Illustrated with steel and wood engravings. In 2 vols. 12mo., 8s. boards; 10s. half bound.

THE JUBILEE MEMORIAL of the RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY: containing a record of its Origin, Proceedings, and Results, Ad. 1791) to A.d. 1849. By William Jones, Corresponding Secretary. 8vo. with portraits engraved on steel, 7s. extra cloth boards.

*,* Catah-mts <>:' the Society s Tract, Book, and Foreign Publications tnay be obtained at either of the above Dejtositories, or "I tii pott. Applications in refirence to the funds and publications may be addressed to Mr. William Jones, 56, Pater

Published Monthly, Price Is.,

Cjft Jomrnal uf $imp aittr |ftoirfactara,



The JOURNAL OF DESIGN AND MANUFACTURES is addressed to the Producers and Consumers of all Decorative ManuFactures, as well the Merchant, the Manufacturer, the Designer, the Art Workman, as the General Public.


The Recognition of Sound Principles of Design, and the Necessity for a Faith in them.

The Application of these Principles to Manufactures and Purposes of Utility.

The Progress of Design in accordance with the Wants and Sentiments of the Present Age rather than a Slavish Repetition of the Ancient or Mediaeval Art of Past Ages.

The Improvement of tlie Laws regulating Copyright of Design and the Extension of tJie Period of Cojiyright.

The Diffusion of Art-Education through all Classes,
and the Increased Efficiency of Schools of Design.

T/ie Establishment of Public Exhibitions of Decorative

Four Volumes of the JOURNAL OF DESIGN AND MANUFACTURES are now completed, price 7*. 6d. each, bound. During their progress, the effect and soundness of the principles advocated in them have been signally shown in the extension of Copyright of Design, in the amendment of the Schools of Design, in the general improvement of Decorative Manufactures; but, above all, in the success of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations, which the JOURNAL OF DESIGN AND MANUFACTURES consistently supported as a theory, long before it became a great fact.

THE JOURNAL OF DESIGN AND MANUFACTURES is the only publication in Europe which inserts in its pages Specimen's Ok Actual Fabrics.

DURING THE EXHIBITION the Journal of Design and Manufactures will insert SPECIMENS of the finest woven fabrics, &c, exhibited.





May be ordered of all Booksellers and Stationers.




Knight's Cyclopaedia
of the Industry of all Nations.

And a permanent Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and

Commerce. 'With Elaborate Woodcuts.

Forty Numbers at Twopence. Ten Parts at Ninepence.

One Volume of nearly 1000 pages, bound, Eight Shillings.

To be ready on the 1st of June.


Cyclopaedia of London.

In 1851 there will be a gathering from all lands in this, the largest city of the world, whose inhabitants are in intercourse—commercial, political, literary, or religious— with almost the whole human race. We purposely select this period for producing a full, compact, and cfieap book on LonDon, that will endeavour to combine accuracy with amusement,—a Guide for the Visitor*a permanent Volume in the National Library. With Elaborate Woodcuts.

Forty Numbers at Twopence. Ten Parts at Ninepence.

One Volume of nearly 1000 pages, bound, Eight Shillings.

To be ready on the 1st of June.


Excursion-Train Companion.

The complete work will form Two Divisions; and will be published periodically, in Fifty-two Numbers at twopence, and Thirteen Parts at ninepence, each number being perfect in itself.

1st Division.—EXCURSIONS FROM LONDON. To be complete in One Volume, price 5a., on the 1st of June.

2nd Division. To be complete in One Volume, price 6»., on Me l*t of Dec.


Sketch-Book of London


One Volume. Price Half-a-Crown.


Sketch-Book of British Industry


One Volume. Price Half-a-Crown. These volumes, illustrative of 1861 and its associations, will each consist of about fifty Engravings on Wood, representing 250 objects, with brief descriptions, beautifully printed in small 4to. To be ready in May.

*#» These two Works will be published in the French and German Languages.

