pp. 76.

them agree,

What country on earth boasts a people lott and Jones; Mason. 12mo.

like thine, With feelings all fire, and a genius divine ? But alas ! superstition's malar" withers all

, We wish all of our countrymen posAnd turns every kindlier impulse to gall.

sessed Mr. Arthur's information and Even now in their bosoms a dark spirit missionary spirit. Nor do we see lurks,

why they should not possess a far Yea, crime in their hearts, like a lava tide greater amount of intelligence, as

works; For those who should guide, to enslave their country, than many, at present

to the power and responsibility of And they crouch to the despots, nor dare have. Surely, to the Christian mind, to be free.

the contemplation and history of the But Erin-despair not; thou yet shalt be peaceful triumphs of the Gospel are bright,

far more gratifying than the conThe soul of thy children shall burst into quests of Alexander, or the victories

light; For the stream of salvation, shall one day tion, the other, happiness, and peace.

of Cæsar. The one spreads desolao'erthrow Every stronghold of death, with its life- Amidst all the acquisition of Pagiving flow.

gan poetry, history, and mythology, we fear that even the plainest rudi

ments of Christian knowledge have The Jesuits. By MM. MICHELET, been almost overlooked in the educa

and QUINET, of the College of tional process. And many a one, to France. Translated from the se- whom the names and pedigree, attriventh edition, with the approba- butes and characters, of Heathen gods tion of the Authors, by C. Čocks, and goddesses, are as familiar almost B. L., Professor of the living as household words, know little of languages in the Royal Colleges of the history, and doctrines of ChrisFrance, &c., &c. London: Long- tianity,-have bestowed only a short man, Brown, Green, and Long- time to the perusal of the Scrip

tures,—are almost entirely ignorant WITHOUT agreeing in all the views of the peculiar nature of Popery and and principles of these eminent op- Protestantism, - and are thus preposers of Jesuitism, in France, we are pared as fit tools to the hand of the yet very highly gratified with the Jesuits. work in general, and are rejoiced to We rejoice to see Juvenile Missee so cheap and popular an edition sionary Societies, and the Young as that now under notice.

Men's Christian Association formed, How singular it must appear, that and cordially wish prosperity to their whilst, in France, the Jesuits are thus exertions. unpopular, our Government should be Having taken a rapid survey of the taking them by the hand in England, extent, and moral statistics of the and making fresh concessions in their British empire, the author thus profavour!

ceeds at page 72:We shall refer more fully to the “ Gentlemen, permit me one word contents of this work in our next,

The greatness of England is Meantime we have no hesitation in essentially a Protestant greatness. saying that it will prove useful, not The dawn of our national glory was only to the public in general, but a

the rising of the Bible upon our very valuable addition to the libra- land. Our greatest acquisitions were ries of Mechanics’ Institutes, and made under our most decidedly Prothose of our Operative fellow Pro- testant Sovereigns. England has

grown mighty in proud defiance of the Man of Sin." While other na

tions have bowed before him, some The Extent, and Moral Statistics of prostrate in the dust, others gently the British Empire: A Lecture de- kneeling, she has sat on high with livered before the Young Men's her foot on his authority, and her Christian Association. By the Rev. smile at his rage. In that elevation, WILLIAM ARTHUR. London: Ay- the sunshine of heaven has been




But the pos

bright over her, when all the coun- service. Reading.-Mr. Lord lectries that obeyed him were scourged tured here on Wednesday, Sept. 23, with dreadful storms.

Rev. C. J. Goodhart in the chair. ture of England is hardly what it -Colchester. -A lecture is anused to be. There is not now the nounced to be delivered by Mr. Lord same haughty distance, the same bold in this town, on Tuesday, September disdain. Her countenance is toward 29. Southwark. —Å Protestant the throne of the spiritual despot, her Meeting was held in the National attitude inclined, her form stooping. School-room, Borough-road, on TuesShe has begun her descent from the day, September 8, Charles Shaw, Esq., high place, where God was wont to in the chair. bless her. The kings of the earth IRELAND. -A Conrert to the are moved to meet her, and cry from Established Church.-Maria Isabella their place below, Hah! art thou Keon, eldest daughter of Ferdinand become as one of us ?' Stay, Bri- Keon, of Newbrook, county of Leitannia, stay! Give not thy power trim, Esq., solemnly renounced the and thy strength unto the Beast ; for- errors of Popery in Kilcar church, sake not the seat on which God has county of Donegal, on Sunday, the smiled. Let men sneer as they may, 2d of August last. She subsequently I solemnly believe, and I think the signed the roll, and received the sahistory of Europe requires me to crament of the Lord's Supper.believe it, that the departure of Evening Packet. -Reformation in England from Protestantism must Dublin.-On Sunday, September 6, involve her in those national woes we had the gratification of seeing ten which every Popish country attests as persons publicly renounce the errors the judgment of God on apostasy." of Popery in St. Audeon's Church.

