Now struggling in the roaring main-
Now dead, and sunk beneath the surge.
Yet let not visions thus alarm
Thy soft and feeling heart with fear ;
For thee, Heaven shields my head from harm,
To save such innocence a tear.



Hark, hark! the drums afar,

And the loud clarion's angry sound, Announce th' approaching war;

The steeds in thunder bound :
Unfurl'd the banners glare on high ;
The roar of cannon rends the sky,

And rocks the ground.
And now, all around,
Fires flash, smoke whirls, and bullets fly,

" To kill or wound.”

And what, though battle's doom

Suppress the youthful warrior's breath! Could Sloth avoid the tomb !

Can Flight escape from Death!
What though, where we may sink in sleep,
O'er the green turf no marble weep,

No scutcheon wave !
We ask not such reward :
Fair Fame and smiling Virtue guard
The hero's




YE clouds that in tempestuous grandeur driven,
Involve in twilight gloom the noon-day heaven;
Ye torrents, down these craggy cliffs that roar ;
Ye murmurs hoarse, that sweep the pebbly shore ;
Ye winds that whistle, and ye waves that roll ;
Well do ye suit the sadness of my soul.
Yes, ye rude rocks, the lingering sounds return,
Ye woods, wave high your hoary heads, and mourn,
And howl, ye melancholy gales, along,
Wafting the wild notes of funereal song.

Yet, why for him attune funereal lays,
Him deaf to mortal plaint, and mortal praise ;

* The Author's cousin german and intimate friend; a person of great modesty and worth; who, after serving five or six years as a midshipman in the British navy, and signalizing his valour in many battles, lost his life in a storm in 1785, in the twentythird year of his age. To account for one passage in the poem, it is necessary to add, that his body was thrown on the land, and there buried.


BATERI fatı nmnm mandata saveta
AMIT notatz capum procu sase puet:z :
te deserta TAPI TPTT? camtatus et exSIES:
At quanta potius mallem-succumbere mort
Her m: Sechs anim: om distratar, unquam
Colimi absentus tedata. Deiia nomer. :
Her mi.''tum serumas tenutans defieba : acerbo
Exules angorem meditabitur illa datore:

Fare age, non terrore animum torquebere. cun jam lindarum accumulant montana cacumina venti, Cum rutilo immicuit fulgur splendore vibratum, 14 fremit horridior tonitru reboante procella : 1defuirt certe tibi mens formidine, certe 'I ati tiiseti tandem sortem plorabis amantis, (tol memor in mentem revocareris omnia nostra 474 vots, omnemque ubi non felicis amorem.


74mdi mens fallax juvenem dep Aytm extremag


SET BY MR. Jacksox. Far from the arms oé bez I love, By fate too cruel doom'd to sigh, To desert climes forlons I rove: How lighter far the task, to se! When from my soul's soft treasure torn, Will Delia think on CE's see? In fancy bear the exile month, In fancy see his SOITOES Sas?

Say, will not fezs a pang iropiet,
When winds the mountain bilan
When lightnings fast their istis in
And awful thunder spells at SSER?
A dread will surely tres poetasin
Thy soul a kind compassics more,
When memory tells the idea tule
Of all my woes, and hapless love.

aint the swain
mest verge,

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