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able to convince his son, hardly more deny her that privilege which in than a boy, of the truth of the Roman England every dissenting seet enjoys; religion. He went all through the and impose upon her assembled princes market, and told the people of the a despotism which it was vainly sought embarrassment of the priest, and of to inflict upon Ireland, and which the victorious assurance of his son, Ireland would not have endured even whom he believed to possess the true if rebellion had been the consequence religion.

of her refusal--we mean the Veto. The next day, Sabbath, the priest What makes this Veto, perhaps, preached, spoke of the Bible, which less dangerous in practice makes it, he compared to a book of medicine, however, more dishonourable in apthat people cannot understand ; and pearancer'i Four states have nominally as it is dangerous to compose remedies the power of insulting the Church, by and help one's self from the directions interposing their sacrilegious hands of such a book, so it is dangerous to upon the free exercise of its lawful read the Scriptures, to make one's prerogative-Austria, France, Spain, creed out of them, and to conform and Portugal. : We ask, why do they one's life to their directions. How- not add Russia and England? Shortly, ever, added he, alluding to Protest- we suppose, there will be war in ants, they are good people, but you Europe, or threats of war, to determust not hear them when they talk mine whether this Protectorate of the religion.

Church shall receive the extension we suggesti - Of these four powers,

Spaim is not in the enjoyment of inDEATH OF POPE GREGORY XVI. tercourse with the Holy See, and so ** From the " Tablet.")

blessedly, forfeits rits vwrongful right. And yet how weak is the faith of man'; Portugal, it is thought, is too weak to or rather, how weak is our faith. For presume upon the right. Through with all the encouragements to hope France, ruled by Deists and Heretics presented by the events of the last of all kinds, the Devil exercises one fifteen-or, say, of the last fifty- veto upon the choice of God's Vicar. years, we cannot strain our eyes into Through Austria - which has enslaved the darkness of the time to come the Church after her own fashion, without trembling for the result: The basely plays the part of minion to the stake is so great; the human instru: Northern Antichrist, and keeps the ments so feeble ; the danger so im- victims of his devilish tyranny in mediate and so pressing. ::

prison, lest their loud words should On Thursday-the great Feast of help still further to blast the chathe Body of our Lord the Conclave racter of the tyrant--the Devil exerof Cardinals was to meet in order to cises a second veto. choose a successor to the defunct Let the Catholics of this empire, Pontiff. Let us hope that the as those of America, and of all the world, sembling on this day is something know that the Church, in the election more than a happy omen or a fan- of their Spiritual Ruler, is the vassal tastic anticipation. Around this Con of Austria and Frances-that they, in elave swells and surges a huge ocean this particular, are the vassals of of temporal intrigue. Now, at this Austria and France ! How long shall moment, the Church is (as it were) this disgraceful anomaly continue ? in the hands of those very men who Is it said to be part of the Law of carried off Christ bound to Pilate. Nations? We know not the exact

Temporal sovereignty oppresses her. ground upon which the abusive pracThe power of civil despotism holds tice is based, but we think that before her in chains. At this solemn crisis long the Law of Nations will have to we feel bitterly that the Church is not be altered in this particular. The free : that her hands are in manacles; freedom of the Church is a higher that she has fallen into the grasp of thing than any pretended sections of cruel harpies who are her enemies. a law which force has imposed upon Even now they hover about her ; ob- her. It must, and, please God, will, struct the freedom of her action; be altered and repealed.


