An appreciative life of ... the earl of Beaconsfield, ed. by C. Brown, 1. kötet

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Cornelius Brown

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164. oldal - The latent tracts, the giddy heights explore Of all who blindly creep, or sightless soar; Eye Nature's walks, shoot folly as it flies, And catch the manners living as they rise; Laugh where we must, be candid where we can; But vindicate the ways of God to man.
172. oldal - Dreams, books, are each a world ; and books, we know, Are a substantial world, both pure and good : Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood, Our pastime and our happiness will grow.
59. oldal - I might as well attempt to gather up the foam of the sea, as to convey an idea of the extraordinary language in which he clothed his description. There were, at least, five words in every sentence that must have been very much astonished at the use they were put to, and yet no others apparently could so well have conveyed his idea. He talked like a race-horse approaching the winning post, every muscle in action, and the utmost energy of expression flung out in every burst.
41. oldal - The Bar — pooh! law and bad jokes till we are forty; and then, with the most brilliant success, the prospect of gout and a coronet. Besides, to succeed as an advocate, I must be a great lawyer; and, to be a great lawyer, I must give up my chance of being a great man.
257. oldal - But I care not what may be the position of a man who never originates an idea — a watcher of the atmosphere, a man who, as he says, takes his observations, and when he finds the wind in a certain quarter, trims to suit it.
256. oldal - Sultan personally witnessed the departure of the fleet; all the muftis prayed for the success of the expedition, as all the muftis here prayed for the success of the last general election. Away went the fleet; but what was the Sultan's consternation when the lord high admiral steered at once into' the enemy's port I Now, sir, the lord high admiral, on that occasion, was very much misrepresented. He, too, was called a traitor ; and he, too, vindicated himself.
256. oldal - ... candid friends. The right hon. gentleman may be sure that a quotation from such an authority will always tell. Some lines, for example, upon friendship, written by Mr. Canning, and quoted by the right hon.
164. oldal - AWAKE, my St. John ! leave all meaner things To low ambition and the pride of kings. Let us (since life cau little more supply Than just to look about us and to die) Expatiate free o'er all this scene of man ; A mighty maze ! but not without a plan ; A wild where weeds and flowers promiscuous shoot, Or garden tempting with forbidden fruit.
195. oldal - Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not express'd in fancy; rich, not gaudy; For the apparel oft proclaims the man...
256. oldal - Something has risen up in this country as fatal in the political world as it has been in the landed world of Ireland — we have a great Parliamentary middleman.

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