Sketches of the Domestic Manners and Institutions of the Romans

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91. oldal - The foes already have possess'd the wall; Troy nods from high, and totters to her fall. Enough is paid to Priam's royal name, More than enough to duty and to fame. If by a mortal hand my father's throne Could be defended, 't was by mine alone.
72. oldal - ... themselves upon it, falls into a stone cistern underneath, from whence it is received into a fine polished marble basin, so artfully contrived that it is always full without ever overflowing.
65. oldal - Acanthus: this is surrounded by a walk enclosed with tonsile evergreens, shaped into a variety of forms. Beyond it is the Gestatio, laid out in the form of a circus, ornamented in the middle with box cut in numberless different figures, together with a plantation of shrubs, prevented by the shears from shooting up too high; the whole is fenced in by a wall covered by box, rising by different ranges to the top.
168. oldal - And antique vases, all of gold emboss'd (The gold itself inferior to the cost), Of curious work, where on the sides were seen The fights and figures of illustrious men, From their first founder to the present queen. The good ^Eneas, whose paternal care lulus...
68. oldal - From hence you pass through a spacious and pleasant undressing-room into the cold-bathroom, in which is a large gloomy bath : but if you are disposed to swim more at large, or in warmer water, in the middle of the area is a wide...
66. oldal - ... box, rising by different ranges to the top. On the outside of the wall lies a meadow, that owes as many beauties to nature, as all I have been describing within does to art ; at the end of which are several other meadows and fields interspersed with thickets.
255. oldal - Fair hair was the most esteemed, and both men and women used to stain it with a flaxen dye. Various essences were used to perfume and give it lustre, and, sometimes, it was powdered with gold dust to render it still more resplendent. This latter mode came from Asia : Josephus says, that it was practised by the Jews : some of the emperors adopted it ; and the hair of Commodus is said to have become so fair and bright by its constant use, that, when the sun shone upon it, his head appeared as if on...
72. oldal - In one place you have a little meadow, in another the box is cut into a thousand different forms : sometimes into letters expressing the name of the master; sometimes that of the artificer; whilst here and there little obelisks rise, intermixed alternately with fruit-trees, when on a sudden, in the midst of this elegant regularity, you are surprised with an imitation of the negligent beauties of rural nature, in the centre of which lies a spot surrounded with a knot of dwarf plane-trees.
70. oldal - In the front of these agreeable buildings lies a very spacious hippodrome, entirely open in the middle, by which means the eye, upon your first entrance, takes in its whole extent at one glance. It is encompassed on every side with plane-trees...
67. oldal - From a corner of this portico you enter into a very spacious chamber, opposite to the grand dining-room, which, from some of its windows, has a view of the terrace, and from others, of the meadow ; as those in the front look upon a cascade, which entertains at once both the eye and the ear ; for the water, dashing from a great height, foams over the marble bason that receives it below.

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