[blocks in formation]

Cercles des Etrangers, 27, Regent-street City of London, 19, Old Broad-street

City of London Commercial, 38, Throgmorton street

Clarence, 12, Waterloo-place
Clarendon, 12, Waterloo-place
Cocoa Tree, 64, St. James's-street
Colonial (West India), 60, St. James's-st.
Conservative, 38, Threadneedle-street
Erectheium, 8, York-street, St. James's-

Garrick, 35, King-street, Covent-Garden
General Service, 9, Grafton-street

SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES. President-Earl of Elgin & Kincardine General Secretary-Alex. Smellie Foreign Secretaries-A. Brunton, D.D., W. B. D. D. Turnbull


President Andrew Fyfe, M.D.
Secretary-James Tod


President-Robert Jameson, Esq. Secretary-Patrick Neill, LL.D.



President-G. A. Kennedy, M.D.
Vice-Pres.-W. F. Montgomery, D.D.
Registrar W. O'B. Adams, M.D.


President-Robert Adams, Esq.
Vice-President-Thos. Rumley, Esq.
Registrar-Cornelius O'Keeffe


President The Lord Lieutenant

Hon. Secs.-J. Weld and R. B. Bryan
Assistant Sec.-E. Harman, esq.
Registrar-R. Wilson, esq.

Professor of Botany and Agriculture-S.
Litton, M.D.

Professor of Chemistry-Ed. Davy Professor of Mineralogy and Geology-Dr. J. Scoules

Prof. Nat. Philosophy-R. J. Kane, esq.


Secretary-George Petrie


President-Sir Wm. R. Hamilton

Secretaries-J. H. Singer, D.D., and Rev.
H. Lloyd

Foreign Sec.-Professor McCullagh
Librarian-W. H. Drummond, D.D.

Graham's, 87, St. James's-street

Guards', 43, St. James's-street

Junior St. James's, 54, St. James's-street: Junior United Service, 11, Charles-street, St. James's-square

Oriental, Hanover-square

Oxford and Cambridge University, 10, Pall Mall

Parthenon, St. James's-square

Portland, 1, Stratford-place, Oxford-street
Reform Club, 104, Pall Mall

Royal Naval, 160, New Bond-street-
St. James's, 50, St. James's-street
Travellers', 106, Pall Mall

Union, Trafalgar-square, Charing-cross United Service (Candidate), 9, Grafton street, Bond-street

United Service, 116, Pall Mall

United University, Pall Mall East, corner of Suffolk-street

West India, 60, St. James's-street-
Westminster, 24, Great George-street
White's, 38, St. James's-street

Wyndham, 11, St. James's-square.



(Corrected by the Table of Regnal Years in Sir Harris Nicolas's " Chronology of History.")

[blocks in formation]

It has been generally assumed that the theory of "the king never dies" has been in practice since the Norman conquest; consequently, William L.'s reign has been usually dated from the day of the battle of Hastings, October 14, 1066, and all subsequent reigns from the death or deposition of the previous king. But the reigns of the first eight kings after the Conquest did not commence till their coronation. The principle of hereditary right was first distinctly recognised on the accession of Edward I., whose reign, however, did not commence till the day on which he was proclaimed king, four days after his father's death. The reign of Edward IV. is dated from the day on which he deposed Henry VI.; but it did not become law and practice to date a reign from the death of the previous king until the accession of Edward VI., on the death of his father Henry VIII.,-a practice only since interrupted by the events following the death of Charles I. and the expulsion of James II. + In some historical, and in all legal documents, the reign of Charles II. is reckoned from his father's death.


HOME.-Herts-Hertford, Lent and Sum


Esser-Chelmsford, L. and S.

Kent-Maidstone, L. and S.

Sussex-Lewes, L. and S.
Kingston, L.

Surrey-Guildford,alternate, S.

OXFORD.-Berks- Reading, L.

Abingdon, S.

Oxon-Oxford, L. and S.

Worcester & City-Worcester, L. & S.

Stafford-Stafford, L. and S.

Salop-Shrewsbury, L. and S.

Hereford-Hereford, L. and S.

Monmouth-Monmouth, L. and S.