Three of the converts were educated for the Romish priesthood; but they

have now abandoned for ever the idea INTELLIGENCE.

of taking on them that yoke, and FIFTH OF NOVEMBER.—It is intended have embraced the doctrines of Jesus to hold a Meeting of the members

Christ. One of the converts had been and friends of the Protestant Asso- a priest's clerk for upwards of thirty ciatlon (D.v.) in the Large Hall, Ex- years, and is deeply versed in the eter Hall, in the evening of the 6th mysteries of the profession he has of November next. A sermon will left. All the converts received the (D. v.) be preached on the Fifth of Lord's Supper, and signed the renunNovember. Further particulars will ciation roll in the usual way. The be announced.

Rev. R. H. M. Eyre read prayers, and ENGLAND.— Ramsgate.—A lec- the Rev. Thomas Scott preached ture was delivered in this town, on from the words, “I have found the Friday, Sept. 4, which was numerously book of the law in the house of the and respectably_attended. Lieut. Lord.” (2 Chron. xxxv. 15.) He Hutchinson, R.N., took the chair. was listened to by all present with Among others, there were on the plat- breathless attention. We shall give form, Captain Baker, Rev. T. C. none of his observations, as we unWhitehead, Rev. Daniel Wilson, Vicar derstand that his discourse on that of Islington, Dr. Beamish, W. Small, interesting occasion will appear in the Esq. An Association was formed, first Number of his work, entitled, which appears likely to be of great

“ The Believer."--Dublin Statesman.

Copies of the Protestant Magazine, price 5d., may be had at any time by order to the Publisher, and may be forwarded to any part of the kingdom.

N.B. Every Subscriber of 10s. annually to the Protestant Association is entitled to a copy of the Magazine: to be had on application at the Office.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New Street, London.





AND PREBENDARY OF SALISBURY. When we are on the eve of a General Election, which, for good or evil, will assuredly influence the future destinies of this nation more than any of its predecessors, no real lover of his country, who views the matter under such an aspect, can conscientiously be silent.

I. In the fatal year 1829, I strongly, in a series of papers, pointed out and dwelt upon the impious inconsistency of which our legislators would be guilty, if, after solemnly declaring Popery to be a system of Idolatry, they should vote for a close political amalgamation with the adherents of such a system: a system, be it carefully observed, thus stigmatised as idolatrous, not simply by the Church of England (which the liberalism of the present day might call mere theological partizanship), but actually by themselves, their own proper veritable selves.

1. My warning spread far and wide: and it will always with me be a matter of grateful recollection, that the argument met with the approbation of that eminent and consistent character, the late venerable Lord Chancellor Eldon.

The warning, however, was slighted; and a majority of the very persons, who had solemnly declared Popery to be Idolatry, voted for and most unhappily effected a close political amalgamation, for better or for worse to the inseparably united parties, with a body of religionists, who, by their own free and public declaration, were pronounced to be systematically guilty of that very sin, which, in Scripture, is marked out as peculiarly offensive to God and as ever provoking the utmost severity of his judgment.

2. According to the confident anticipation of this majority, the healing measure, as it was fondly called, was to bring back a sort

All feuds and dissensions were forthwith to cease. The admission of the declared Idolatry to power (for that was the plain English of the silly phrase Catholic Emancipation), in this hitherto Protestant Realm, would make the hearts of the grateful and now fully satisfied Romanists overflow with love VOL. VIII.-November, 1846.

New Series, No. 11.

of golden age;


to those whom they had hitherto diligently anathematized as damnable heretics: and, in Ireland more especially, all in future would be the halcyon days of peace and amity, and harmony and prosperity.

