The Acting Members of the Executive Committee—Lieut-Colonel Reid and Mr. C. W. Duke (Control of

Building and General Superintendence); Mr. H. Cole (Space and Arrangement of Articles.)
Special Commissioners—Dr. Lyon Playfair; Lieut-Colonel J. A. Lloyd.
Juries—Professor Playfair and Lieutenant Ward.
Preparation of Plans, and Superintendence of Building Arrangements—Mr. M. D. Wyatt. Clerk o

Works—Mr. Earie.
Architectural Matters, and Decoration of Building—Mr. Owen Jones.
Engineering Superintendence—Mr. C. H. Wild.

Corresponding Secretary—Mr. F. Dunoombe. Registrar of Letters—Mr. Wade.
Finance—F. S. Carpenter, D.A.C.G., and Mr. W. Kendall.
Superintendent of British Side of Building—Captain Collinson, R.E.
Superintendent of Foreign Side of Building—Captain Owen, R.E. Assistants—Lieutenant Ducane, R.E.

and Mr. Harman.
Receiver of Goods, British—Mr. Belshaw. Receiver of Goods, Foreign—Captain Rafter.
Secretary to Foreign Commissioners—Mr. Wylde.

Space and Admission of Articles—Captain Owen and Lieutenant Crossman.
British Colonies—Dr. Lindley, Lieutenant Tyler, and Lieutenant Bbownlow, R.E.
Indian Collection—Dr. Royle and Professor Solly.
Chinese and Persian Collection—Lieut-Colonel Lloyd, Lieutenant Tyler.
Registration of Designs—Captain L. Boscawen Ibbetson.
Arrangements for Working Classes—Mr. A. Redgrave.
CatalogueSuperintendent on Part of the Commission—Lieut-Colonel Lloyd. Contractors — Messrs

Spicer and Clowes. Scientific Editor—Mr. R. Ellis. Compiler—Mr. Yapp.
Police—The Commissioners' Superintendent of Police, Mr. Pearoe.
Customs—Mr. Rolls and Mr. Fairman.
Season Tickets—Mr. G. Grove.
Supervision over the Sappers and Miners employed—Captain GlBB, R.E., Lieutenant Gordon, R.E., and

Lieutenant Stopford, RE.
Fire Arrangements—Mr. Braidwood, E. C.
Ventilation—Lieutenant Crossman.

RefreshmentsSuperintendent—Mr. J. Elderton; Messrs. Schweppe, (Contractor).
Electric Telegraph—Mr. Gamble.


Class 1. Mining and Mineral Products—Professor Anbted, Mr. R. Hcnt, and Mr. Watson.

2. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products—Dr. Lyon Playfair, Mr. A. Phillips, and Lieutenant


3. Substances used as Food. 4. Vegetable and Animal Substances used in Manufactures—Dr. Lindlev

and Mr. Matchwick.

5. Machines for direct use, including Carriages, Railway, and Marine Mechanism— Mr. Hensman

and Mr. Biddle.

6. Manufacturing Machines and Tools—Mr. Hensman and Lieutenant Craptf.e.

7. Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Building Contrivances—Mr. Hensman and Lieutenant

Walker, R.E.

8. Naval Architecture, Military Engineering, Guns, Weapons, j-c.—Captain Westmacott, RE.,

and Mr. Watts, R.N.

9. Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and Implements—Mr. Brandreth Gidbs and Ensign

Soady, R.E.

10. Philosophical, Musical, Horological, and Surgical Instruments—Lieut-Colonel Lloyd ami

Lieutenant Trevor.

11. Cotton—Mr. George Wallis and Mr. W. Hawkins.

12. Woollen and Worsted—Mr. G. Wallis and Mr. W. Hawkins.

13. Silk and Velvet. 14. Flax and Hemp—Mr. Wallis.

15. Mixed Fabrics, including Shawls—Mr. Wallis and Mr. Hawkins.

16. Leather, Saddlery and Harness, Shins, Fur, and Hair—Mr. Dodd.

17. Paper, Printing, and Bookbinding—Mr. Owen Jones.

18. Woven, Felted, and Laid Fabrics, Dyed and Printed—Mr. Wallis.

19. Tapestry, Carpets, Floorcloths, Lace and Embroidery, &c.—Mr. Lowe.

20. Articles of Clothing, for Immediate, Personal, or Domestic use—Mr. Wallis and Mr.W. Hawkins.

21. Cutlery, Edge and Hand Tools—Mr. R. A. Thompson.

22. General Hardware, including Lochs and Grates—Mr. R. A. Thompson.

23. Works m Precious Metals, Jewellery, $c.—Mr. Lowe.

24. Glass. 25. China, Porcelain, Earthenware, $c.—Lieutenant Pabley, R.E.

26. Furniture, Upholstery, Paper Hangings, Papier Mache, and Japanned Goods—Mr. C. T.


27. Manufactures in Mineral Substances, for Building or Decorations—Professor Ansted.

28. Manufactures from Animal and Vegetable Substances, not being woven or felted—Mr. C. T.


29. Miscellaneous Manufactures and Small Wares—Mr. Dodd.

30. Sculpture, Models, and Plastic Art, Mosaics, Enamels, $c.—Mr. Owen Jones.

A List of the Local Committees of tlie United Kingdom xchich returned Exhibitors, and Subscription* to
the General. Fund up to the period of the opening of the Exhibition.

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