Was: “God be kind to the noble boy,
Who is somebody's son, and pride, and joy.”

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1. When Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, was staying at Boulogne, a town on the sea-coast opposite England, Tom Berry, a young English sailor boy who had been taken prisoner by the French, contrived to escape out of prison.

2. He hid himself in a large wood, where, unknown to anybody, he lived for some time exposed to the greatest privations. In the hope of returning to England, he contrived to make a boat ten feet long and four feet broad. It consisted of the branches of the forest trees bound together with bark. A favourites ? Describe the throne of the Shah of Persia. What use do the Chinese make of the feathers of the peacock? Where is the native home of the peacock? How does the peacock seem to show its vanity? Describe its tail. How does the female differ in appearance from the male? On what does the peacock chiefly feed? When do the young birds acquire their perfect brilliancy of plumage?

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1. Queen of fresh flowers,

Whom vernal stars obey,
Bring thy warm showers,

Bring thy genial ray.
In nature's greenest livery drest,
Descend on earth's expectant breast,
To earth and heaven a welcome guest,

Thou merry month of May.

2. Mark! how we meet thee

At dawn of dewy day!
Hark! how we greet thee,

With our roundelay!
While all the goodly things that be
In earth, and air, and ample sea,
Are waking up to welcome thee,

Thou merry month of May.


3. Flocks on the mountains,
And birds


Tree, turf, and fountains

All hold holiday;
And love, the life of living things,
Love waves his torch and claps his wings,
And loud and wide thy praises sings,

Thou merry month of May.

cover of canvas, spread over with a resinous substance, was made to fit at will upon this frame, and gave

it the appearance of an Indian canoe. 3. He hoped to meet with an English ship that would take him on board, if he could only get near it in his frail little boat. In this hope he kept watching from the highest trees of the forest. At length, after waiting patiently for several days, his joy was very great to see an English brig in sight, and near enough to the shore to offer every chance of success.

4. He immediately descended from the tree, placed his little boat upon his shoulders, and ran towards the shore. But at the moment when he was launching it, he was discovered by the guards of the coast. They ran up to him, seized him as a spy, and took him into Boulogne.

5. This bold attempt of the sailor boy soon became generally known and talked about. All were eager to see the frail boat which Tom's skill had constructed, and it was shown as a sight in the courtyard · belonging to the guard-house. Bonaparte visited it and ordered the poor youth to be brought into his presence. Tom was not afraid, but when asked by the Emperor how he had planned his escape in order to get to England, he told the exact truth in a straightforward way.

6. “You seem to have a great wish,” said the Emperor, " to return to your own country.”

“Oh, sir,” said he, “it is my poor mother I want to see once more before she dies. She is very ill, and has been a very kind, good mother to me. If I

might but be taken over to see her and then brought back, I would gladly submit to any punishment for deserting my prison.”

7. Bonaparte was quite touched and pleased with the youth's love for his parent, as well as with his


patience and courage. He set him at liberty immediately, ordered that money and clothes should be given him, and that he should be sent to England on the very first opportunity, saying, “Such a good son must have a good mother."

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