tolicæ sedi, et ore et corde eam confiteor, jurans ad hæc sancta Dei evangelica : eos qui contra hanc fidem veniunt, cum dogmatibus et sectatoribus suis æterno anathemate dignos esse pronuncio. Quod si ego aliquando contra hoc aliquid sentire aut prædicare vel docere præsumpsero, canonum severitati subjaceam.

Et si clericus sit, istis lectis subscribat.

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This day is published by William Pickering, Piccadilly,

The following Series of the

ooks of Common Prayer,

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from Edward VI. to Charles II. forming Six Volumes, small folio. Reprinted in Black and Red Letter, by Whittingham. 5. The Scotch Book of Charles I. The Booke of Common Prayer, and Administration

1. The First Book of Edward VI. The booke of the common prayer and adminiftra

cion of the Sacramentes, and other rites and ceremonies of the Churche : after the ble of the Churche of England. LONDINI JN OFFICINA Edouardi Whitchurche. ANNO DO. 1549. Menfe Martii.

2. The Second Book of Edward VI. The Boke of common prayer, and administracion

of the Sacramentes, and other rites and Ceremonies in the Churche of Englande. Londini, in officina Edvvardi Whytchurche. Anno 1552.

3. The First Book of Queen Elizabeth. The Boke of common praier, and adminiftration

of the Sacramentes, and other cites and Ceremonies in the Churche of Englande. Londini, in officina Richardi Graftoni.

Anno 1559.

4. King James's Book as settled at Hampton Court. The Booke of Common Prayer, and Administration

of the Sacraments, And other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the King's moft Excellent Maiestie.' Anno 1604.

of the Sacraments. And other parts of divine Service for the use of the CHURCH of ScotLAND. Edinburgh, Printed by Robert Young, Printer to the King's

moft Excellent Majestie. 1637. 6. King Charles the Second's Book, as settled at the Savoy Conference. The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration

of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England, Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be Sung or said in Churches : And the Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining and Consecrating of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

London. Printed by his Majestie's Printers. 1662. This Collection of the Books of Common Prayer are uniformly re

printed in Six Volumes small folio, in Black Letter, like the original editions. Their importance and value are well known: but it is remarkable that in no public, or private, or collegiate library can the whole of these Books be found together. A limited number only has been reprinted; and may be subscribed for in sets, but not separately.

The Book of 1662 has been carefully collated with the Sealed Book in the Tower of London, and other copies of the Sealed Book have been occasionally consulted.

The price of the fix volumes, bound in parchment gilt, 181. 185. A few copies of 1662, adapted to the present reign, have been printed

with the rubrics in red. Price 41. 45. bound in parchment.

The Communion Service and occasional Offices of

the Church of England, beautifully printed in red and black.

Small folio, bound in parchment, gilt, 2l. 155. The booke of Common praier noted. By John Merbecke, as printed by Grafton 1550. Small 4to. Il. 55. bound.

This is a verbatim reprint with the Musical Notes without any alteration whatever. Shewing what parts of the Service were chanted in the reign of Edward VI.

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Liturgical t Biblical Works. The Newe Tetament in English, from the earliest

known translation, coeval if not anterior to Wickliff, from a Manuscript formerly in the Monastery of Syon. Printed in small 4to.

black letter, nearly ready. Liturgiæ Britannicæ, or the Several Editions of the

BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, from its Compilation to the last Revision, together with the LITURGY set forth for the Use of the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, arranged to shew their respective Variations. By William Keeling, B.D.

Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. In 8vo. Il. 1s. The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England,

according to the uses of SARUM, BANGOR, YORK, and HEREFORD, and the Modern Roman LITURGY, arranged in parallel columns. By William Maskell, Priest in the Diocese of Salisbury. 8vo.

9s. 6d.

How shall we “Conform to the Liturgy of the

Church of England?” By James Craigie Robertson, M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, Curate of Boxley. 8vo. 2nd

edition, much enlarged. 10s. 6d. Annals of the English Bible, & of the Translators

and Editions thereof. By the Rev. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON. 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait of Tyndale and fac-similes of the early

New Testaments. Il. 8s. The Gospel according to St. Matthew, and Part of

St. Mark. Translated from the Original Greek, with Notes. By Sir John CHEKE, Knight, Secretary of State to King Edward VI. With an Introduction, by James Goodwin, B. D.

Now first published, in 8vo. 7s.6d. Practical Discourses on all the Parts and Offices of

the Liturgy of the Church of England, by the Rev. MATTHEW

Holz. New edition, in 4 vols. 8vo. 2l. 2s. Notes on the Four Gospels, and Acts of the Apostles,

in two volumes foolscap 8vo. 215. A Supplement to the Authorised English Version of

the New Testament: being a Critical Illustration of its more difficult Passages, from the Syriac, Latin, and earlier English Verfions, with an Introduction, by the Rev.FREDERICK HENRY SCRIVENER, M.A. Vol. I. 8vo. 10s. 6d. (to be completed in 3 vols.)



Liturgical and Biblical Works.

Pickering's Hellenistic edition of the Greek Teftament,

in 2 vols. 8vo. Pp. 1500. Price al. 25. Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ. . Εκ της Παλαιάς Διαθηκης κατα

τους Εβδομηκοντα διερμηνευομενη. NovUM TESTAMENTUM GRÆCUM EDITIO HELLENISTICA.

This Edition is designed to show the close connexion of the Greek Testament with the Septuagint. It contains upwards of 30,000 doctrinal and grammatical illustrations, which are arranged respectively under each

verse for the convenience of the Student and Divine. History of the Nonjurors; their Controversies and

Writings : with Remarks on some of the Rubrics in the Book of

Common Prayer. By T. LATHBURY, M.A. 8vo. 145.
The Whole Duty of Man. A tain The Temple; (the Synagogue, by the
New Edition, revised and corrected, by

Rev. Christopher Harvey ;) the Latin the Rev. W. B. HAWKINS. In foolscap

Poems of Herbert; and two Original 8vo. 6s.

Poems, never before printed. With Notes
This Edition contains an Introduce

by S. T. COLERIDGE. tion endeavouring to throw some light on

THE REMAINS contain The Priest to the Author ; with notices of the various the Temple, Proverbs, and other Prose learned persons to whom the book has Works, including many pieces never bebeen attributed.

fore printed, with his Life by Izaak WAL

Ton, and also that by his first biographer, Bishop Taylor's Rule and Exer

BARNABAS OLEY. cise of Holy Living and Dying. 2 vols:

foolscap 8vo. 105. A new Edition. Bishop Andrews's Private DeIn 2 vols. fscap. 8vo. with Portrait, and View

votions, with his Manual for the Sick, of Bemerton Church, price 1os.

transated from the Original Greek, by

the Rev. Peter Hall. Foolícap 8vo. The Works of George Herbert. with Portrait. New Edition, 55.

Now firft collected. THE POEMS con

Preparing for Publication.
Miffale ad usum inüignis et praeclarae Ecclebae

Sarum. Reprinted from the first known edition of the Salisbury

Missal, printed at Rouen 1492.
ORARIVM, seu libellus precationum per Regiam

maiestatem & clerū latinè æditus. London 1546. Devout psalmes and colletes, gathered and set in suche order, as may be used for dayly meditations.

Printed by Edward Whitchurche. 5th day of November. Anno 1547ORARIVM seu Libellus Precationum per Regiam

majeftatem, Latinè æditus. Londini ex officina Wilhelmi Seres typographi. 1560.


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