the cordial thanks of the Committee communicated to the leading Membe tendered to those Protestant friends bers of both Houses of Parliament." who have sustained the Committee, in its' efforts for Christ's cause by their pecuniary contributions.


CURSED BY POPE LEO X. knowledgments are also due to the WHILE these things were passing, million and a quarter petitioners the Papacy was renewing its assaults

. against the Maynooth Endowment On the 28th of March, which was the Bill, whose efforts, however ineffectual Thursday before Easter, all Rome rehitherto for the object immediately in

sounded with a solemn sentence of view, have not been, and will not be, excommunication. It is the custom unproductive of blessings, civil and at this season to publish the terrible religious, to the Church of Christ. bull in cæñá Domini,* which is nothing «III.-- That we gratefully recog

buta long string of curses. On that day nise the hand of Almighty God in over

the Pope, arrayed in his pontifical robes, ruling the recent inroad on our Pro- hurled his fierce anathemas at Luther. testant constitution, as an occasion When Luther was apprised of this for calling forth a most extensive, excommunication, he published the seasonable, and permanently valuable form of it, with some remarks in that testimony in favour of scriptural caustic style which he knew so well truth and our common Protestant how to assume, The following is a principles; and also as the means of specimen :binding together the hearts of brethren The Pope." Leo, bishop.” of various denominations: And that

Luther. - Bishop! as much as a our best wishes and prayers attend wolf is a shepherd; for a bishop's every effort made in good faith, to duty is to give godly exhortations, consolidate by the Divine help, the not to vomit forth imprecations and affectionate union already commenced.

.“ IV.—That we feel the necessity of The Pope.-"Servant of all the sercontemplating,deliberately and prayer- vants of God. fully, the prospects which lie before Luther.—“In the evening, when the Protestants of the United King- we are drunk ; but next morning we dom : That we cannot disguise from

call ourselves Leo, lord of all lords.” ourselves the probability, that the The Pope.-—"The bishops of Rome, endowment of Maynooth


become our predecessors, have been wont on the 'stepping-stone to a more extensive this festival to employ the arms of establishment of the Papal system in justice, Ireland, unless the intentions of

Luther.-" Which, according to statesmen can be counteracted by the your account, are excommunication united efforts of the Church of Christ: and anathema: but according to St. And that we feel it a duty to avow Paul, long-suffering, kindness, love our conviction, that the maintenance unfeigned.”—(2 Cor. vi. 6, of two Establishments, the one Pro

The Pope. -" According to the testant, and the other Popish, would duty of the Apostolic charge, and to be a policy of an essentially Infidel maintain the purity of the Christian character.

faith. ..." “ V.-That, entertaining these

Luther.-" That is to say, the temviews, The Central Anti-Maynooth poral possessions of the Pope.". Committee do remain organized ; and The Pope.—“And the unity thereof, that the Chairman, the Treasurer, which consists in the union of the R. C. L. Bevan, Esq., Thos. Farmer members with Christ their head, ... Esq., and R. B. Seeley, Esq., be re

and with his Vicar. .. quested to convene it for business, on

Luther.—“For Christ is not suffithe occurrence of any political event

cient: we have another besides." which may render its operation ad

The Pope._" To preserve the holy visable.

communion of the faithful, we follow “ VI.—That these Resolutions be

* This is the same bull as that set up published in the Newspapers, and by the Romish bishops in Ireland 1832.

celli. ...

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the ancient rule, and accordingly do and Christ himself should give way excommunicate and curse, in the name to the Pope." of God Almighty, the Father. . The Pope.—“In like manner we

Luther.—« of whom it is said, excommunicate and curse all those "God sent not his Son into the who falsify our bulls and letters aposworld to condemn the world.'"

tolical. . (John iii. 17.)

Luther.—" But God's letters, — The Pope.—“The Son and the God's holy Scriptures -any one may Holy Ghost,—and by the authority condemn and burn them!” of the Apostles, Peter and Paul, . . The Pope.-“In like manner we and by our own.

excommunicate and curse all those Luther.—“OUR OWN, says the ra- who intercept any provisions on their venous wolf, as though God's might passage to our city of Rome. . . ." were too weak without him !"

