to see and copy the works of the great painters, Titian, Raphael, Michael Angelo, &c.

16. The capital of Italy is Rome, the most wonderful city in the world. Not only does it contain Emperors who conquered the world.



the largest church, St. Peter's, but it has also 364 other churches, many of them most beautiful in design and decoration.

17. Rome has also many palaces, one of which, called the Vatican, the residence of the Pope, contains several thousand rooms and many magnificent picture galleries. In these are to be found the choicest sculpture and the most splendid paintings which the most talented men who have lived in Italy have produced.

18. In addition to these, there are in Rome many curious monuments of antiquity, remains of the old

There are vast baths, aqueducts to convey water, great statues, pillars, and arches. One monument, called from its immense size the Coliseum, was a great amphitheatre, or circus, capable of seating 80,000 persons. It was in this amphitheatre that fights between men and beasts, or between different kinds of animals, took place. centuries, hundreds of tropical, countries near years.

the equator. civilization, culture. profusion, great abunestablished, formed.

dance. colonies, offshoots from a lavishes, gives liberally.

nation that settle in a prevalent, common. foreign land.

volcano, a burning mounconstructed, made.

tain. originally, first.

excavated, dug out. fertile, productive. frequently, often. picturesque, like a pic- magnificent, splendid. ture.

antiquity, old times. won-der-ful sup-port-ed ma-lar-i-a cen-tre bar-bar-ism

nu-mer-ous pop-u-la-tion con-quest e-rect-ed

por-cu-pine veg-e-ta-bles cus-toms phys-i-cal a-bun-dant cul-ti-va-ted fea-tures beau-ti-ful mul-ber-ry

Eu-ro-pe-an dif-fuse in-clos-ed min-er-als sci-en-tif-ic de-tails per-fec-tion de-scrib-ed u-ni-ver-si-ties

Give a description of Italy. What was its state 1800 years ago? What did it establish? In what countries? What did the Roman armies construct in the countries they conquered? Name some towns in England


that were Roman colonies. Where is Italy situated ? What seas nearly surround it? What range of mountains runs through its entire length? Name some large plain in Italy. What is found on the northern side of it? What fruits and plants grow there ? Describe the climate. What parts of Italy are unhealthy! What is the cause of its unhealthiness? What is the name of the fever prevalent there! Name the wild animals of Italy. What are the chief fruits grown? What tree is grown largely? Why? What famous marble is obtained from Italy? What is a volcano? Name the most celebrated in Italy. What two old cities did it cover with lava and ashes ? Name the other volcanoes of Italy. For what has Italy been noted during many centuries? Name three of her greatest painters. What city is the capital of Italy? How many churches are there in it? For what else is Rome noted ?


1. Why do we speak of a “little thing,"

And “trifles light as air?"
Can aught be a trifle which helps to bring

One moment's joy or care?
The smallest seed in the fertile ground

Is the germ of a noble tree;
The slightest touch on a festering wound,

Is it not agony?
2. What is a trifle? A thoughtless word,

Forgotten as soon as said!
Perchance its echo may yet be heard

When the speaker is with the dead.

That thoughtless word is a random dart,

And strikes we know not where; It may rankle long in some tender heart

Is it a trifle there? 3. Is it a trifle—the first false step

On the dizzy verge of sin?
'Tis treacherous ground; one little slip

May plunge us headlong in.
One light temptation, and we may wear

Death's galling chain for aye;
One little moment of heartfelt prayer

May rend those bonds away. 4. Drops of water are little things,

But they form the boundless sea;
'Tis in little notes the wild bird sings,

Yet his song is melody.
Little voices, now scarcely heard,

In heaven shall bear their part;
And a little grave in the green churchyard

Holds many a parent's heart. 5. This world is but little, if rightly weighed,

And trifling its joy or care;
But not while we linger beneath its shade-

There are no trifles here.
The lightest burden may weigh like lead

On the faint and weary soul;
In the uphill path it perforce must tread,

Before it reach the goal.
6. Cease, then, to speak of a “little thing,"

Which may give thy brother pain;

Shun little sins, lest they haply bring

The greater in their train.
Seize each occasion, however small,

Of good which may be given,
So, when thou hearest thy Master's call,

Thou shalt be great in heaven.

trifles, small things. agony, great pain. linger, loiter.

fertile, very productive. random, careless.

goal, object aimed at. treach-er-ous OC-ca-sion temp-ta-tion per-force scarce-ly weigh-ed


germ aught e-cho


1. Some of the most interesting anecdotes of the early years of Washington, are such as connect him with his mother, or were derived from her narrations. She was a dignified and excellent woman, and remembered with respect and love by all who had the honour of her acquaintance.

2. Her husband died while their children were young; so she had the sole care of their training and education. For this great charge she was eminently qualified. She was often asked what course she had pursued in training up her illustrious son, and her reply was: “I only required obedience, diligence, and truth."

3. These were the simple rules by which Washington became good and great. They were wrought

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