house where Gibbon lodged in Geneva, THE BIBLE TRIUMPHING OVER INFI- and out of which he sent forth his DELITY.-It'is within the recollection dazzling speculations, attributing to of many, that in the year 1792, on the second causes the work of the first Continent of Europe, the most des- Great Cause, came to be occupied by perate and the most deliberate effort a branch Bible Society; and the very was made to crush Christianity once for house at Edinburgh where David all. The most celebrated Infidels, Vol- Hume lived, and wrote, and died, taire, and Diderot, and de Lambert, and without God, and without Christ, and Hume, and Rousseau, and others without hope in the world, became corresponded together; and the maxim also a branch depository of the Edinthey adopted was, "Crush the wretch," burgh Bible Society.* The clever meaning the Lord Jesus Christ, the Infidels of France and Britain learned Divine founder of Christianity. They the lesson themselves, and taught it composed the most elaborate pro- to Christendom in their utter disductions, penned the most subtle and comfiture, that “there is no wisdom, ingenious essays; and they were so nor understanding, nor counsel against successful that (Be astonished, 0 the Lord." heavens! and wonder, ( earth!) they Upwards of 100,0001. has been actually got an inscription written on raised within the last two years and the altars and temples of Paris, " No a half, by the Congregational Union, God!" and they got written upon the for educational purposes. graves, beneath which the bodies of Six thousand pounds have been the martyrs lay, “Death is an eternal voted by the Legislature of Jamaica sleep”-and proud philosophy, as if for the building of churches, a portion to illustrate, by a living example, the of which has been set apart for the close connexion between the Infidel building of schools. and the fool, fell down and worhipped SYRIA. --Jerusalem. A riot ocan infamous woman as “the Goddess curred in the Church of the Holy of Reason:" whilst all France 'rang Sepulchre, at Jerusalem, on Good with the tocsin of congratulation, Friday, between the priests of the «Now Christianity is entombed, the Greek and Latin Churches. The Bible is destroyed, the Gospel is for Latin Fathers repaired in procession ever overthrown !" But was it so ? to Golgotha, to adore the cross; the Far from it. What they imagined to Greeks had, however, previously obhe the tombstone of the Gospel, was tained possession of the chapel, and the platform of its noblest and its denied them admittance. After some most glorious triumphs; for at that altercation, the two parties came to very moment the Missionary Societies blows, and the Governor of Jerusalem started into existence; The Tract at length interfered to preserve peace, Society and the Bible Society ap- and ordered a Turkish regiment to peared as if in answer to a celestial clear the place !! impulse ; and an effort was made by The Emperor of Russia has pubbelievers to disseminate the Gospel, lished a Ukase, ordering all the Jews the most unparalleled in the history in Russia to place themselves, before of Christendom. It seemed as if January 1, 1850, in one of the four Christianity, like the palm-tree, shot following classes:-1. Among the forth its boughs the more beautifully burgesses of a town, by the purchase and extensively, the greater the pres- of a piece of land or a house. 2. In sure that was placed upon its roots. a corporation of artizans, after having Oppressed Christianity rose and swept 'given the proof of ability required by wide Europe with the speed and the law. 3. In one of the three corsplendour of an angel's flight, and so porations of traders; or 4, In the successful have been the efforts then grand body of tillers of the earth, called forth, that the very printing whether on their own property or press which Voltaire employed at under a proprietor. Such Jews as Ferney, for the printing of ħis Infidel

* See the Rev. Dr. Cumming's Sermons, books, is now, or was lately, temployed from which mainly these details are in the printing of Bibles ; the very taken.

shall not have placed themselves, by The Church is in the wilderness, the appointed time, in one of the four -s And many a snare is round her classes, will be subjected to such re- spread, strictive measures as the Government Yet in the midst of all distress, will think it right to employ,

She looks to Him, her living head, The Pope is deadwell be it so, She feels that neither friar nor saint, No more they'll kiss his holy toe; Nor aught below, nor aught above, Another Pope his place supplies, Of heavenly birth, or earthly taint, Thus superstition never dies. Can separate her from his love.

She glories in his cross alone,

She brightens in each smile he gives, God is a friend always able and ready She gazes on his heavenly throne, to advise. Whenever, therefore, you And in his promises she lives. are at a loss, spread your case before She breathes no prayer to heaven's him. He can direct you by his word, queen, or by his Spirit, or by his providence, To whom the Romanists have cried, and sometimes, perhaps, by all three, What mother ever stood between and lead you by a right way, though The bridegroom and his chosen often seemingly dark and unlikely. bride?