National Cyclopaedia of Useful

On the 1st of February, 1847, the publication of " The
National Cyclopedia" was commenced. On The 31st Of
March, 1851, The Work Was Completed.

The Publisher Has Fulfilled The Conditions Of PubLication In Evert Particular. It has been his endeavour to produce a popular Cyclopaedia that within its necessary limits shall omit nothing of general importance; and, whilst it is peculiarly addressed to the greatest number of readers, shall satisfy the most critical inquirer.

Twelve Volumes, cloth, £3; half-bound, £3. 12s.
Six Volumes, half-russia. or whole calf, £4.

Half-Hours with the Best

This Work, which contains S/?ecimens of Three Hundred Writers, with biographical and critical notices, is arranged so as to furnish Half An Hock's Beading For Every Day Jn The Year, formed of Twelve Hundred awl Forty pages, equal in quantity to six ordinary octavo volumes: with Sixteen Miniature Portraits, engraved on Steel.

In Four Volumes, cloth, Ten Shillings; in Two Volumes, half-bound, Twelve Shillings.

Pictorial Half-Hours;


With Illustrative Descriptions.

Four Volumes, Fourteen Shillings; or in Two Volumes,

half-bound, Sixteen Shillings.

The Land We Live in:



Profusely Illustrated with Woodcuts, and with splendid Line

Engravings on Steel.

Forming Four Superb Volumes, £3. 8s.

This popular Work is completed in Forty Parts, each of

which is perfect in itself, and may be purchased separately,

price One Sltilling.


Views in the British Isles.

One Volume Super-royal 8vo. Comprising Forty-two Enoravinos On Steel, and Eighty On Wood, with Illustrative Descriptions, embracing— The chief Cities and Ports—All the English Cathedrals— The Manufacturing Districts and their Processes—The chief Watering-places—The Lakes, North Wales, and other Scenery. Price 16*.

To be ready t'n June.


ATLAS COMPLETE, with Index, 212 Map?, plain, in 1 volume, half morocco or russia, CI. 7s. Coloured, 1 volume, half

morocco or rvssia, 91. 14*.
LIBRARY ATLAS, 161 Maps. 1 volume, plain, 5/. 5... j coloured, II. Is.
FAMILY ATLAS, 54 Maps, plain, 21. 2».; coloured, 21. 16».

SCHOOL ATLAS, Modern And Ancient, 39 Maps, plain, \l. :is.; coloured, \l. 13».
OUTLINE MAPS, FOR LEARNERS. Part 1., 12 Maps; Part II., 8 Maps, 3».
SINGLE MAPS, plain, od. each; coloured, 9rf.
MAP OF LONDON, for the convenience of Visitors to the ExmniTiox, plain, 1».: e-'

77i« whole of the Maps are corrected to the present time; tmd a Prospectus, withfuP4 "V DOit-tree on

apjilication to the Publisher, 'JO, Flekt St"





Debates.—Hansard's Parliamentary History And Debates, complete from 1066 to the close of 1849. 210 vols., royal 8vo, half russia, 84/.—Mixtion Of Parliament, containing accurate Reports of the Debates and Proceedings in both Houses of Parliament from 1828 to 1840. 59 vols., folio and 8vo, half-bound, 15/. 15s.—Cavendish's Debates of the House of Commons during the 13th Parliament of Great Britain, with Illustrations of the Parliamentary History of the Reign of George III., by J. Wright. 7 parts, royal Svo, 1841, 18s.

State Trials.—A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other Crimes and Misdemeanours from the earliest period to the year 1820, with Notes by Howell, and Jardine's Index. 34 vols., royal 8vo, huff russia, 13/. 13s.

Journals.—The Journals Of The House Of Commons from 1547 to 1841, with Indexes. 103 vols., folio, half-bound, 25/. 15s.— The Journals Of The House Of Lords from 1509 to 1840, with the Calendars and Indexes. 78 vols., folio, half-bound, 19/. 10s.—The Rolls Of Parliament from 1278 to 1503, with Index. 7 vols., folio, half bound, 21. 10s.

