Safe, where no perils threat, no anguish stings,
But Peace for ever spreads triumphant wings !
Where hosts of Seraphim hosannas raise,
And worlds to worlds resound their Maker's praise;
Where sorrow, toil, and care, in rapture drown'd,
Heaven's everlasting splendour blazes round.
The virtuous man, who nobly yields his breath,
Requires not sorrow, but exults in death :
Crown'd with fair fame the patriot hero's bier
Disclaims the tribute of a tender tear.

Let tender tears embalm the gentle maid,
In the gay morn of life whose beauties fade :
Oft at her tomb the village train be seen,
To deck with wreaths of freshest flower the green.
There let the nightingale along the grove,
At the lone midnight hour lament her love;
The snow-drop there a sickly blossom shed,
The lily languishingly hang the head :
And there the lay of wo her doom deplore,
Who bloom'd, and smil'd, and charm'd, and is no more.

But other musick to thy grave be born,
And trophies different far thy turf adorn.
There let the oak in majesty arise,
Its giant arms wide-waving in the skies ;

Fated perhaps with Britain's flag to shine,
And future heroes bear to deeds like thine.
That mount, where thy remains in honour sleep,
Amid the murmur of th' encircling deep,
Thy friends, who still the patriot ardour share,
Shall visit, and shall love to linger there ;
Heave, in ecstatic tears, affection's sigh,
And wish like thee to live, like thee to die :
Like thee, from discontent secure and strife,
To flourish through the vernal years of life;
Then ripe in glory sink into the grave,
Mourn'd by the good, and envy'd by the brave.

Full often, when at length are past away
The languid moments of the lonely day,
And night a welcome change of scene supplies,
Spreading her sparkling mantle o'er the skies,
In sleep I see the elements engage,
And hear the winds howl, and the waters rage.

- That solitary bark contends in vain, Toss'd in th' infuriate uproar of the main, While mountain waves in long array are driven, And the fierce lightning fires the angry heaven. Lo, plunging far down down the billowy steep She reels : and lo, she sinks for ever in the deep,

Shivering I wake in tears, aghast, forlorn,
To waste in wo the melancholy morn.

Father Almighty, whose supreme controul
In light and life makes worlds unnumber'd roll;
Whose providence, to man for ever kind,
By grief refines, with comfort calms the mind

Whose chastenings, proof of thy paternal love,
Teach hope to soar to better worlds above :
O when in light these shadows melt away,
In light, the dawning of eternal day;
When the high trump of heaven, with mellow breath,
Pours thrilling thunder in the ear of death ;
On me may that last morn serenely shine,
And give me back my loved, lamented VALENTINE.





TU, quem sonantis murmur Atlantici
Sacra et medendi munia postulant,
Fervensque complexu revulsum

Accipiet Jamaïca nostro;
Extrema tecum præmia fer mei :
Non æra, claram non ego purpuram,
Sed vota porto, queis amicum

Musa suum jubeat valere.

* The person to whom this Ode is inscribed, and who had been the Author's intimate friend from childhood, went to Jamaica ; but, finding the climate hurtful to him, returned to Europe; attended his friend during the last four months of his life, and saw him expire. This Ode, in which the Author so plainly hints at, and almost foretells, his own early death, has no date, but appears from circumstances to have been written some years before that event took place. It was never, for an obvious reason, shown by the Author to any person ; but was found among his papers after his death.

Non purpuratum scilicet, aut jubar
Flagrantis auri, certa beatitas
Sectatur ; at quam vera virtus

Vestiit excoluitque mentem.
Assurge ! Nam lux omnipotens Dei
Effulsit; atro fusa sub æthere
Vox læta Christi enim silentes

Perpetua repulit tenebras. Sequare divini imperium Ducis : Sic non Voluptas blanda recondito Uret veneno, comprimetve

Dextra Dei monitrix dolentem. Sic te remittat mi Deus arbiter Si mi fruenti luce, nec impium Sermone cernam, neu coactis

Divitiis leviter superbum ; Virtutis atque pectore conscio Firme quietum, dum vitii tenes Late imminentes per

ruinas Non trepidans iter ac triumphum. Sin lucis ipso in limine fervidum Frigente me vi mors.premat invida ; Neu fama ridens, neu cadentis

Vesper adhuc maneat senectæ :

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