Selections from the History of India and Bāgh-o Bahār

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Baptist Mission Press, 1880 - 152 oldal

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122. oldal - Then she went down and opened the door, and he gave her the meat and the vegetables ; and as soon as he saw her he fell in love with her. And he prolonged the conversation with her, and at length said to her : " Thou dost not invite me to take even a cup of coffee with thee, still less more solid refreshment.
99. oldal - ... and sat on his stool. The slaves wiped his mouth and feet with a napkin, and then carried the dish and bowl to the two cages, and having asked for the keys from the khwaja, they opened the locks. They took out the two men [who were confined in the cages], gave them many blows with a great stick, and made them eat the leavings of the dog and drink the same water ; they again fastened the doors [of the cages] and returned the keys to their master. When all this was over, the khwaja began to eat...
67. oldal - ... possessed the whole world could not exhibit greater splendour and magnificence. Is it always so at the princess's court ? The servant replied, " The princess's court ever displays the same magnificence you see now ; there is no abatement [or difference], except that it is sometimes greater : sit you here ; the princess is in another apartment, — I will go and inform her of your arrival.
107. oldal - ... do as justice requires." I approved of these words of his, and having sent for the cages, and caused those two to be taken out, made them stand near the merchant. The merchant said, O king! this man who is on the right hand is your slave's eldest brother, and the one on the left is my second brother (lit., middle brother.") I am younger than both of them. My father was a merchant in the country of Fars.
118. oldal - On hearing these words, I in my heart imagined that my brothers had at last felt compassion for me, and, from the ties of blood, had come in person to take me out. With much joy I tied the rope tightly to my waist ; some one pulled me up. The night was so dark, that I could not recognise the person who had hauled me up. When I was out, he said, ' Come, be quick ; this is no place to tarry.
117. oldal - ... fought and struggled with them, and having saved the cake, he came to the well, and threw in the bread. There was sufficient light for me to see the cake lying near me, and I heard, moreover, the dog bark. I took up the cake ; and the dog, after throwing down the bread, went to look for water. " On the outskirts of a certain village, there was an old woman's hut ; jars and pots filled with water stood [at the door], and the old woman was spinning. . The dog went up to the pot, and attempted to...
73. oldal - I bear witness that there is no God but God, who is one and has no co-equal ; and I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and was sent from Him.
126. oldal - ... favourable manner.' In short, she used to sit all night with me alone ; sometimes the nurse likewise stayed with her and heard my stories, and related [others herself.] When the princess used to go away and I remained alone, I used to perform my ablutions, and concealing myself in a corner, I used to say my prayers. " Once it so happened, that the princess had gone to her father, and I was repeating my prayers in perfect security, after having performed my ablutions, when suddenly the princess,...
121. oldal - ... fatigues of the journey, I purchased some necessary articles, and married the young lady according to the law of Muhammad, and lived with her. In the space of three years, I having freely associated with the great and small of that place, established my credit, and entered into an extensive trade. At last, I surpassed all the merchants of that place. One day, I went for the purpose of paying my respects to the first wa^ir, and saw a great crowd of people assembled on a plain. I asked some one,...
139. oldal - ... who bore packages and bundles on their heads, right into my presence. After I had examined [the packages], they carried them back ; they laboured hard, and attended constantly. " I looked at them with great attention, and perceived they were, indeed, my two brothers. At that time, shame and pride would not allow me to see them in such servitude. When I returned home, I desired my servants to bring those two men to me ; when they 'brought them, I had clothes made up for them, and kept them near...

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