1. Who dares to scorn the meanest thing,

The humblest weed that grows,
While pleasure spreads its joyous wing

On every breeze that blows?
The simplest flower that, hidden, blooms

The lowest on the ground,
Is lavish of its rare perfumes,

And scatters sweetness round.

2. The poorest friend upholds a part

Of life's harmonious plan;
The weakest hand may have the art

To serve the strongest man.
The bird that highest, clearest sings,

To greet the morning's birth,
Falls down to drink, with folded wings,

Love's rapture on the earth.

3. From germs too small for mortal sight

Grow all things that are seen,
There floating particles of light

Weave Nature's robe of green.
The motes that fill the sunny rays

Build ocean, earth, and sky-
The wondrous orbs that round us blaze

Are motes to Deity!

4. Life, love, devotion, closely twine,

Like tree and flower and fruit;
They ripen by a power divine,

Though fed by leaf and root.

And he who would be truly great,

Must venture to be small;
On airy columns rests the dome

That, shining, circles all.

5. Small duties grow to mighty deeds;

Small words to thoughts of power;
Great forests spring from tiny seeds,

As moments make the hour.
And life, howe'er it lowly grows,

The essence to it given,
Like odour from the breathing rose,

Floats evermore to heaven.

lavish, liberal or profuse. perfumes, pleasant odours. harmonious, having the

particles, minute parts

or atoms. motes, very small par

parts adapted to each ticles



venture, dare. rapture, extreme joyous- columns, pillars.

dome, arched roof. germs, beginnings. essence, qualities.


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1. A lighthouse is a tower or building, the upper part of which is called “the lantern,” where lamps are lit at night to guide ships on their way, and to show where danger lies.

2. Little Mary was the daughter of the keeper of a lighthouse off the coast of Cornwall.

3. One day her father, having to go for food, crossed the causeway which leads to the land, and little Mary was left in the lighthouse alone. Her father had trimmed the lamps, and they were ready for lighting when the evening came on.

people who are obliged to live on such food. You would not be able to obtain much beef in China; but in the provision shops there are excellent hams, clucks, geese, chickens, and fish. In the vegetable markets you can always find a supply of potatoes, beans, peas, and you may possibly find all of those in the bowl of stew which the peddlers sell.

9. To eat after the common manner, you must hold the bowl to your lips and poke the food into your mouth. If you would be genteel, you must pick up the bits of meat, the beans, and the kernels of rice with the chopsticks, and carry them steadily to your mouth, and then drink the broth.

10. If we were to go into the house of a wealthy Chinaman, and were invited to dinner, we should be three or four hours at the table, and have at least three hundred different dishes containing food placed before us! I dined one day with a mandarin-or rather we had only a lunch-and there were so many dishes, and such a variety of food, that I lost all reckoning of the number.

11. First we had roasted pumpkin seeds, then we ate some sweet cakes, and drank several cups of <lelicious tea, the very best that China affords. The waiters then brought in a great variety of dishes. Some of the food was sweet to the taste and good, but of other dishes a smell satisfied us.

12. We should have had an uncomfortable time, if we had undertaken to eat heartily of every dish.

To be genteel in China, you must only taste and eat a little of everything brought on by the waiters. That is no light affair at a great dinner

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Seatteri, zept apar: peddler, one who cares

zomis for sale genteel, polite

chop-stick i-vo-pen-holder este bam-boo


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Who use chopsticks : listi.
USE! What are the best sorts made of

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