Goldsmith's Roman History

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Ambrose Walker, 1817 - 276 oldal

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73. oldal - Upon seeing them all with their wounds in front, their countenances, even in death, marked with noble resolution, and a sternness that awed him into respect, he was heard to...
139. oldal - ... blow, he returned to the camp, and in his tent waited the issue of an event, which it was his duty to direct, not to follow: there he remained for some momei.ts without speaking, till being told, that the camp was attacked,
86. oldal - On his first appearance in the field, he united, in his own person, the most masterly method of commanding, with the most perfect obedience to his superiors. Thus he was equally beloved by his generals and the troops he was appointed to lead. He was possessed of the greatest courage in opposing danger, and the greatest presence of mind in retiring from it.
20. oldal - Tarquin was not content with a kingdom, without having also the ensigns of royalty. In imitation of the Lyd'ian kings, he assumed a crown of gold, an ivory throne, a sceptre with an eagle on the top, and robes of purple. It was, perhaps, the...
127. oldal - Caesar, who would not wait the conclusion of his speech, generously replied, that he came into Italy not to injure the liberties of Rome and its citizens, but to restore them.
136. oldal - Potnpey ordered his men to receive the first shock without moving out of their places, expecting the enemy's ranks to be put into disorder by their motion...
189. oldal - you %** seem as if you were offering something to an "elephant, and not to a man :— be bolder.
154. oldal - If we examine his history, we shall be equally at a loss whether most to admire his great abilities or his wonderful fortune. To pretend to say, that from the beginning he planned the subjection of his native country, is...
140. oldal - ... desired by the messenger, whose tears more than words proclaimed the greatness of her misfortunes, to hasten, if she expected to see Pompey, with but one ship...
40. oldal - ... of his resolution ; but, when told that his mother and his wife were among the number, he instantly came down from his tribunal, to meet and embrace them.

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