Reports.—A Selection of the most Important Parliamentary Papers from 1715 to 1833. 486 vols., half-bound, 60/. 15a.—A Series of the Sessioned Papers from 1830 to 1848, containing the Hills, Reports, Evidence, Estimates, and Papers printed by order of the House of Commons from October, 1830, to the close of 1848. 961 vols., bound, uncut, 144/. 3s.

%• The Parliamentary Debates, Journal*, and Papers supplied regularly as printed.Gentlemen desirous of possessing the Papers published on any particular subjects, on forwarding instructions to that ejfect, will be supplied with all the. Information laid before Parliament on such subjects.Imperfect sets of the Parliamentary Debates, Journals, and Papers can be completed by applying to J. Bigg $ Sons.


Board of Trade*—Reports of the Railway Department of the Boakd Of Trade on 8chemes for extending Railway Communication, and on Amalgamations, with Index. \'Zmo,ctotht 1845,5s. —Maps of the several Projected Railways referred to in the Reports of the Board of Trade. 19 parts, 1845, 19s.— Special Reports Of Committees on Railway Bills relating to adoption or rejection of recommendations of Board of Trade. !2mo, 1845, Is. 6d.

Practice of Committees. — Frere's Treatise on the Practice Of Committees of the House Of Commons, with reference especially to Railway and other Private Bills. Svo, cloth, 1846, 5s.

Public Acts.—A Collection of the Public General Acts for the Regulation of Railways in England, Wales, and Ireland, passed from IH38 to 1847 inclusive, with Index. 12mo, cloth, 1849, 5s. A similar collection of the Public Acts for the Regulation of Railways in Scotland, 1838 to 1846, with Index. 12mo, cloth, 5s.

Special Acts.—An Abstract or Digest of the Special Acts authorizing the Construction of Railways, passed in 1845, 1846, and 1847, with Tabular Abstract, Introduction, and Copious Indexes. o vols., 12mo, cloth, 21. 18s.

Standing; Orders.—The Standing Orders of Both Houses Of Parliament, relative to Private Bills, as amended in August, 1850, with Indexes. 12mo, cloth, 5s.


For Deposit of Books and Printed Papers.

J. Bioo And Sons have recently erected, In The Neighbourhood Of Parliament Street, a capacious Warehouse, constructed solely of Brick, Iron, and Slate, with the view of providing a Building where Books and Printed Papers may be Deposited in perfect Security against Accident By Fire, and in which any quantity of Books and Papers can be so Arranged that any Volume or Paper may be immediately referred to without the slightest delay.

The Terms (per annum) for Warehousing Books and Printed Papers (such as Parliamentary Reports, &c.,) are as follow i—Any quantity not exceeding 5 cwt., 20s.; exceeding 5 cwt., and under 10 cwt., 36s.; exceeding 10 cwt., and under 15 cwt., 50s.; exceeding 15 cwt., and under 20 cwt., 63s.; and for each additional 5 cwt., 16s. The Warehouso Charges to be paid half-yearly, in June and December.—Any fractional part of 5 cwt. to be charged as 5 cwt., and any period less than twelve month? to be charged as one year.

Acts of Parliament. —The Public, Local, and Private Acts (either in Volumes or separate Acts) constantly on sale. Indexes to all the Acts passed from 1800 to the present time can be consulted at 53, Parliament Street, by any gentleman desirous of obtaining the Statutes on any particular subject.

New Works and Periodicals Punctually Supplied On The Day Of Their Publication.


Selected from the Stock on Sale by
James Bigg &, Sons.

