Precedents and Forms in Conveyancing, 3. kötet,1. rész

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145. oldal - Any covenant or contract made in consideration of marriage, for the future settlement on or for the settlor's wife or children of any money or property wherein he had not at the date of his marriage any estate or interest, whether vested or contingent in possession or remainder...
688. oldal - I take the law of this Court to be well settled that in order to render a voluntary settlement valid and effectual, the settlor must have done everything which, according to the nature of the property comprised in the settlement, was necessary to be done in order to transfer the property and render the settlement binding upon himself.
527. oldal - First, every such lease shall be made to take effect in possession at or within one year next after the making thereof...
589. oldal - Ireland, if it shall deem it proper and consistent with a due regard for the interests of all parties entitled under the settlement...
256. oldal - ... nor for any banker, broker or other person with whom any trust moneys or securities may be deposited; nor for the insufficiency or deficiency of any...
689. oldal - The cases I think go further to this extent, that if the settlement is intended to be effectuated by one of the modes to which I have referred, the Court will not give effect to it by applying another of those modes. If it is intended to take effect by transfer, the Court will not hold the intended transfer to operate as a declaration of trust, for then every imperfect instrument would be made effectual by being converted into a perfect trust.
257. oldal - ... or property so acquired by her through the exercise of any literary, artistic, or scientific skill, and all investments of such wages, earnings, money, or property, shall be deemed and taken to be property held and settled to her separate use, independent of any husband to whom she may be married, and her receipts alone shall be a good discharge for such wages, earnings, money, and property.
229. oldal - ... shall effectually discharge the person paying the same from seeing to the application or being answerable for the misapplication thereof, unless the contrary is expressly declared by the instrument creating the trust or security.
532. oldal - ... the settlement, and so as to operate (if necessary) by way of revocation and appointment of the use, or otherwise, as the court shall direct, 10.
94. oldal - ... intestate, go as the same would have gone if her husband had been then dead ; Provided that if any such wife should again cohabit with her husband, all such property as she may be entitled to when such cohabitation shall take place shall be held to her separate use, subject, however, to any agreement in writing made between herself and her husband whilst separate.

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