Gloucester & City-Gloucester, L. & S. MIDLAND.-Northampton- Northampton, L. and S.

Rutland Oakham, L. and S.

Lincoln and City-Lincoln, L. and S.
Nottingham and Town-Nottingham
L. and S.
Derby-Derby, L. and S.

Leicester & Boro'-Leicester, L. & S.
Warwick and Coventry
Coventry-Warwick, L. and S.
NORFOLK.-Bucks- Aylesbury, L.

Buckingham, S.

Bedford-Bedford, L. and S.
Huntingdon-Huntingdon, L. and S.
Cambridge-Cambridge, L. and S.
Norfolk Norwich, L. and S.
Ipswich, L.

Suffolk-{ Bury St. Edmund's, S.

NORTHERN.-York & City-York, L. and S.
Durham-Durham, L. and S.

Newcastle and Town-Newcastle, L.
and S.

[blocks in formation]


By an Act of 4 William the Fourth, cap. 36, a Central Criminal Court is constituted for London and Middlesex, and certain parts of Essex, Kent, and Surrey, the Sessions of which are to be holden in London or the suburbs at least twelve times in every year. The Judges are the Lord Mayor, the Lord Chancellor, the Judges, the Aldermen, Recorder, and Common Serjeant of London, and such others as her Majesty may appoint. The jurisdiction of this Court extends to all treasons, murders, felonies, and misdemeanors, including all places within ten miles of St. Paul's Cathedral. By this Act, also, offences committed on the high seas within the jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England are to be tried in this court.-The following are the sittings for 1841-42:-1841, Nov. 29, Dec. 13. 1842, Jan. 3, Jan. 31, Feb. 28, April 4, May 9, June 13, July 4, Aug. 22, Sept. 19, Oct. 24. These sessions always commence on Monday. Mr. John Clark is Clerk of the Court.


With Hours of Attendance. Accountant General's Office, Chancerylane, 9 to 2; and for delivery of Drafts, 11 to 2

Adjutant-General's Office, Crown-street, Westminster

Admiralty Court, College-square, Doctors' Commons, 9 to 7

Appeals for Prizes, Doctors' Commons, 10 to 3 and 4

Admiralty Register Office, Paul's Bakehouse-court, Godliman-street, 10 to 3 and 4

Admiralty Office, Charing-cross, 10 to 5 Affidavit Office, Symonds' Inn, 10 to 4, in term; in vacation 11 to 1

Candles not lighted from the last Seal after Michaelmas Term to the first Seal before Hilary Term.

Alien Office, Crown-street, Westminster Allowance Office for spoiled Stamps, Somerset-place, Tues. and Thurs. 12 to 2 Apothecaries' Hall, Water-lane, Blackfriars, 9 to 8; Solicitor's Office, 1 to 3 Appearance Office (Q. B.), King's Bench Walk. Hours as Seal Office. Archdeacon of London's Office, Knight Rider-strect, 9 to 7

Archdeacon of Middlesex's Office, 3, Godliman-street, 10 to 5

Archdeacon of Surrey's Office, 3, Paul's Chain

Archdeaconry of Rochester, 19, Bennett'shill, 10 to 7

Arches' Registry, 20, Great Knight Riderstreet, 10 to 5

Army Pay Office, now called Paymaster General's Office by Act of Parliament. Whitehall

Auditor's Office, Somerset-place, 10 till 2 Bankrupts' Office, Quality-court, 10 to 3 and 6 to 8

Bankruptcy Court, Basinghall-street Bishop of London's Office, 3, Godlimanstreet, 9 to 5

Bishop of London, Commissary Registry for Middlesex and Barking, 16, Knight Rider-strect, 10 to 5

Bishop of Winchester's Office, 12, Knight
Rider-street, 10 to 5

Board of Control for East India Affairs,
Cannon-row, Westminster, 10 to 4
Board of Trade, Whitehall, 10 to 4
Board of Works, consolidated with Com-
missioners of Woods and Forests and
Land Revenue by Act of Parliament
Booking Office of the Deanery, 10, Great
Knight Rider-street, 9 to 7

Borough Court of Southwark, St. Margaret's-hill, Monday, 3 to 4

Church Commission, &c., and Commissioners of Charities, 13, Great Georgestreet, Westminster