Rail way Si—Reports of Committees of the House of Commons, to whom the various Railway Bills were referred from 1830 to 1848. 13 vols., folio, cloth, 12/. 12s.—Reports of Committee on Railway Subscription Lists, 1837, 10s.—Reports of Commissioners on General System of Railways for Ireland, 1837-38, 2/ 10s.—Reports of Committees on the state of Communication by Railway. 1838-39-40, Ms. Reports of Smith and Barlow respecting Railway Communication between London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, 1840-41,3^4.— Annual Reports of the Officers of the Railway Department of the Board of Trade, 1841-46, 22s. 6d.—Reports of Committee on Railways, 1844. 6s.—Alphabetical List of Subscribers to Railway Subscription Contracts, 1845 40, 8i. Gd.— Report of Committee on Atmospheric Railways, 1845, 2s.—Returns relative to Third Class Carriages 1845, 3s. 6d.—Report of Commissioners on Uniformity of Gauge, 1846, 8s.— Report of Commissioners on Projects for establishing Railway Termini within the Metropolis, I84G, 18s.—Report of Committee on Condition of Railway Labourers, 1846, 3s.—Reports of Committee on Railway Acts Enactments, 1846,7s, 6d.— Correspondence respecting Construction of Railways in the Colonies, 1847,3s.— Reports of Commissioners on Financial Condition of Railway Companies, with Index, 1847, 7s. 6d.—Annual Reports of the Commissioners of Railways 1848-50,9s.—Return of Railway Amalgamations, 1848, 2s. 6d. —Report of Commissioners respecting Railway Communication between London and Birmingham, 1648, 30s.— Reports of Lords* Committee on Audit of Railway Accounts, 1819. Gs.— Returns of the Share Capital, Loans, Receipts, &c. of each Railway Company. 1849-60, 19s.—-Report of Commissioners on Application of Iron to Railway Structures, 1849, 30s.

Evidence Before Lords' Committees relative to the following Railways:—Birmingham, 1832, His.—Brighton, 1836, 21s.—Cheltenham and Great Western, 183G, 7s. Gd.—Chester and Birkenhead. 1837, 10s. 6d.—Clarence, 1829, 10s.—Coleorton, 1833. Is. 6d.—Direct London and Portsmouth, 1815, 4s. 6d.--Dublin and Drogheda, 1836, 2s. 6d.—Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1838, 14s.—Furness; Chester and Holyiiead; London, Brighton, and South Coast; and London and South Western, 1848, 4s. Gd.—Glasgow and Ayr, 1837, 7s.—Great Western, 1835, 31s. 6d.—Hull and Selby, 1836, 3s. 6d.—Irish Great Western, 1845, 3s. Gd.—London Grand Junction, 1836, 6s.—Manchester and Cheshire, 1836, 6s.—North Wales. 1849, 8d.—Oxford and Great Western, 1837-38, 13s.—Southampton, 1835, 15s.—Taff Vale, 1836, 2s.—Warrington and Newton, 1831, Is. Gd.

Evidence Befoue Commons' Committees relative to the following Railways:-Birmingham, 1839, Is.—Blackwall, 1836-39, 3Gs.6d.-~ Brighton, 183G, 24s.—Cheltenham, 1842, Is.—Chester and Holyhead, 1847, 10d.—Clarence, 1843, Is.—Croydon and Epsom. 1844, 2s. 6i.— Dublin and Drogheda, 1836, 3s. Gd.—Eastern Counties, 1849, Is. 6d. —Edinburgh and Perth, 1847, Is. -Glasgow, 1846, Is. 6d.— Irish Great Western, 1846, 3s. 6d.—Liverpool and Manchester, 1825, 15*. —Manchester and Birmingham Extension, 1839, 12s.—North Kent,

1846, 15s.—Oxford and Rugby, and Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, 1845, Gs.—Sonth-Eastern, 1836, 14s.

