Model bye-laws for sanitary authorities

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4. oldal - For fixing and from time to time varying the number of persons who may occupy a house or part of a house which is let in lodgings or occupied by members of more than one family...
1. oldal - FOR the purposes of this Act the re-erecting of any building pulled down to or below the ground floor, or of any frame building of which only the framework is left down to the ground floor, or the conversion into a dwelling-house of any building not originally constructed for human habitation, or the conversion into more than one dwelling-house of a building originally constructed as one dwelling-house only, shall be considered the erection of a new building.
2. oldal - Provided, nevertheless, that the> justices, or Court before whom any complaint may be made or any proceedings may be taken in respect of any such, offence may, if they think fit, adjudge the payment as a penalty of any sum less than the full amount of the penalty imposed by this regulation. COMMENCEMENT OF THE REGULATIONS. 19. These regulations shall come into force on and after the day of 18 REVOCATION OF REGULATIONS.* 20.
17. oldal - Observance of the same by enacting therein such Provisions as they think necessary as to the giving of Notices, as to the Deposit of Plans and Sections by Persons intending to lay out Streets or to construct Buildings...
7. oldal - Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing byelaws shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty of...
2. oldal - in all proceedings at law or otherwise the " term ' hackney carriage ' shall be sufficient to " describe any such carriage ; provided always, " that no stage coach used for the purpose of " standing or plying for passengers to be " carried for hire at separate fares, and duly
3. oldal - ... for regulating the manner in which the number of each carriage corresponding with the number of its licence shall be displayed ; for regulating the number of persons to be carried by...
15. oldal - ... pounds, and in the case of a continuing offence to a further penalty of forty shillings for each day after written notice of the offence from the Council...
17. oldal - Calls, which respectively it shall be lawful for the Company from Time to Time to fix as they shall think fit.
8. oldal - ... of good bricks, stone, or other hard and incombustible materials properly bonded and solidly put together : — (a.) With good mortar compounded of good lime and clean sharp sand, or other suitable material ; or (6.) With good cement ; or (c.) With good cement mixed with clean sharp sand, 13.

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