Luther.--" He snarles and bites The Pope.—“We curse all heretics: like a dog that is battling for his -the Garasi, the Patarini, 'the poor bone.” men' of Lyons, the Arnoldists, the The Pope.-" In like manner we Speronists, the Passageni, the Wick- condemn, and we curse all those who liffites, the Hussites, the Frati- withhold any privileges, dues, tithes,

or revenues belonging to the clergy." Luther. “ Because they have Luther.-“ Forasmuch as Christ sought to possess themselves of the hath said, “If any man will sue thee at holy Scriptures, and admonished the the law and take away thy coat, let him Pope to be modest, and preach the have thy cloak also ;' (Matt. v. 40); word of God.”


have now heard Our commenThe Pope.—“ And Martin Luther, tary thereon. recently condemned by us for a like The Pope.--" Whatever be their heresy, together with all his adherents, station, dignity, order, authority, or and all persons, whosoever they may be, rank, be they even bishops or kings." who aid or abet him."

Luther.- 6. For there shall be false Luther.—“I thank thee, most gra- teachers among you, who shall despise cious Pontiff, that thou hast pro- dominion, and speak evil of dignities,' claimed me in company with all these saith the Scripture.” (Jude 8.) Christians. It is an honour for me to The Pope." In like manner we have had my name proclaimed at condemn and curse all who in any Rome at the time of the festival, in manner whatsoever shall molest the so glorious a manner, and to have it city of Rome, the kingdom of Sicily, circulated throughout the world with the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, the names of alĩ those humble con- the patrimony of St. Peter in Tuscany, fessors of Christ.”.

the duchy of Spoleto, the marquesite The Pope.—“In like manner, we of Ancona, the Campagna, the cities excommunicate and curse all pirates of Ferrara and Benevento, or any and corsairs..

other city or territory belonging to the Luther." And who is the greatest Church of Rome.” of all pirates and corsairs, if it be not Luther.—“0, Peter, thou poor he who takes souls captive, and binds fisherman ! how hast thou become them in chains, and delivers them to master of Rome and so many kingdeath?"

doms besides ? I bid the all hail ! The Pope." especially such Peter! King of Sicily!

.. and as infest our seas.

fisherman of Bethsaida.” Luther.—“OUR seas ! St. Peter our The Pope.-—“We excommunicate predecessor said, “Silver and gold and curse all chancellors, counsellors, have I none.' (Acts iii. 6.) Jesus parliaments, procurators, governors, Christ said, “The kings of the Gentiles officials, bishops, and others who exercise lordship over them; but ye shall resist any of our letters admonishall not be so. (Luke xxii. 25.) tory, permissive, prohibitory, mediBut if a waggon laden with hay must atory, or executive." give way to a drunken man, how Luther._" For the Holy See seeks much more fitting is it that St. Peter only to live in idleness, pomp and

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debauchery,to rule and intimidate, one, it is not the less our duty to -to lie and deceive,-to dishonour preach the Gospel to every creature. and seduce, and commit all kinds of But we mean to exalt the glory of evil in peace and security. ..." God as much as lies in our feeble

“ O Lord, arise ! it is not so with power, by calling attention to the us as the Papists pretend; thou hast fact, that he still employs the weak not forsaken us, neither are thine eyes things of the world to confound the turned away from us."

strong, yea, things that are not to bring to nought things that are!

We are led to these reflections by

reading the foregoing paragraph in a “THE SPIRIT OF HIS MOUTH.” newspaper from Cincinnati. Where INDEPENDENT CATHOLIC CHURCH. the Church of Rome had, with ex--We understand there is a move- traordinary pains, and at enormous ment in this city to establish an inde- expense, created a stronghold of Popendent Catholic Church, in accord pery--a centre of influence--a perfect ance with the avowed principles of metropolis of power, from which to the Reformation now in progress in subdue and govern, the immense Germany. A city German paper con- valley of the Missisippi. Against the tains a call for a pastor of a new progress of Romanism in the West, Catholic Church. It is understood Home Missionary, American Protestthat the subscribers to this church ant, Tract, Bible, Sabbath School, are numerous, and the main object of and a host of other Societies, have for their Association is the establishment years directed their unwearied enerof a Catholic Church, Independent of gies without making any perceptible the Pope and Bishops.--Cincinnati impression. - But lo! the Lord only Gazette.