Harbours, Docks, and Piers.—Reports, Evidence, and Papers relating to the following Harbours, &c.:—Birkenhead, 1844, 9s.-Bridlington, 1837, 2*.-Cork, 1849-50, Is. 4d.—Dover, 1836, 3s.;

1847, 2s. 6d.; 1H48, 5s.—Edinburgh and Leith, 1825, 2s.—GraT«-send,

1832, 6s. 6d.—Harbours of Refuge, 1845, 4s.; 1850, Is. 3d.—Hartlepool, 1850, 4s. Gd.—Holyhead and Fort Dynllaen, 1844-47, 12s. 9d.— Hull, 1840, 2s. Gd. — Kingstown, 1844, 2s. —Leith and Newhaven, 1835-36,Gs.; 1847, Is.6d.~Limerick, 1834, Is.Gd.—Liverpool. 1829.2s. —Milford Haven, 1827, 4s. 6d. — Newhaven, 1847. Is.—Plymouth, 1846. Is.—Port of London, 1803, 30s.; 1836,7s. Gd.—Portland, 1847, 2s. Portland Roads, 1826, 3s. 6d.—Ramsgate and Margate, 1M50, 3s.— Sunderland, 1832, 5s.—Sutton Pool, 1847, Is. Gd.—Tidal Harbours Commission, 1845-47, 21s.—Trinity (North Leith), 1835-36, 7s. Gd,— Western of Ireland, 1834, 2s.

Canals and Navigations.— Reports and Papers relating to the following Canals, fcc.:—Caledonian, 1803-50. 33s.; 1839-42, 3s. 6d.—Dublin and Kingstown, 1833, 3s.—Ennis, 1849, 2s.—Lough Erne and Shannon, 1845, 2s. — Med way, 183G, 7s. Gd. — Norfolk Estuary, 1849, is. 3d.—Norwich and Lowestoft, i826,2a.6d.—Varrett, 183G, 3s. Gd.—Severn, 1848-49, Gs.— Shannon, 1831, 2s. 6d.; 1832-33, 12s.; 1834. Is.; 1836-39, 30s.; 1848, Is. 6d.

Bridges.—Reports relating to the following Bridges:—Blaekfrlars, 1836, Is. Gd.—London, 1820-21, 2s.; 1829, 12s.—Menai, 1B19, Is. Gd.—Westminster, 1814, 2s.; 1846, Gs.; 1850, Is. 2d.

Turnpike Roads.—Reports of Committees, 1806-11, 16*.*. 1819-23, 5s.; 1833, 2s ; I83G, Is. 6d.; 1839. Is —Report of Commit* sinners, 1840, Gs.—Income and Expenditure of Trusts, 1824, 8s.;

1833, 3s. Gd.; 1836 50, 18s. Gd.— Reports relating to the following Roads:— Highland, 1804-21, ISs.; 1822-50, Us. 6d. — Holyhead, 1810-22, 21s.; 1820-30, 5s.; 1824-50, 12s. Gd.—Liverpool, 1829, 2s.— Metropolis, 1825-50, 12s,—South Wales, 1844, 5s.—Turnpike Roads in Ireland, 1826-31, 2s. 6d.; 1832, 3s. Gd.


Commercial Relation* with Foreign States.

Treaties of Commerce in force between the United Kingdom and Foreign SUtel, with their < tutoms' Tariffs, and Commercial Regulations. 23 parts, 1841-50, 2/. 16s.—Bowring s Reports, on Commerce of Egypt and Candia, 1440, 2s.; France, 1834-35, 5s.; Italy, 1837, Is. 6d.; Prussian Commercial Union, 1840, 2s. Gd.; Switzerland, 1836, Is. 6d.; Syria, 1840, Is. 6d. — Macgregor's Report on Commercial Statistics of Sicily, 1840, Is.