City Solicitor's Office, Guildhall
Clerk of the Essoigns Office, (C. P.) Elm-
court, Temple, 11 to 2, and 4 to 8 in
Term, and 4 to 6 in vacation

Clerk of the Juries and Hab. Cor. Office, 10
to 3, and 5 to 8 in Torm. Executed at
Chief Justice C. P.'s Chambers
Clerk of the Papers' Office (C. P.), Fleet
Prison, 10 to 3, and 6 to 9 in Term
Clerk of the Papers' Office (Q. B.), Queen's
Bench Prison, 10 to 2, and 6 to 9
Clerk of the Peace, for Surrey, North
street, Lambeth
Ditto, Middlesex, Sessions-house, Clerk-
Coal Exchange, Lower Thames-street
College of Physicians, Pall-Mall East
College of Surgeons, Lincoln's-inn-fields
Colonial Audit Office, consolidated with
the Auditor's Office by Act; abolished
by Act as a distinct Office

Commander-in-Chief's Office, Horse Guards Commissary of London's Office, 16, Great Knight Rider-street

Commissary of Surrey's Office, 12, Knight Rider-street, 8 to 9

Commissary of London Registry for Wills, 16, Knight Rider-street, 10 to 5 Commissioners of Police, Scotland-yard Commissioners of Sewers for City of London, Guildhall-yard

Commissioners of Sewers for Westminster and parts of Middlesex, 1, Greek-street, Soho-square

Commissioners of Sewers for Finsbury and Holborn, Hatton-garden Common Pleas Office, Chancery-lane, 11 to 5 in term; 11 to 3 in vacation, except from Aug. 10 to Oct. 14, when 11 to 2 only

Corn Exchange, Mark-lane, Fenchurch-st. Council Office, Whitehall, 10 to 4

Crown Office (Q. B.), 2, King's Benchwalk, Temple, 10 to 2, and 5 to 8 Crown Office, in Chancery, Rolls-yard Cursitor's Office, Rolls-yard, 10 to 2, and 6 to 8 in Term time, and 11 to 2 in vacation

Custom-house, Thames-street

Dean and Chapter of Westminster's Office, Bennett's-hill, 9 to 7

Declaration Office, Queen's Bench Office, Inner Temple; hours same as Seal Office Dispensation Office (C.), 4, Elm-court, Temple

Doctors' Commons, south side of St. Paul's Churchyard

Duchy of Cornwall Office, Somerset-place, Duchy Office, Lancaster, Lancaster-place Waterloo-bridge, 10 to 4

East India House, Leadenhall-street, 10 to 3 Error Office for Allowance and Transcript (Q.B.). at Lord Chief Justice's Chambers Error Office (C.P.), 4 Serjeants' Inn, 10 to 4 in Term, 12 to 2 in vacation Examiners' Office, Rolls-yard, Chancerylane, 10 to 4 in Term, and 12 to 2 in vacation

Exchequer Chamber Office, Garden-court, 10 to 12, and 5 to 7 in Term, and 10 to 12 in vacation

Exchequer of Pleas Office, 9, Lincoln's Inn Old-square, 11 to 5 in Term; 11 to 3 in vacation, except from Aug. 10 to Oct. 24, when 11 to 2 only

Exchequer Loan Bill Office, S. Sea House Exchequer Seals Office, Whitehall-yard,

10 to 4

Excise Office, Broad-street, 9 to 3

Excise Export Office, 40, Crutched Friars, 9 to 3

Faculty Office, 10, Knight Rider-st., 9 to 7 Fen Office, 6, Serjeants' Inn, 10 to 2, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays First Fruits' Office, Dean's-yard, Westminster, consolidated with Queen Anne's Bounty Office

Foreign Apposer's Office, Somerset House, 11 to 4 in Term, 12 to 2 in vacation Gazette Office, Cannon-row Gazette Advert. Office, 42, Chancery-lane General Register Office, 7 and 8, Somersetplace

Grand Junction Canal Office, Surrey-st., Strand

Greenwich Pension Office, Tower-hill Habeas Corpus Office, Chancery-lane Hackney Carriage Office, Storey's Gate, 9 to 4

