Pinnock's Improved Edition of Dr. Goldsmith's Abridgement of the History of Rome

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Key and Biddle, 1835 - 395 oldal

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266. oldal - Such were the honours paid to Augustus, whose power began in the slaughter, and terminated in the happiness of his subjects ; so that it was said of him, " That " it had been good for mankind if he had never been " born, or if he never had died.
25. oldal - Augustus himself boasted that he found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble.
1. oldal - PINNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR,. GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the death of George II., with a continuation to the year...
21. oldal - The first great ancestor obtain'd his grace, And still his love descends on all the race: For Priam now, and Priam's faithless kind, At length are odious to the' all-seeing mind ; On great jEneas shall devolve the reign, And sons succeeding sons the lasting line sustain.
347. oldal - He therefore, the day following, caused a royal standard to be made, like that which he had seen in the heavens, and commanded it to be carried before him in his wars, as an ensign of victory and celestial protection. After this, he consulted with several of the principal teachers of Christianity, and made a public avowal of that sacred persuasion.
287. oldal - began his reign with the general approbation of mankind. He appeared just, liberal, and humane : when a warrant for the execution of a criminal was brought him to be signed, he was heard to cry out, with seeming concern, " Would to heaven that I had never learned to write !" But as he increased in years, his crimes seemed to increase in equal proportion.
207. oldal - Pompey's troops upon the flank : this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had had not yet engaged.
26. oldal - Severus, and from thence, winding to the left, passed near the ruined pillars of the temple of Concord, as it is commonly but improperly called, and from thence led to the...
210. oldal - are we pursued to our very entrenchments ?" And immediately quitting1 his armour, for a habit more suitable to his circumstances, he fled on horseback ; giving way to all the agonizing reflections which his deplorable situation must naturally suggest. In this melancholy manner he passed along the vale of Tempe, and pursuing the course of the river Peneus, at last arrived at a fisherman's hut, in which he passed the night. From thence he went on board a little bark, and keeping along the seashore...

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