God may sometimes permit the England! thou spring of might and enemies of his people and children to


sbrave! triumph over them. Satan, and all

Thou birth-place of the bright, the his instruments in his hand, cannot

Never," not even for one hour," move a step without Divine permission. Give place to her that would enslave.

When we are hurried with worldly business, let us remember Jesus, who

Oh never! never! be it said,

That hearts all noble, bold, and free said, “ Labour not for the meat that

Should, by the wily serpent led, perisheth, but for that which endureth

Yield and succumb to Popery, to everlasting life.” When assaulted with the fiery darts of the wicked one

This be thy long, thy lasting word,

In lands abroad or streets at home, let us remember Jesus, who was in all points tempted as we are, yet with

Long as thy voice shall e'er be heard,

No treaty with apostate Rome!! out sin.

IoTA. THE STAR. THERE is a star that shines so bright,

NOTICES OF BOOKS. Its glory may be seen from far,

The Ancient Faith of the Holy CaIt is the happy holy light, Which Balaam saw, of Jacob's star.

>tholic Church, demonstrated in a

Lecture delivered in the Rotunda, Yes, when the Spirit of our God

Dublin, April 18, 1846, and tested Gave visions to his darken'd eyes,

by an Appeal to the Roman CaHe saw the stem of Jesse's rod, He saw the glorious sceptre rise.

tholic Archbishops of the Four Pro

vinces.-By the Rev. ROBERT J. Britain, thou highly favour'd isle, M-GHEE, A.M.

London : Seeley, This star illumes thee, far and wide; Burnside, and Seeley, pp. 72. And glowing’neath its charming smile, We have fully referred to the above. Thou might'st have lit the world beside.

Learning, eloquence, and piety per

vade the whole. The tabular form But in the kingdom one dark deed,

will be found particularly useful, to Aim'd at thy peace a deadly blow,

all who wish to have a clear and sucOne king, regardless of his creed,

cinct view as to the creeds of the two Unloos'd the chain that bound thy Churches of Rome and England.

foe. Uprose that foe, proclaim'd his power With wily air and blushing face,

INTELLIGENCE. Yet gathering strength from hour to ENGLAND.--It is rumoured that hour,

the Rev. F. W. Faber, late Fellow of Wills now to subjugate thy race. University College, Oxford, and Rector

of Elton, Hunts, is about to become

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the founder of a new order of religion, tion at Petite, in the district of Windthe special principle of which is to be sor, and at Fergusoni, Cove, and Hersubmission to the will of God, as ex- ring Cove. pressed in its motto, Voluntas Dei!. FOREIGN.Rome.-On May 5, The patrons are believed to be St. at Rome, Cardinal Acton received Thomas of Canterbury, and St. Wil- into the bosom of the Roman Catholic ford, and the brothers of the order Church the Rev. J. D. Ryder, his will be instructed to exhibit Chris- wife, Mrs. Ryder, ' his sister, Miss tian character principally in its aspect Sophia Ryder, and his three eldest of cheerfulness, and will be employed children. The Rev. J. Ryder, is the in assisting parish priests in all the second son of the late Bishop of Lichduties which may be properly in- field and Coventry, nephew of the trusted to laymen.-Cambridge Ad- Earl of Harrowby, and first cousin of vertiser.- -London.-French Pro- Ambrose Lisle Phillips, Esq., of testant Church.-On Sunday, May 30, Grace Dieu Manor. Mrs. Ryder is the a most interesting scene took place sister-in-law of the Bishop of Oxford, in the French Protestant Church, St. Dr. Wilberforce.- The Beacon.Martin-le-Grand, where two(formerly) Breslau.--The German Gazette of Roman Catholic ladies, firmly con- Frankfort, in a letter from Breslau, vinced of the trụth of the Protestant 21st May, states, that the Jesuits were faith, and converted under the pas- seeking to obtain a footing in Prussia. toral guidance and instruction of the Several young men who had comminister of the church, presented menced their studies in that place, themselves for the purpose of pub- were about to set out for Rome, to licly renouncing the errors and super- make themselves thoroughly acstitions of the Church of Rome, and quainted with the doctrines of that Sorejecting the delusions of Popery, to ciety, when they would return to the embrace the religion of Christ. former city. Kingston-on-Thames. — An elegant DEATH OF HIS HOLINESS THE new Catholic Church is rising rapidly POPE.—On Saturday - evening the towards completion in this place, or French Government received a telewe should more correctly say, at Sa- graphic despatch from M. Rossi, the berton, a village situate midway be- French Ambassador at the Court of tween New and Old Kingston. The Rome, dated June the 1st, announcsituation is admirably chosen. It is ing the sudden death of his Holiness on the banks of the Thames, having Pope Gregory XVI. that morning only the high road between it and between nine and ten o'clock. The the river. The length of the church real name of Gregory XVI. was is eighty-two feet, the width forty- Mauro Capellari. He was born at eight feet, the height of the tower Belluno on the 18th of September, seventy feet.