Half-pay Office. See Army Pay Office
Hanaper Office, Somerset-place, 10 to 4
Hawkers' and Pedlers' Office, Somerset-
House, 10 to 2

Heralds' College Office, St. Bennett's-hill,
Doctor's Commons, 10 to 4
Inrolment Office, Chancery-lane, 10 to 2,
and 6 to 8

Insolvent Debtors' Ct., Portugal-st., 10 to 4
Invalid Office, opposite the Admiralty
Irish Office, Queen-street, Westminster
Judges' Chambers, Rolls'-gardens, Chan-
cery-lane, 11 to 5 in Term, and 11 to 3
in vacation, except from Aug. 10 to Oct.
24, when 11 to 2 only
Judgment Office (Queen's Bench Office),
Inner Temple; hours the same as the
Seal Office

Land Revenue Office. See Board of Works Land Tax Office for London, Guildhall yd. Land Tax Office for Middlesex, Red Lionsquare

Land Tax Register Office, Somerset-place Legacy Duty Office, Somerset-place, 9 to 3 Lord Chamberlain's Office, Stable-yard,

St. James's

[blocks in formation]

Lunatic Office, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane

Marine-Office, New-street, Spring-gardens Marshalsea and Palace Court Office, Chancery-lane

Masters in Chancery Office, Southamptonbuildings, 10 to 3 and 6 to 8

Master's Office, Paper-buildings, Temple (Q.B.) Hours as Seal Office Metropolitan Commissioners of Lunacy, 19, Margaret-street, Cavendish-square Metropolitan Roads, North of the Thames, 22, Whitehall-place

Metropolitan Police Office, Scotland-yard Navy Office, Somerset-place

Nisi Prius Office, Queen's Bench Office. Hours as Seal Office

Office of Coroners for Middlesex, 77, Chancery-lane

Office for taking Affidavits in Chancery,
Q.B. and C.P, Ireland, for London Dis-
trict, 9, Southampton-buildings, 11 to 4
Ordnance Office, Pall Mall and Tower
Palace Court Office, 15, Chancery-lane
Patent Office, 13, Serle-street, Lincoln's-inn
Pay Office of the Army consolidated. See
Navy Army Pay Office
Peculiar of Archb. of Canterbury's Office,
5, Bell-yard, Doctors' Commons
Petty Bag Office, Rolls-yard (C.), 10 to 2
and 5 to 8

Plantation Office, Whitehall, 11 to 3
Police Offices, 10 to 5

Poor Law Commission, Somerset House
Post-horse Tax Office, at the Excise Office
Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand
Prerogative Court, College-sq., Doctors'

Prerogative Will Cffice, 6, Great Knight Rider-street, 9 to 4, and 9 to 3 in winter Presentation Office, 2, Hare-court, Middle Temple Prevention of Cruelty Society, 2, Pantonstreet, Haymarket [place Privy Seal and Signet Office, SomersetPublic Accounts Office, Somerset-place Public Office in Chancery, Southamptonbuildings, 10 to 4 in Term; 11 to 1 in vacation

Public Office, Portugal-street, 10 to 4 Public Record Office-Head Office, Rolls' House, Chancery-lane. Branch Offices, Rolls' Chapel, Tower, Chapter House, Poet's Corner, 3, Whitehall yard, and Carlton Ride, 10 to 4

Queen Anne's Bounty Office, Dean's-yard, Westminster

Queen's Bench Office, King's Bench-walk, Temple; hours as the Seal Office Queen's Remembrancer Office, Eq. Ex, Queen's Bench, Temple, 9 to -past 4 in term and sittings; past 9 to 4 at other times. No attendance from Christmas till after Twelfth Day

Receiver's Office for Greenwich Hospital, Tower Hill

Register Office, Chancery-lane (C.), 10 to

2 and 5 to 8

Register Office of Deeds in Middlesex, Bell-yard, Temple-bar, open daily from 10 to 3. Register attends 11 to I only, but not on Saturdays

Register Office of the Dean and Chapter of
St. Paul's, Chapter House, 9 to 8
Registrar General's Office, 7 and 8, Somer-