Foreign Affairs*—Papers and Correspondence relative to Afghanistan. 1843, 4s. 6d.—America (Boundary Question), 1838-45, 12s —Belgium, 1833, 9s.-China, 1840, 6s.—France (Public Accounts of). 1831-32. 8s.—Greece, 1830, lis.; 1832, 3s. 6d.; 1836,2s.; 1843-44, la. 9d.; 181)0, 8s. 6d.—Gwallor, 1844, 2i.—Hayti, 1829, Is. 6d — Italy, 1849, 18s.—Levant, 1841. 14s.—Naples, 1815, Is. 6d — Netherlands, 1832-39, 6s. Gd.—New Granada, 1837, 2s.—Oudc, 1834, 3s.—Persia, 1841, Is.—Portendic, 1845, 5s—Portugal, 1829, Is. 6d.; 1831, 6s.; 1847, 4s. 6d.—Punjab, 1849, 5s.—Quarantine Regulations, 1843. 4s. 6d. Sicily and Naples, 1849, 9s.—Slnde, 1843 44, 6s.—Spain, 1839, 2s.; 1847, Is. 6d.—Switzerland, 1848, 3s— Syria, 1843-45, 6s. 6d.—Turkey, 1840-44, 3s.—Vienna Congress, 1816, 9s.

Slave Trade*—Reports of Protectors of Slaves In the Colonies, 1829-31, 9s.— Correspondence with British Commissioners and with Foreign Powers, 1831-49, 67. 5s.—Report of Committee on Extinction of Slavery, 1832,6s.—Papers explanatory of Government Measures for Abolition of Slavery, 1833-38, 2Ss.—Account of Money awarded as Compensation for Slaves, 1838, 3s.—Treaties with Foreign Powers, and Instructions to Naval Officers, 1844, 5s.—Reports of Commons' Committee on Extinction of Slave Trade, 1848-49, 10s. 6d.— Reports of Lords' Committee on African Slave Trade, 1849-50, Us. 6d.

Revenue. — Annual Finance Accounts, containing detailed Statements of Public Income and Expenditure, Consolidated Fund, Debt, Trade, lie., 1802-50, 5/. lis.—Marshall's Digest of Accounts relating to Revenues, Financial Operations, Commerce, &c, of the United Kingdom, 1833, 15s.—Tables of Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c, of the United Kingdom, from 1820 to 1848, 31. 19s.

Population.—Returns of. In Great Britain, in 1801,7s.; in 1811, 7s.; In 1821, 7s.; In 1831, 21s.; in 1841, 18s.—In Ireland, in 1821,3s. 6d.; in 1831,3s.; in 1841,9s.

Banking.—Reports on Restriction of Cash Payments, 1797, 6a. 6d.—On Resumption of Cash Payments, 1819, 7s.—On Renewal of Bank Charter, 1832, 6s.—On Joint Stock Ranks, 3 vols., 1836-38, 9s.—On Banksof Issue, 2 vols., 1840-41, 10s. Gd.—On Circulation of Promissory Notes, 1826-27, 5s. 6d.

Board Of Health.-Reports of the General Board of Health on Quarantine, 1849, Is.—On the Nuisances' Removal and Public Health Acts, 1849, 10d.—On Extramural Sepulture, 1850, Is. 6d.— On Metropolitan Workhouses, 1850, 8d.—On the Supply of Water to the Metropolis, 5 vols., 1850, lis.—On Cholera, 3 vols., 1850, 6s.

Fisheries.— Reports relative to the British Fisheries, 1833, Is. 6d.; 1846, Is. Gd. ; 1849-50, 2s. Gd. -Irish Fisheries, 1820-30, 15s.; 1836. 5s. 6d.; 1843-46,5s.; 1849,9s.—Salmon, 1824-25,6s. 6d.; 1836,7s.

Mines and Collieries.—Report of Midland Mining Commission. 1843, 4s. Gd.—On Explosion at Haswell Colliery, 1845, Is.; in Darley Main Colliery, 1849, Is.—On Gases and Explosions in Collieries. 1847, 2s. 6d.-On Accidents in Coal Mines, 1849, 13s — On the Ventilation of Mines and Collieries, 1850, 6s. 6d.

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Catalogue of Parliamentary Reports.—A CataLogue of all the Important Parliamentary Keiokts and Papers printed by order of the Hol'ses of Lords and Commons (complete to the present time) has just been published by J. Bico And Sons, and may be bad on application at 53, Parliament Street, or a copy will be forwarded by post, on the receipt of two postage stamps.

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