Two Men in a Trench: Battlefield Archaeology - the Key to Unlocking the Past

Első borító
Michael Joseph, 2002 - 352 oldal
"Battlefields are the untold story of British archaeology. As the sites of events which took place over hours rather than years, they have long been considered lacking in archaeological riches. However, recent pioneering work has shown that battlefields can provide dramatic revelations about a battle's course once the archaeologists get digging beneath the surface." "In Two Men in a Trench, Tony and Neil visit the sites of six major British battles, from Shrewsbury to Culloden, and carry out a full archaeological investigation at each. As they uncover artefacts abandoned in the heat and chaos of battle they closely follow the progress of each engagement and answer key historical questions, sometimes totally revising the accepted version of events. Each chapter is a fully framed investigation and follows an episode of the television series." --BOOK JACKET>

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