Report Office, Chancery New Buildings,
Chancery-lane, 10 to 1 and 4 to 8
Rule Office (Q. B.), Queen's Bench Office,
Inner Temple, 11 to 3 and 6 to 8 in
Term; in vacation, as Seal Office
Rule Office (C.P.), 11 to 3 and 7 to 9 in
Term; in vacation, as Seal Office
Scottish Corporation Office, Crane-court,

Seal Office, 3, Inner Temple-lane, 11 to 2

and 5 to 7 in Term; 11 to 3 in vacation, except from Aug. 10 to Oct. 24, 11 to 2 Secondary's Office, 5, Basinghall-street, 11 to 3 and 5 to 7

Secretary's Office, Rolls, Chancery-lane, 10 to 2 and 6 to 8

Sheriff of Middlesex's Office, Red Lionsquare. Hours as Seal Office

Writs Office (Q.B.), Queen's Bench Office, Temple. Hours same as Seal Office Signet Office, see Privy Seal

Six Clerks' Office, Chancery-lane, 10 to 4 in Term, and 10 to 2 in vacation. Occasionally 10 to 4 in vacation.

from Aug. to Nov.


Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, 59, Lincoln's Inn Fields


of the Clergy, Paper-buildgs., Temple

Stage Coach Duty Office, Somerset-place Stamp Office, Somerset-house, 9 to 4. No money received after 3

Stamp Office, Irish, 47, Chancery-lane State Paper Office, Duke-street, Westminster, 10 to 3

Stock Exchange, Bartholomew-lane, Bank
Subpoena Office, Rolls-yard, 11 to 2 and 5
to 8 in Term, and 11 to 2 in vac. only
Surveyor of Crown Lands. See Board of

Tax Office, Somerset-place, 10 to 2
Tenths Office, consolidated with Queen
Anne's Bounty Office

Tithe Commissioners' Office, Somersetplace, Somerset-house

Transport Office, Somerset-house
Treasurer for the County of Middlesex's
Office, Clerkenwell Sessions-house
Treasury Office, Whitehall, 10 to 5
Vicars General and Peculiars' Office, Bell-
yard, Doctors' Commons, 9 to 7
Victualling Office, Somerset-place
War Office, Whitehall, 10 to 4

Wine Excise Office, Excise Office, Broadstreet, City

Wine Licence Office, Somerset-place Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues Office, Whitehall-place, 10 to 4

[blocks in formation]

METROPOLITAN WATER COMPANIES, WITH THEIR OFFICES. Chelsea-16, Great Queen-st., Westminster | New River Myddelton-place, Spa-fields East London-16, St. Helen's-place South London-Upper Kennington-lane, Grand Junction-South Molton-street Vauxhall

Hampstead-43, Frederick-place, Hampstead-road

Lambeth,Temple pl.-139, Blackfriars-rd.

Southwark-Park-street, Borough

West Middlesex-20, Nottingham-place, New-road

Independent-Old Haggerston
Phoenix-64, Bankside

Poplar King-street, Poplar
Ratcliff-190, Wapping High-street

Bow-Old Ford, Bow
British-11, George-yard, Lombard-st.
Chartered-19, New Bridge-street, Black-
friars, and 19, Brick-lane, St. Luke's
City of London-Dorset-st., Salisbury-sq.
Equitable-21, John-street, Adelphi
Imperial-38, Wyndham-street, Maryle-
bone, and 33, John-street, Bedford-row

South Metropolitan-Surrey Canal Bridge,
Old Kent Road

United General-6, Austin Friars


The following are the stations at which Engines are to be found, both Day and Night.


Cheapside-68, Watling-street

Holborn-No. 254, Holborn

Portman-square-King street, corner of
Southwark Bridge-road


Near Union

Westminster-Horseferry-road Rotherhithe-Paradise-row

St. Mary Axe-Jeffries-square

Covent Garden-Chandos-street
St. Giles's George-yard, Crown street
Tooley-street-Morgan's lane

Waterloo Bridge road-Next door to Zion


The Floating Engines lie off King's Stairs,
Rotherhithe, and Southwark Bridge

Superintendent-Mr. J. Braidwood, 68, Watling-street.

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