breathes upon it, and the fabric begins Though the errors of Popery have to crumble away from among the very been exposed a thousand times in the fingers of the Pope and the Propamost cogent and unanswerable man- ganda.—Montreal Missionary Record. ner, the system still stands green and flourishing, putting forth vigorous branches, and bearing plentifully the fruit of death : and, doubtless, it will

ghtless it will SLOWLY AND STEADILY ONcontinue to outlive all that man can

WARD. do for its overthrow, until the Lord OUR Puritan fathers never acted in see meet to blow upon it with the a hurry, nor with a view to tempobreath of his mouth, when like a rary good. They acted on broad, hollow tree, or a house built on sand, general principles; they laid their it will fall, and great will be the fall foundations deep and strong; they thereof.

waited patiently for the fruits, and Some indications of this fall are the fruits came; and when they did already perceptible, and, like most of come, they were worth the having. the Lord's doings, they come from So must we do, if we would make an unexpected quarter. Not through any real progress, or even retain the the instrumentality of Evangelical or characteristic excellences of the PuProtestant Societies, or from the ritan race. This is the policy of our world's Conventions against Popery opponents, the Romanists, and it is a the glory, in these cases, might have wise policy, and they pursue it with been, to some extent, ascribed to man an energy and a perseverance, which, --but through the instrumentality of if they only had the truth on their a previously unknown German priest. side, would make them irresistible. Do we, therefore, undervalue the The men that are needed, are not other means ? Surely not. They men who do things with a flash, and have been blessed in the enlighten then leave all things darker than ment and conversion of many souls, before ; but men who can look far and thus have the seal of God's appro- a-head, men who can form and carry bation; and even though they had out large views; men who, for Christ's never been the means of converting sake, are willing to labour amid ob

scurity, and hardships, and privation, ever, without a sprinkling of ardent when they know all the while that enthusiastic dupes of other countries, they would at any moment better who, lured by the prospect of the their worldly lot by quitting the field. crown of martyrdom, offered themWhen I was a boy, and lived in Mas- selves voluntarily to share the perils sachusetts, Caleb Strong was the and the glories of the enterprise. For Federal candidate for Governor, and the worldly-wise and crafty rulers of his party were accustomed to placard the order knew well the value and on the walls and posts in


direc- importance of the religious fanaticism tion, · A long pull, a Strong pull, which had inspired their founder, and and a pull altogether." Now this is were profoundly skilled in the arts of just what we want for the West : A exciting and directing it in their long pull, a strong pull

, and a pull al- pupils. Trained from early youth to together ; and it is only such men as the implicit unhesitating submission are capable of helping at such a pull, of the understanding and conscience that we can make good use of in the in all things to the will of the superior, great struggle between truth and their alumni cared for no dogmas in error now going on, and thickening religion, save those parts of the around us.

Ronish system which are controverted by Protestants, and acknowledged no religious

duties, save those of stirring

up the English Papists to rebellion, DIVISION THE WORK OF

and the reduction of England to the JESUITISM.

obedience of the Papacy. Many of The secret agency of the dispensed the seminarists had found their way Jesuits had done wonders in splitting to England already; a still larger into hostile factions the lovers of body was now at the disposal of the God's truth in England; and their conspirators. From the “ Hidden regular brethren were pointing to Works of Darkness, or the Jesuits of this work of their own order here as

Ancient and Modern Times,” by W. well as on the Continent, with fiendish Osburn, Esq., now nearly ready as exultation; and shouting, to the extent one of the special series of the Proof their voices, to astonished and testant Associations d bae Pastore believing Europe, “Behold the fruits of Protestantism.” The order itself, now largely increased in numbers, wealth, and importance, was pledged THE YOUNG CHRISTIAN WITH to the extent of its immense resources


FORE THE PRIEST. for the recovery of England. The English seminaries (splendidly sup- A YOUNG man, R. D., one of the ported by the English Catholics) pupils in our Institute, at Belle were theirs.