It will have a nave, 1765. He was elected Pope on the aisles, and chancel. There will be a 2d of February, 1831, and took his Presbytery, school-room, and cemetery seat on the pontifical chair by the attached, occupying about an acre of name of Gregory XVI. ground. The whole is the gift of ELECTION OF A NEW POPE.-The Alex. Raphael, Esq., and will amount conclave of the Sacred College lasted to 10,0001.- Tablet.

only two days, opening on the 14th, IRELAND. Tipperary. The and terminating on the 16th of June. Papists of Tipperary have memorial- The new Pope, Cardinal Mastai Ferized the Board of Works for a loan retti, on ascending the throne of St. of 1,0001. to build a chapel in that Peter, takes the title of Pius IX. He is town.

only fifty-four years of age, and thereCOLONIAL.-Nova Scotia.-Po- fore one of the youngest popes ever pish churches are in course of erec- elected.

Stamped Copies of the Protesiant Magazine, price 6d., may be had at any time by order to the Publisher, and may be forwarded to any part of the kingdom, post free.

N.B. Every Subscriber of 10s. annually to the Protestant Association is entitled to a copy of the Magazine: to be had on application at the Office.

Ma'-intosh, Printer, Great New Street, London.



AUGUST, 1846.


The curtain has now fallen over the Administration of Sir Robert Peel, and other actors are brought before us to play their part on the political stage.

Lord John Russell has constructed his Cabinet, and to him, as the First Minister of the Crown, and to his measures, do many of the Protestants of this country now look with intense anxiety.

Though his return to office after the signal failure in his attempt to form a Cabinet last autumn, is remarkable, it was not altogether unexpected. Indeed, it seemed to follow as a natural consequence from the late Premier's deserting the cause of the Protectionists, that Lord John Russell should again be entrusted by Her Majesty with the formation of a Cabinet capable of administering the affairs of the empire.

The seals of office, if not the reins of Government, are now, therefore, again in his hands, and the country looks with no small degree of solicitude to the policy which he may deem it judicious to pursue. In most instances, the past is a guide to the future, and from the animus of the Cabinet when he was formerly in power, we might in many cases infer with tolerable accuracy what would be the course pursued by him on the re-assumption of office.

We believe, however, that while the proceedings of the late Whig Administration were decidedly hostile to the Church ir Ireland, there are those of the present Government, and amongst them the Noble Lord himself, who think it expedient to retrace their policy, would gladly avoid making the past a guide for the future, and being compelled, in consistency with former errors, still to deal out heavy blows and severe discouragements to the Protestant Church in Ireland. Much as some may privately wish it, they fear as a Government to make the trial. Long may they

The failure of the rash and dangerous experiments then made, has operated in a two-fold way. It has shown the experimentalists that the ultimatum sought after by them, viz., the VOL. VIII.-August, 1846.

New Series, No. 8.

do so.

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