fume, and are very refreshing and agreeable to the taste. Ripe dates cannot, however, be kept any length of time or conveyed to any great distance without fermenting or becoming acid. Those, therefore, which are intended for storing up, or for being sent to a distant market, are gathered a little before they are ripe, and dried in the sun on mats. The travellers in the desert often carry with them a bag of dried dates as their only or chief subsistence during a journey of many hundreds of miles. The Arabs make what they call date flour by grinding the dried dates to powder. It is packed in tight sacks, and if stowed away from the damp will keep for years. This is food in its most compact form, easily carried about, and requiring no cooking. It has only to be moistened with a little water, and the meal is ready for eating.

4. Almost every part of this valuable tree is converted to some use. The trunk is hard, and answers well for posts, railings, and other coarse purposes; the fibrous parts are made into ropes. The leaves are manufactured into hats, mats, and baskets. The stalks of the bunches as well as the kernel are softened by boiling water, and used for feeding cattle. From the sap, which is collected by cutting off the head of the palm and scooping out a hollow in its stem, palm wine is made. The branches, under the name of palm, are sent in very considerable quantities to Italy and other southern countries of Europe, to be used in the grand religious ceremonies of Palm Sunday.

5. The date palm is most abundant on the margin of the mighty desert which extends, with few interruptions, from the shores of the Atlantic to the confines of Persia, an extent of nearly 4000 miles. Over this vast region, and in the smaller oases, it raises its trunk and spreads its branches, and is the sole vegetable monarch of the thirsty land. The sight of the date tree is always welcome to the wanderer of the desert. It announces to him a halting place, with food and cool shadow overhead, and wells of water underneath. Associated with glad tidings of rest and refreshment, it naturally has been looked upon, from remote ages, as a symbol of triumph and rejoicing. productive, bearing fruit. manufactured, made. disposed, arranged. margin, border. pendent, hanging. mighty, very large. principal, chief.

confines, boundaries. commerce, trade.

oases, fertile spots in the oval, like an egg.

desert. conveyed, carried. announces, makes converted, turned.

known. ceremonies, outward remote, far back. forms.

symbol, sign. dis-tricts read-i-ly

ar-range-ment cul-ti-va-tion through-out ma-jes-tic trav-el-ler ag-ri-cul-ture pos-sess

di-vi-sion val-u-a-ble el-e-gant-ly jour-ney e-qual-ly soft-en-ed con-sid-er-a-ble fi-brous ar-ti-cle


in-ter-rup-tions mon-arch fer-ment-ing un-der-neath as-so-ci-at-ed tri-umph be-com-ing de-li-ci-ous na-tu-ral-ly

Where is the cultivation of the date an object of the highest importance ? Name any countries where it is

cultivated. Describe the trunk of the date tree. The leaves. How does the fruit grow? Describe the fruit. Why cannot ripe dates be kept any length of time? How are dates preserved? What do the Arabs make from the date? How is it made? Name any of the uses of the date tree. Where is the date tree most abundant? Why is the sight of the date tree welcome to the wanderer in the desert ?


1. A gentle voice, a heartfelt sigh,

A modest blush, a speaking eye,
A manner unaffected, free;
These things are beautiful to me.

2. A ready hand, a loving heart,

A sympathy that's free from art,
A real friend among the few;
These things are beautiful and true.

3. A mother's prayer, an answer mild,

An aged sire, a little child,
A happy home, a cheerful hearth;
These things are beautiful on earth.

4. A joyful song, a chorus sweet,

An earnest soul and willing feet,
A day of peace, a night of rest;
These things are beautiful and blest.

5. A sister's love, a brother's care,

A spotless name, a jewel rare,

A cleanly tongue that will not lie;

These things are beautiful—and why? 6. Because they all are born of love,

And emanate from God above,
An earnest of the heavenly birth;
These things are beautiful on earth.

modest, shy.

sire, father. unaffected, natural. hearth, fireplace. sympathy, fellow feeling. spotless, pure. art, pretence.

emanate, come from. lov-ing beau-ti-ful

heav-en-ly heart-felt joy-ful jew-el ear-nest speak-ing cho-rus






1. The sun had set, and the curtains of night were fast hanging themselves over hill-top and valley, the lonely wood and the busy village. While the night winds were beginning to sweep through the trees, lights were here and there peeping through the windows, to tell that though the wind was cold and blustering without, there might be peace and comfort within.

2. At this hour, my friend Mr. Bradley passed through a little village among the Hampshire hills, and urging his horse forward as the night became darker, took his way through the main road towards the next town, where he intended to pass the night. As he passed the last house in the village, he thought he heard some one call; but supposing it might be some boy shouting to his friends, he thought little of it. He heard the call again and again, and at last, on hearing it repeated several times in succession, it occurred to him that some one might wish to speak to him; he slackened the pace of his horse, and looked behind the chaise to see if he could discover who was calling.

3. “Stop, sir!” said a little boy who was running with all his might to overtake him.

Mr. Bradley stopped his horse, and a little boy of about ten years old came up, panting at every breath.

“Well, my little fellow, what do you wish for?” said Mr. Bradley.

“You are losing your trunk, sir,” answered the boy, as soon as he could speak.

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