Five of these were Riviere, went, a short time ago, to already established, and the number visit his parents at L-His father, of them was increasing continually. although troubled himself by many The professors of these seminaries doubts, thought the religion of his were the most eminent men that the son to be false. R., in despair of conorder afforded: so they had already vincing his father, who was appreacquired a high and deserved cha- hensive of some mistake in the stateracter as seats of learning, and were ments and proofs that were urged the resorts for education, of nearly upon him, proposed to him that they the whole of the younger branches of should go together and see the priest. the Catholic nobility and gentry of The father consented, and they went. England; for secular as well as clerical The priest had just finished saying studies were pursued by the students. his mass, and was still in the sacristy. The clerical students at these semina- Father.-Sir, I bring you my son, ries were all candidates for the English that


to him that his Mission. They consisted mainly of religion is false. English refugees for religion, not, how- Priest.Oh, look here M, D., it father, especially, was very


cannot be proved to him it is im- R. But what does St. Paul say to possible s-these people do not believe the Hebrews ? Does the not say, anything

4 That Jesus Christ is Priest for ever; R. I beg your pardon, Sir. For that his priesthood cannot be inherited instance, if you would just show me by others; that He is sitting at the in the Gospel something like “Con- right hand of God, his father, able to fess your sins to a priest,”? I should save those that approach God through confess immediately?

him, being ever alive to intercede for Priest (to the father).-See what them; and that having offered himself he asks now! When they have once once in sacrifice, he has consecrated, listened to that they stick to it, and for ever, such as are sanctified.” they will not desist. Tradition is h Priest. --You are in existence only necessary to prove them that, for the a few days, and yet you speak of the Gospel is not complete?

sacrifice of Jesus Christ.”, R.That is not true. +

R. We are in existence only a few u Priest. Do not insult me.118" days! But you said, yourself, that

R. No, Sir, I did not come either the same things are told us for 1800 to insult you or to be insulted ; I only years, and that we will not believe. wish that you should prove to me, There is a contradiction in your statefrom the Gospel, what I have asked ment, Sir. youp 4110tk 1, 7??!??!? Priest. ---You see they will not

Priesto_The Gospel ! Nobody can believe anything (trying to take the understand it, or rather it could not

father away). be understood until the Fathers had R.—But until now you have not explained it. ioits phira 107737 said anything I could possibly believe. JIRAYou say that we need the Priest. You will believe nothing fathers and the theologians ?


but the Gospel ; how can I demondo Priest.-No doubt. 797(13410 strate you the truth? 2 R--Well, show me in the Gospel R. But is not the Gospel the word that we need the theologians ? sic to of God ? 3 I&Priest (to the father). I told you Priest.-Go away, as I told you these people will not believe anything. already. (To the father) They are a Do you believe that the Church has set of ignorant people that do not received the power to forgive sins ? understand anything. You ought 90R-Yes, in the same way in which not to admit your son into your house. Peter and the other apostles could - R.I see what a successor of an forgive, which is-" If thou believest apostle you are, Sirar thou shalt be saved," and not if thou ** Priest.--What do you say? What confess thyself, &o.

a successor of the apostles I am. Priest.-Go awayer !!

R. Yes, Sir. Have the apostles 97 R. But that will not prove that taught the fathers to turn their chilwe ought ito.confess to a priest. There dren out of their houses ? is no other confession but that of St. Priest.-Go away; leave this place. Peter.

The Priest went to open the door. 1. Priest. Leave there your St. Peter! While the young man was going out, (Turning himself towards the father) he addressed him in these words, It ris 1800 years since we told them "Remember, Sir, that at the day of the same thing, and they will not judgment, you will have to give acbelieve anything. Protestantism is count before God for your contempt no religion. Every religion must of his Holy Word.” have a priesthood and a sacrifice, and When the father came to the church you have neither priesthood nor with his son, the Canadians that saw sacrifice ?

them exclaimed, he takes his son to R.--What! do you think that the confession, and came eagerly to witness priesthood of Jesus Christ and his it. Many heard the discussion. The sacrifice is nothing ?

much Priest.--It is 1800 years since this astonished, that the priest he had sacrifice is over.

thought so much of had not been

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