All this was to be effected by the notable project.of an Infidel Political Expediency, which should insult God to his face, by first declaring a system to be idolatrous, and by then forming such a close connexion with it as should inevitably, in the very way of necessary cause and effect, make our future national destiny the same as the future destiny of the declared idolatrous system.

3. What the result of such a mad plan would be, no person could doubt, who read and believed the Bible. This result, however, is now open to the eyes of the whole world: insomuch that (at least, according to common report) even the expediencymongers themselves acknowledge the total failure of a project, which was to bring universal peace and prosperity upon the empire through the extraordinary medium of offering as gross an insult to Almighty God as the wit of daring men could well devise.

II. So matters went on for some years, quite enough to show the utter, because godless, folly of such absurdly denominated healing measures.

But did our legislators practically learn, from the past, at least secular, if not religious, wisdom?

No, verily. With an infatuation which will cause all future generations to marvel, they deliberately advanced, from bad to worse, from the smaller sin to the greater sin, from the less defiance of God to the more aggravated defiance of God.

1. Hitherto, nothing had been done beyond an immediate political union with what they themselves had declared to be Idolatry: to which union, a political union of the Israelites in Palestine with the idolatrous Canaanites would have been strictly analogous. But, now, this was judged to be an altogether inadequate tribute to the theological merits of the system which they themselves had formally stigmatised. Idolatry, declared idolatry, was not only to be taken into a political co-partnership: but it was furthermore to be theologically encouraged and fostered and aided in its progress by a permanent grant of the public money and by a full recognition as henceforth one of the constituent elements of the Constitution. Previously, it might be said, that we had before us a mere political question, which, so far as direct encouragement was concerned, left Popery as it found it: and, to the best of my recollection, some such argument was attempted to be set up, in the year 1829, against my argument, which was based upon the solemn and repeated declaration of the entire Legislature. But, now, no such plea, miserably weak as it is, can any longer be urged. We have taken the declared Idolatry

under our special patronage, with the object of its wider diffusion. It was not enough to leave it to its own resources; with which, under the Christian Dispensation, we have no right, after the familiar fashion of Rome, to intermeddle: our legislators, under the evil influence of an individual who (as it was said of the dethroned Bourbons) seems to learn nothing from experience, have granted from the public money a permanent endowment, to a well-known factious Institution, for the more effectual and more extensive propagation of what they themselves have declared to be Idolatry.

“For the information of those who are not acquainted with the particularities of Maynooth,” says Dean Murray in his very seasonable work on Ireland and her Church, “we now state: that the object of the College is, to provide a supply of priests to offer THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, for a portion of the population of Ireland who profess the religion and worship of the Chureh of Rome. Now, this SACRIFICE OF THE MASS is declared, upon oath, by the Queen, Lords, and Commons, to be superstitious and idolatrous; and pronounced, by the Articles of Religion of the United Church of England and Ireland, to be a blasphemous fable and dangerous deceit: unto which sentence, every clergyman of the Church has given his solemn assent, and, ex animo, with his hand subscribed ; being convinced, that this protestation, for which the Martyrs of the Reformed Church of England laid down their lives at the stake, is perfectly true and according to the Scriptures. And not only is the Mass an antichristian sacrifice, but the priesthood, which is ordained to offer it, is an antichristian priesthood also. For Jesus Christ, the Eternal Priest after the order of Melchisedek, when he offered himself once and once for alli, put an end to all priesthood upon earth to offer for sins; and now, in the tabernacle above, whereinto he has passed with his own blood, and where he ever lives to make intercession for us, retains, in his own person, the same priesthood which is as untransferable and incommunicable to any man or creature, as is his own eternal Spirit of Godhead; the high altar, that sanctified the gift and sacrifice of his human body for our sins. To establish, then, or to perpetuate, in the country, as a Government Institution, the College of Maynooth, is, to oppose Christ himself, and directly to set up and maintain, against him and his unchangeable priesthood, another order of sacrificers, which, not being ordained of God, is, and must be, in its origin and essence, Pagan and Antichristian. When viewed in this light and weighed in the balance of the Sanctuary, how hateful must the conduct of Protestant England appear in the eyes of a jealous God, who searcheth the hearts and trieth the reins of the children of men !”

2. Nor is even this apostatic promotion of blasphemous Idolatry the ultima thulè of our misguided Legislature.

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